EP164: Hashing out the details of my 12-week cut

Can you lose fat without starving yourself? Yes, it’s possible. I promise. In fact, my starting deficit for my 12-week is 2,100-2,300 calories. Yes, really! In this episode, I share ALL of the details of my 12-week cut. ▪️ Length:

3 FREE Fat Loss Resources

I firmly believe that sustainable physique change often means feeling better THEN looking better, which is why I am sharing 3 FREE Fat Loss Resources.  ​ Ok, so then HOW do you feel better? ​ As I often say to our clients,

The best protein for sensitive stomachs

The best protein for sensitive stomachs?   If you’re someone who loves the energizing boost and muscle building power of protein shakes… ​ ​ But your stomach begins to grumble within minutes of finishing the last sip, this is not normal.

Client Case Study: “I have abs now!”

I want to introduce you to one of our 1:1 clients, Maria. I think you’ll enjoy her client case study because, as she says, “I have abs now!”    Maria came to us overwhelmed, exhausted, and completely burned out.  

15 Things I Learned in 15 Years of Internet Business

Fifteen years ago today, on National Carrot Cake Day, I started Carrots ‘N’ Cake! ⁠Here are 15 Things I Learned in 15 Years of Internet Business… ⁠ What started as a little blog to keep me accountable to get in

Should you take collagen?

I opened up my Instagram account for some questions yesterday and got some great ones about collagen, so I waned to share them with you. One of the big ones was… should you take collagen?  Should you take collagen? Collagen