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Hey, local runner friends!

Check out what’s coming to Harvard Square again this spring: the Tory Row 5K!


FYI: I heard this race was an absolute blast last year! I’m so bummed I missed it!

My friend, Jayne, a fellow runner and Tory Row’s Events and Communications Manager, is planning the 5K again this year. She basically thought of everything she’d want as part of her ideal road race and incorporated these things into the 5K. The Tory Row 5K includes some sweet prizes and swag (including a tech shirt), chip timing, bag check, a post-race celebration with music, food, and free draft beer, and plenty of eco-friendly porto-potties. All the good stuff you want at race.

All proceeds from the event benefit an awesome local organization called Title IX Girls Running Club. It’s very similar to Girls on the Run, but based in Cambridge and focusing on all aspects of emotional health for girls 9-15 with a focus on running. (I dare you to watch the video on their site and not cry.)

To help promote the race, Jayne offered to giveaway a free entry to one lucky CNC reader!

To enter: Leave a comment on this post about why you’d like to run the Tory Row 5K. Earn an extra entry by posting this giveaway on Facebook or tweeting about it. (Just be sure to leave a second comment on this post with your post or tweet.) I’ll randomly pick a winner in the morning.

Good luck!



  1. I would loveee to do this race! I am moving back to Boston at the end of May after being in grad school for two years in DC, so this would be a great welcome-back!

  2. Sweet!! I saw this last year, but had signed up for another race the same weekend. Would love to run this!

  3. I’m coming off an injury, and training for a 5K would let me get back into running without overdoing it.

  4. Running the Tory Row 5k in Harvard Square would be a blast! I would love to run it (and will make my friends come) because of the historic, scenic sights of Harvard Square and once finished, to sip on some fine, free draft beer on a June day!

  5. I would love to run this race because I’ve always wanted to run a race in Boston (not quite ready for the Boston Marathon yet!). Plus, my nickname is Tory and I love the idea of running 5K called that! 🙂

  6. I’d love to run the Tory Row 5k because I work right in Harvard Sq and I’m running my first half marathon the weekend before – this would be a great easy recovery race to do!

  7. I would love to run this race. I gain so much of my self-confidence from being active and involved in sports. It is so important for all women, old and young, to find healthy sources of self-confidence.

  8. Sounds like such a great time — love to hear of an organizer that is so passionate about all of the little things that make or break a runner’s 5k experience.

    After a 9-month hiatus from running, I’m itching to get back on the road and this would be an awesome first race to work towards — and my first race in Boston!

  9. I’m also finally getting over an injury and would LOVE to ring in spring with a race. I’ve actually never run a formal race before and this would such a perfect one to start with. Great organization too.

  10. I love GOTR and didn’t know that other similar organizations existed! I live in NH and the GOTR in NH is too far from my home to commute to…maybe I will start my own! This is an awesome give away Tina!!!

  11. I thought about doing the race last year, but I had a conflict that weekend. Would love to do it this year! I don’t run that much, but having a goal like this (although small) will help motivate me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I’d LOVE to run this race because I’m new to Boston and it’d be terrific to get to know new parts of Boston and be encouraged by lots of Boston runners in the process!! Plus I’l lbe studying for the bar at that point, so it’ll be a great motivational tool and break!

  13. I have been trying to find a 5k in the Boston area to run as my first 5k but I’m a poor college student and can’t seem to find one worth spending money on. This would be a perfect way for me to run my first race!

  14. I did this last year and had an amazing time!! Loved the course and all the little runner friendly touches. Can’t wait for this year’s race!

  15. I was sad to miss it last year… but I will look forward to running it this year! Who doesn’t love a 5k followed by free beer?

  16. I saw this race last year but was out of town for it. It looks like a great one in terms of a fun place to run and lots of fun post-race. It would be a great one to round out my spring races!

  17. I would love this – I run a lot on my own but have never run in a race before. This would be a great opportunity to see what races are like before I sign up on my own.


  18. I’ve been looking to sign up for more local races this summer. This one sounds awesome. And maybe I can get my boyfriend to do it with me!

  19. Second entry on twitter! Melissa (@melissakconley)
    3/14/12 11:28 AM
    If I win an entry to this race from @CarrotsNCake, maybe I can convince @thepaintmonkey to do it with me! carrotsncake.com/2012/03/enter-”¦

  20. This sounds like a blast! I’ll definitely need a nice, relaxing 5k after tackling the marathon in April 🙂

  21. I want to try the Oatmeal minus the Oats but I worry I can’t get the same consistency that you have mastered! I haven’t been to Boston since my 8th grade trip. I always have wanted to go back but since i’m close to NYC i usually just go there. A race would be the perfect excuse to go!

  22. Would love the chance to run this race! I’m attempting 30 races before 30. I need a race a month.. this would certainly keep me on the right path to my goal :o)

  23. looking to add more “fun” runs to my race schedule this summer- and this one sounds like it’d be perfect! woo! being short you’d think i’d remember- but 5k’s are races too 🙂

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