EP76: Fat loss and how diets don’t consider your hormones

In this episode, I share why I absolutely *hate* what diet trends, diet culture, and the constant push to lose weight has done to women in this country.⁠⁠

It seems that everywhere you look, there is some new program, plan, or product designed to help you ‘finally get rid of those unwanted pounds’.⁠⁠
And, as soon as some celebrity endorses it on the ‘gram, they fly off the shelves quicker than they can be stocked.⁠⁠
Sure, the program, plan, or product works for a while. Many women are floored when they see that they too have lost 15 pounds in just 5 days and so the buzz grows and grows!⁠⁠
But you and I both know that’s not sustainable, right?⁠⁠
You and I both know that you can’t drink green juices, cut out all carbs, or eat less than 1200 calories a day forever, right?⁠⁠
And when these women fall off the wagon (a sad inevitability) and start gaining the weight back (plus some extra) they feel like they’ve failed.⁠⁠
But again, you and I know they haven’t.⁠⁠
The diet failed. Not the woman.⁠⁠
Trendy diets…⁠⁠

🔹Don’t take hormonal fluctuations into consideration⁠⁠
🔹Don’t address the caloric need changes you have throughout your cycle⁠⁠
🔹Don’t take advantage of the higher fat burn that takes place during the first half of your cycle⁠⁠
🔹Don’t address (and often create!) hormonal imbalances that make it harder to lose fat⁠⁠

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