EP69: Transitioning from burnout to balance with Kersten Kimura

Kersten Kimura is a certified macro nutrition coach, personal trainer, and women’s wellness coach. She helps women all over the world to achieve their best body composition and optimal health through her WHOLEistic Macros coaching. Having been through serious burnout herself, she emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition, adequate exercise, balanced hormones, and stress management.

In this episode, we cover a lot! Kersten and I chat about transitioning from burnout (overtraining and under-eating) to a balanced approach to exercise and nutrition, why macros were the only healthy and sustainable way Kersten could lose fat, being apprehensive about fat loss as a result of “body positive” and “anti diet” culture and how she got over it, the importance of strength training versus cardio, and stress management via breathwork and cold exposure.



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