EP72: Eating healthy on vacation & how to know if you’re consuming enough calories

Are you eating enough?⁠⁠

Would it surprise you to know that most women are not eating enough?⁠⁠

Blame it on Diet Culture and the repeated messages that we need to eat low-carb, low-calorie everything to stay in shape.⁠⁠

As a result, most women habitually UNDEReat.⁠⁠

Maybe you’re one of them!⁠⁠

⁠⁠How do you know if you’re eating enough?⁠⁠

1️⃣You feel satisfied for 3-4 hours after meals⁠⁠

2️⃣You don’t crave sugar immediately after a meal⁠⁠

3️⃣You feel satiated, content, and happy, but not sluggish⁠⁠

4️⃣You’re able to recover after your workouts/aren’t insanely sore⁠⁠

5️⃣You don’t constantly think about food⁠⁠

If you cannot say ‘Yes’ to each of these 5 points, there’s a good chance you’re actually undereating.⁠⁠

So, tell me, are you eating enough?⁠⁠

If not, let our team of coaches help you determine what you should be eating for your body type, activity level, and goals.⁠⁠

The amount of food you can eat while still moving towards your goals may surprise you!⁠⁠


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