EP57: Why ‘all or none’ thinking is detrimental to your success

If you struggle with consistency, maybe your definition of consistency looks too much like perfection.⁠⁠


That’s it.⁠⁠

But really, look at what your ‘consistency’ looks like.⁠⁠
Is it exercising for exactly 60 minutes a day, 5 times a week, rain, shine, and everything in between?⁠⁠
Or is it simply moving your body on a regular basis? And being okay with 20 minutes when you can’t get in your normal workout? ⁠⁠
Is it hitting 1500 calories each and every day, never more, no matter what?⁠⁠
Or is it monitoring your portions, eating healthy foods most of the time, and listening to your body?⁠⁠
You see, consistency only works when it’s something you can actually do for the long-term. If you’re giving up as soon as you make one ‘bad’ decision because you’re no longer ‘perfect’, we have a problem.⁠⁠
Putting harsh restrictions on yourself, especially ones that keep you from friends and family or make you feel lousy all the time then kicking yourself when you ‘slip-up’, is not the kind of consistency that gets you results.⁠⁠
All that gets you is frustrated, lonely, miserable, or even worse, injured.⁠⁠

Tune it for tips to shift your mindset and ways to look at things differently to help you get consistent and progress toward your goals!

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