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YESSSSS! I’m back!

I can’t even explain how psyched I am to be back at CrossFit. I celebrated with a Pug Push Press.



Last night’s class was packed. It was easily one of the biggest classes I’ve ever been in””and I loved every second of it. It was so great to see everyone and feel the energy of the group working out together. I had the biggest, goofiest smile on my face the entire time.

IMG_0981 (900x675)

My box posts the WODs on their website the night before class, so I knew last night’s workout wouldn’t be too challenging, and I could take it easy if I needed to.

Back Squat

3-3-3 (AMRAP)

70%, 80%, 90%

*2-3 Warm-up sets prior to work sets


5 rounds for time of:

5 Strict L Pull-ups

10 Broad Jumps

L2: Strict Pull-ups

L1: 10 Band Assisted Pull-ups

I did 115 pounds on Back Squats and L1 for the WOD. I messed up my counting on the WOD and only did 5 sets of 5 Pull-ups (instead of 5 sets of 10 reps). I ended up finishing way before everyone else, so I just repeated the workout, so I could get in all of the Pull-ups (I just did extra Broad Jumps), and I finished in 10:11.

It was a great first workout back. I felt awesome during the entire class and didn’t once have to worry about any digestive “mishaps.”


On the way home from CrossFit, Mal said he was happy that I felt so good during the workout. He also congratulated me for not pooping my pants (he’s so sweet), which led to a conversation about embarrassing things that we’ve done at CrossFit and the gym, in general.

Just last week, Mal went to return his weight clips to the bucket on the floor where our box keeps them. Instead of just tossing them in, he bent down and slammed his forehead into a racked bar! He had the biggest goose egg on his forehead for the next few days. Obviously, he was totally fine, but he was pretty embarrassed for doing something so clumsy.

I tried to think of embarrassing things that I’ve done at the gym/CrossFit and most of them involve wardrobe malfunctions, like wearing two different sneakers, my pants inside-out, or my shirt on backwards. This type of stuff actually happens quite frequently to me. Derp. I couldn’t think of anything really embarrassing though (even though I know I’ve done plenty of dumb stuff).

***Edited to add: I just remembered an embarassing gym moment: when I knocked over 20 PVC pipes at CrossFit One and made a huge commotion trying to pick them up. I looked like such a tool!


Mal and I had big plans to make balsamic chicken for dinner last night, but when we got home from CrossFit, neither of us felt like cooking, so we threw together turkey and cheddar cheese sandwiches with steamed carrots, sprinkled with truffle salt, on the side. Boring, but it did the trick.

IMG_0986 (900x675)

Question of the Day

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you at the gym or in a fitness class?



  1. Hahahaha – good question. I’m sitting here cracking up reading everyone’s ridiculous moments.

    The other day I had to use a different treadmill and at the end of my workout, after my cool down, I hit the “stop button” it literally stopped by my body did not. I kept walking and it all happened so quickly but I walked into the “info board” of the treadmill. Kinda hurt my stomach. Not sure anyone saw that..

    Other than that, just trying to keep gas to a minimum and eliminate bathroom runs altogether, business as usual. (Clever, eh? ;))

  2. Loud “period” fart (they smell the worst before my cycle). In the middle of a compromising floor position (laying on our backs) in yoga. So. Embarassing.

  3. I know how you feel! I was off CrossFit for weeks because I was so sick in my first trimester, and have just been getting back to my normal morning class this last week. It feels sooo good!

  4. I’ve fallen off of a treadmill. I think my ego was bruised more than anything else.

    Like you, I’ve also been known to have “wardrobe malfunctions”. I couldn’t figure out why my pants felt so roomy up front and tight in the back until I came home and realized that they were on backwards. OOPS!

  5. Yay! Welcome back to WODs!!! Glad to hear it went alright!

    In the same workout, I dropped a wall ball on my face and then clippped my chin with the bar doing thrusters. More painful than embarrassing, I suppose.

    I also accidentally gave myself a fat lip by punching myself in the mouth HARD at karate last week. Force to be reckoned with, folks. “Stay away or I’ll hit myself!!!”

  6. I teach kickboxing … a few weeks ago I was running late to class so I just threw on my gym clothes as soon as I go to the gym and started teaching. Usually, I am able to get in about 20 min on the arc trainer and stretch before class but not this time. I get about 5 minutes into my warmup and have to run out of class because I realized that my dog had eaten a very large hole in the crotch of my yoga pants! Thank God my gym had a pro shop where I could easily buy new pants. Lesson – if you have a dog, check pants thoroughly before wearing.

  7. I have had my fair share of embarrassing gym moments! Tripping on treadmills, walking into machines, but the worst was when I broke an ArcTrainer. I was swinging my legs along until one of the legs of the machine simply fell off.

    Multiple people ran over to see if I was okay. I kept trying to convince everyone that I was fine, that it just scared the crap out of me. I had grabbed the sides of the machine so I was perfectly okay. But my face somehow turned an even brighter shade of red…

  8. someone left the treadmill running after they were finished, i didn’t look and went to step up onto the treadmil and was sent flying…it was pretty embarrassing, and i hurt from the fall, but i didn’t want to run out of the room so i got back on and kept going…pain and embarrassment and all…

  9. Most embarrassing moment for me would have to be trying out body-pump with no idea what the freak was going on….it was awkward and I felt so lost that I almost left…ah well lesson learned…try a dvd first!

    Sounds like crossfit is fun…never tried it but have been thinking of it…checked out some sites and it seems wickedly expensive though..

  10. Recently I locked myself in the bathroom stall at the gym 5 mins before a class I was teaching started. Tried everything short of body slamming the door to get it open, but nothing worked. Had to crawl out from underneath with a locker room full of people. Haha!

  11. one experience comes to mind. my first time back at the gym after taking a few months off, i was on the treadmill jogging. i was so happy and content to be back at my old gym, running again, listening to my i-pod, feeling like i could fly… i decided to close my eyes and savor it, smiling – and i fell off the treadmill. embarrassing!
    what is truffle salt, by the way?

  12. I think I literally do something embarassing every day – luckily I don’t get embarassed, but I’ve fallen off an elliptical while working out (and had a bloody cut on my leg to show for it) and walked straight into a “weights” bar once (also had a black eye!).

  13. My first-ever Pilates class as a teacher I tripped over a Reformer. My second class I’d nicked myself shaving and bled through 3 layers of clothes and two towels during class. Ah, good times!

  14. During bodysculpting class once a few years ago, we were doing wide legged squats pushing dumbells above our heads. I was feeling strong and giving it everything when rrrrrippppp! My pants split in the back! I had worn some rather snug workout pants b/c I had planned an outside run after class. I was so humiliated, I grabbed my stuff and left. The next class, no one had even noticed! Too focused on the workout!

  15. Well, I don’t want to share this, but I all the stories are funny that I couldn’t help but share this embarrassing gym moment that I had 5 years ago. I was wearing a cycling shorts at that time, and me ad my friends were trying to see which one could lift up the heavy weights. When it was my turn, I squatted behind them trying to lift it up higher, when suddenly, my shorts ripped off infront of them, that I even heard it. Jeez! they never stopped laughing and getting over it that day and the next day.

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