I was deathly afraid of having my photo taken…

Believe it or not… there was a time when I was deathly afraid of having my photo taken with my fit (aka thin) friends. My “photo-phobia” all started when I set out for a wild weekend at the ski slopes

Is chronic stress making you gain weight?

BURNOUT is a hot topic right now… ⁠as well as the idea of STRESS BOD… ⁠ ​ I’ve personally experienced it and see it A LOT with our clients. ⁠ ​ ⁠ It’s a real thing, and it will absolutely

EP126: CellCore parasite protocol + ulcerative colitis

This episode shares my personal experience with the CellCore protocol and ulcerative colitis as well as possible symptoms related to parasites and how to determine if a protocol is right for you. Parasite self-screen quiz CellCore patient direct code: fY15sCwS

EP125: Who’s ready for a reset?

Anyone else feel like they need a ‘reset’ when it comes to their nutrition? If so, you’re not alone! With the summer right around the corner, I’m personally feeling it big time! LISTEN HERE RESET your nutrition with these 3