EP64: 14 ways to make a cut easier

The one thing that is true when it comes to fat loss is that you need to create a calorie deficit. You can do this through diet and/or exercise, but it’s not the ONLY consideration for a success cut. ⁠There are definitely ways to make a cut easier!


A cut shouldn’t be incredibly challenging or totally miserable (you don’t need to suffer!), but it’s also not going to be easy either. You gotta put in the effort if you want to see results! ⁠

Listen for a variety of strategic tips and tricks to make your next cut so much easier!

Ways to make a cut easier⁠

1. Ask yourself: Is it a good time to cut? ⁠
2. You’ve done some sort of strength training
3. You spent 4-6 months at maintenance ⁠
4. Your cut has an end date ⁠
5. Don’t exclude your favorite foods. ⁠
6. Drink half your weight in water each day. ⁠
7. Consume high-volume foods. ⁠
8. Don’t take a drastic calorie deficit at first⁠
9. Don’t be lazy⁠
10. Meal prep⁠
11. Consume protein with all meals ⁠
12. Prioritize sleep⁠
13. Try intermittent fasting ⁠
14. Take measurements and progress photos⁠

I hope you find these tips and ways to make a cut easier helpful to your fat loss journey! ⁠

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