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After many months, I’m finally getting my hair cut and colored this afternoon. It’s gotten super long, so the color is totally faded (read: brassy orange) and the ends are dead and crunchy. It’s just not a good look, so I’m really looking forward this appointment.

Since getting my hair done is one of the highlights of my day (as well as tackling  Workout 12.3 this evening), I decided to write about some of the embarrassing hair trends I’ve participated in over the years. I also figured some of you guys might be able to relate, so I think it’ll be fun!

In elementary school, I had a big thick layer of bangs (and super cool mismatched earrings). I thought it was a dorky look, but it’s actually kind of cute.


These years also included side ponytails, big bows, and Scrunchies.


Middle school brought about the “Body Perm” for me, which I remember begging my mom for months and months to have done to my hair. She finally agreed, and I spent hours at the salon with tons of tiny rollers and disgusting, smelly chemicals in my hair. When it was all set and done, I thought I looked so cool, so guess it was worth it?

(I’m on the bottom middle of the pyramid””check out that sweet Body Perm!)


By junior high, my perm grew out, and I pretty much wore my hair straight and long. On occasion, I’d break out the hot rollers for special events, such as the 8th grade semi formal. (Wow, look at that farmer’s tan!)


Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I don’t have photos of the other hair trends that I participated in over the years, but I will admit to having the following at some point in my life:

Big, curled, hair sprayed bangs.


Hair wraps.


Kool-Aid-dyed sections of hair. (During my “grunge” years, I spent a lot of time hanging out at The Garage in Harvard Square.)

Lake Bell

And, not a hair style per se, but definitely related to hair trends: “fashion” hats.


Hey, I really liked the TV show Blossom back then!



This morning’s breakfast was Overnight Oats in a Jar and a glass of iced coffee with Sol sunflower beverage.

IMG_1283 (900x675)

In the mix: oats, banana slices, coconut milk, ground flaxseed meal, dried blueberries, chia seeds””and a lot of Barney Butter!


Creamy iced coffee!!

IMG_1291 (900x675)

Question of the Day

What hair trend/fad are you most embarrassed about today?



  1. haha i had my fair share of embarrassing haircuts too. one of my haircuts when i was preschool aged made me look like i had a mullet (thanks mom), and another one was so short that it made me look like a boy in elementary school. they were obviously pretty awesome.

  2. I love this post!! Since I’m only 19 I missed all the cool hair of the 80’s but i did rock a cool bowl cut when i was growing up, thanks to mum for making me look like a boy!!

  3. Oh boy.. I had a WHOLE lot of them.. I had an undercut, hair wraps, I totally did the kool-aid thing.. I had green, blue, purple and hot pink hair (not all at the same time) and the hot pink hair really stuck.. I seriously had it for years.. I had dreadlocks, a shaved head (post dreadlocks) Bleached out short little pixie cut.. oh man.. the only thing I never did but wanted to was a mohawk. lol.. I guess there is still time!

  4. I was obsessed with hair wrapping! I used to be the one who wrapped everyone’s hair. I remember it being cool for two seconds and then when you went to wash your hair it was pretty gross and then when you took it out all the loose hair would fall out too. Oh youth….haha.

  5. I wanted the body perm SO BADLY! My mom didn’t give in until 6th grade and then I hated it, go figure. I also always envied my friends with big thick hair that could pull off the curled back bang look, my mom tried to do it for my 3rd grade pictures and it had flopped over and looked horribly pathetic by the time pictures came around in the afternoon because my hair was so thin back then.

  6. I have naturally curly hair and my mother has straight hair, so neither of us knew how to handle it. She would try and comb and blow dry it like hers and it was just a huge frizzy mess. For almost a year (8th grade) I wore pigtail braids because I was so sick of the frizz. Pretty sure the braids were worse…

  7. Oh Tina…those pictures were like a flashback to the hairstyles/trends I’ve sported too (we’re the same age!). I would have to say the most embarrassing was my 4th grade school picture where I’m rockin’ the permed mullet. Classy. My little brother threatens to post that photo publicly to this day. PS – were your jeans rolled in one of those pics? I so remember doing that during elementary/middle school!

  8. I am embarrassed to admit that I have followed every single one of those hair trends that you mentioned. My favorite was probably the hair wrap…I had such a hard time cutting mine out : (

  9. I always tried to have a hairstyle that my hair was not meant for. I have super thick and wavy hair. In junior high, I always (and still do) loved it when girls with straight and thin hair had their hair at chin length. So when I cut my hair at chin length, it was almost up to my ears after it dried! I wore a hat for weeks!

  10. When I was 6 my Dad took me to the hairdressers and got me a mullet! About a week before school photos too… I will never forget my Mom’s face when we returned home!

  11. Oh my goodness, I totally rocked a body perm! Except I insisted the the hairdresser cut my hair to my chin, so when it dried, it was so curly that I had a pretty sweet afro. Awesome.

  12. Hilarious! I love old pictures. when I was little I had the big bangs and my mom curled them in little tiny curls then poofed them out and hair sprayed them. Oh boy! I used to lloovvee scrunchies!

  13. I love your 8th grade semi formal photo!! How did you escape the middle school awkwardness?!

    My most unfortunate hair style occurred in 3rd-4th grade when I decided to grow out my bangs. When my hair was down it didn’t look terrible but my mom would often put my unruly hair up into two ponytails: one with just my partially grown out bangs that would stick out to the side and the other in the back with the rest of my hair. Not a good look!!

  14. I blame Kelly Kapowski, Debbie Gibson and Tiffany on the many many years of terrible hair I had. Dang my impressionable youth!

    Thankfully now it’s evened out to something somewhat “normal” that I’m not embarrassed to be seen in public with. Though in 10 years, I’ll probably regret this statement hahah

    Happy Hair Day!

  15. Barney’s Almond Butter is AMAZING. They just started carrying it at the regular grocery store and I was so excited I bought two jars in order to support them having it on the shelves 🙂

  16. I’d have to say the hair style I most regret would be the tigh spiral perm I got when I was 13… my hair was shoulder length before the perm and despite my parents trying to reason with me I just HAD to have it done… can you say Q-tip! It seemed to take forever to grow out.. never again!

  17. Um, I definitely had bangs that I would sweep to the side and then hair spray until they were stiff…yikes! My hubby found one of my middle school class pictures, which was unfortunately in sticker form, and has placed it on our fridge…it is a constant reminder of my amazing style choices in the past 😉

  18. I’m about the same age as you & definitely remember all of those! I didn’t havemost of them because I almost always had short hair (have always had SUPER thick hair), but my most embarassing was definitely a mullet in the 1st/2nd grades 😉

  19. i got my hair cut like a boy once; seriously short and really ugly, nothing like some of the cute pixie cuts you see now. I guess i thought it would be easier?! I have no clue what would make me want something like that but I was probably 8. BAD choice, CJ, BAD choice!
    haha i did rock bangs until middle school as well, and ALWAYS put Sun-In during the summer. At least mine did turn blonde…my dark brown haired friend tried Sun-In and her hair turned orange!

  20. Pretty sure I had that same black dress with roses! And a black velvet hat ala Blossom. I (unfortunately) rocked the mullet at one point in my childhood. Think it was the best the stylist could do after I let a friend play “hairdresser” and chop off a chunk of my hair. 😛

  21. Two words helped me get through 12.3 yesterday: Split jerk! Before yesterday I had never done a 75lb push press. Split jerks aren’t hard to learn and as my coach said, “you could lift a VW bug with a split jerk.” If you don’t know how to do it, just go in a little early to practice. Also, toes to bar are killer and I had the best luck doing it one at a time. I’d do one, jump down, take a breath, and then repeat. That way you don’t start swinging, etc. I got just over three rounds and I considered that a total success.

  22. I Kool-aid’ed, highlighted and Jello-d my hair. AND hung out in Harvard Square (I got my cartilage pierced there, which my father promptly ripped out of my eat with pliers).

    Ahhhhh the 90s.

  23. haha!! great post! I had thick bangs too that I decided to cut myself for picture day in 5th grade.. lets just say I wasn’t thrilled about handing those out to friends and family.

  24. Um, I’m pretty sure I had the hat AND the dress from the “blossom” photo.

    And do you watch Big Bang Theory? I can’t get past her being Blossom … and it cracks me up that her AND David from Roseanne are on the same series now.

  25. Oh god, the body perm! I had that done too… Only I passed out from the chemicals and to top it off… I hated the perm!

  26. ha too cute! you mentioned in one blog post about spending some time in Italy as a child and growing up in a trailer in Kentucky (? I think it was Kentucky). I would love to hear more about that. I really enjoy your blog but my favorite posts are the personal ones! Just a thought. thanks 🙂

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