EP63: The Friday 5

Welcome to this next edition of the Friday 5! I’m especially excited for this week’s round-up because these are top favorites when it comes to fashion, beauty, nutrition, and more!


1. Casual Sleeveless Dress

I got this stretchy cotton dress from Amazon for less than $30, and it’s much better quality than I thought it would be. It comes in a bunch of colors (I had a hard time choosing between this green and brown). It’s a cute, casual dress that I’m looking forward to adding to the mix this summer. You don’t need to wear a strapless bra with it either – always a plus!

2. Earth Chimp Protein Powder

Earth Chimp (based in Ireland) offered to send me they plant-based protein powder. I usually don’t love the ingredients in the plant-based protein powders, but this ingredient list is great. It even has a probiotic and digestive enzyme blend. Digestive enzymes (and bitters) help break down protein in your stomach, so the digestive enzyme blend in this powder helps put the protein to good use in your body.

3. Hormone Repair Manual: Every Woman’s Guide to Healthy Hormones After 40

A new hormone book! I am always reading or listening to books these days, and I thought this would be a good book to add to my repertoire as I work with lots of clients in their 40s and beyond. It talks a lot about pre-menopause as well as gives you questions to ask your doctor, supplement recommendations, and more.

4. Hoopla

Speaking of books and reading! I discovered this audio book app – Hoopla – through my library. They offer free eBook downloads (I believe our library offers 10 free downloads per month). If you have a library card, check out to see if they have this service.

5. GenoPalate

I keep getting so many questions on GenoPalate. I had the opportunity to do a GenoPalate test. I love health testing, so of course I was all in. It’s basically a DNA test that you do at home (just a simple cheek swab). Once they analyze your results, they give you nutrition recommendations based on your genes and how your body best utilizes different macro and micronutrients. They give you everything from caloric suggestions to specific food recommendations. My results recommended that I eat a higher amount of carbs, which is exactly what I’ve been doing with the Bean Protocol and I’ve been feeling so satisfied! This test isn’t crazy expensive – I think it’s totally worth it! And you can save $10 with code CARROTSNCAKE!

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