EP58: The Friday 5 – May 28th

Welcome to this next edition of the Friday 5! I’m especially excited for this week’s round-up because these are top favorites when it comes to fashion, beauty, nutrition, and more!

1. Cuyana Classic Leather Coach 

I like to change my bags with seasons, so I recently got out my Cuyana tote for the rest of spring and summer. I’ve had this bag longer than I’ve had Quinn – hah! It’s definitely a bit of an investment, but it’s very high quality leather and has stayed looking nice. I use this bag all of the time! It’s big and open with one small pocket inside. It’s extremely veritable and cute. I couldn’t love this bag more. 

2. Overnight Resurfacing Peel

I’ve raved about Beautycounter‘s resurfacing peel numerous times, but I really do think it has changed my skin. It “rips your face off” in then nicest way possible. It’s a gentle exfoliant that gets all of the junk of your skin. Lately I’ve been washing my face, then using a glycolic acid peel pad, then the resurfacing peel, and finally the Countertime Soft Cream. My skin looks so great when I wake up in the morning! I’ve been using the peel for a few years, and it has certainly helped with acne scars and pigmentation.

3. Target Sweat Shorts

I’ll be living in these $12 sweat shorts from Target all summer, I just know it. I bought one pair and then had to get two more. They are so comfortable, and you can’t beat the price. You can sleep in the them, wear them around the house, and even dress them up to run out for quick errants. It’s been hot here, so I’ve been getting a ton of use out of them already.

4. Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate Morsels

These chocolate chips are a staple in our house, I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned them sooner. If I want a little something sweet after a meal, I might just grab a few chips (we just keep the bag right in the fridge) to curb my sweet tooth. We have also melted them with a little coconut oil for chocolate covered strawberries – so good! The ingredients are unsweetened chocolate and sugar – super straightforward and allergy-friendly! 

5. Beanfields Nacho Bean Chips

I have a new favorite snack obsession! One of my favorite junk foods in Nacho Doritos, and these taste like a much healthier alternative. They’re made from beans and have a decent amount of fiber and protein. They were on sale at Whole Foods last week and I bought 5 bags… which are almost already gone, they’re that good!


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