EP85: The Friday 5

Welcome to the next episode of the Carrots ‘N’ Cake Podcast!

Today, I’m sharing five favorites, but before I do, have a few exciting announcements to share!

Cycle Syncing Masterclass: https://carrots-n-cake.mykajabi.com/cycle-syncing-made-simple

Free Nutrition Audit: https://carrots-n-cake.mykajabi.com/nutrition-audit

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The Friday 5:

1. The Five-Minute Journal https://rstyle.me/+p1gN2iEh7NAZ_iihVwCXJQ

2. High-Dose CBD https://rstyle.me/+xS7JoGoQeDxwe8-Sf4ZbOg

3. Amazon Essentials Relaxed Fit Joggers https://rstyle.me/+dqTgN5iaYjxSHsswlrgjkA

4. Maybelline Brow Tattoo

5. Take-Aparts


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