EP84: The best workouts to do during each phase of your cycle

The best workouts to do during each phase of your cycle

If you’re looking to optimize your hormones and energy levels throughout your menstrual cycle, finding the best workouts could help you perform better and progress more quickly (and with less mental stress) toward your body composition goals. Aka cycle syncing! 

🔹 Menstruation (Days 1-6): Your energy is at its lowest at the start of your period. Your hormones drop in order to trigger menstruation, which can leave you fatigued. Try movement like walking, biking, hiking and swimming.
🔹 Follicular (Days 7-13): More intense workouts will start to feel good, so take advantage of your extra motivation and make the most of your muscle gains by focusing on more intense workouts that also build muscle.. Try exercise like kettlebells, running, Peloton and bootcamp.
🔹 Ovulation (Days 14-21): During ovulation, estrogen and testosterone are at peak levels, giving you energy to burn! This is the time for you to crush some workouts. Try workouts like strength training, CrossFit, olympic lifting and HIIT.
🔹 Luteal (Days 22-28): You might have moments of high energy followed by slumps. Go day-by-day and honor how your body feels. See how yoga, pilates, barre and golf feel for you.  

Cycle Syncing Masterclass

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