EP22: The Friday 5 – March 5th

Welcome to the next edition of The Friday 5! You’re in for a treat with five new favorites. You can watch the video episode below or on Instagram.

1. Reebok Nano X

I’m back to working out in the Reebok Nanos! After a handful of years wearing Brooks, I decided to switch back to Nanos for a few reasons: 1) Brooks discontinued the shoe style I love, 2) I’m not working with Brooks currently as I’m really not running much these days, and 3) I wanted a sturdier shoe that’s designed for strength training. I went back to basics with the Nanos – you can’t take the CrossFit girl out of me! They’re great for heavy lifting, as they have study stole, and they’re cute too. I recommend searching for promo codes online to snag them for a good price.


I’ve been a fan of ZYIA for a while as my sister and a few friends are reps for the brand. Today I’m giving a shoutout to the All Star Sports Bra. If you are busty, this style has a nice high nick and flattering padding. It passes the test for higher intensity workouts, too. I also love this muscle tank in this steel blue color. I’m a big fan of muscle tanks, and this one is very comfy.


3. IBD Coach

I want to give a huge shoutout to IBD Coach, which is an online community for those with IBD or for caretakers of those with IBD. Not only is the portal full of education and resources, but what I love most about it is the community. Once you sign up, you have lifetime access to all of the resources. I’m so glad I said yes to this investment as a piece to my healing puzzle – everyone in this group is motivated to get healthy. 

4. Resilite Sports 6-IN-1 Plyo Box

We were gifted this plyo box, and it’s become a quick favorite for the Haupert household basement workouts. We use it all of the time now, as we never had a piece of equipment in our own home gym quite like this. It’s great for box jumps, dips, push-ups – it’s super versatile. Plus, you can vary the height for different exercise. Quinn has fun playing on it, too!

5. Lumen

The Lumen tool measures how much CO2 you’re producing, which can reflect if you’re burning carbohydrates or fat (in other words, it’s a metabolism hacking tool!). If there’s not a lot of CO2 measured, you’re burning more fat and visa versa. It can help you identity what’s happening with your body, metabolically. The tool gives you guidelines on what to do based on your results with macro, sleep, and activity recommendations – how neat!

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