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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


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Even though I stopped taking photos of everything I eat, I still find myself snapping pics of my food. I guess it’s more ingrained in me than I thought. Apparently, 5+ years of documenting my eats will do that! Anyway, I thought I’d take you through some of the meals and snacks I’ve been eating lately.

Fresh raspberries with almond butter and chocolate & white chocolate chips – a very dessert-y way to eat fruit! I also tried this combo with fresh blueberries and strawberries. Yum!

berries almond butter and chocolate chips

Roasted fennel – OMG, obsessed. One of my vegan CrossFit friends gave me this idea, and I’ve been in love ever since. She calls them “fennel steaks.” To make them, just slice up a bulb of fennel, brush with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt, and roast for 20-25 minutes on 400 degrees F. Amazing!

photo (6)

Chicken sausage with butternut squash and apples Рtotally threw this meal together and it turned out so well. Approximately measurements: 11 ounces sliced chicken sausage, 3 cups frozen butternut squash, 1 diced apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, and garlic powder to taste. To make: nuke squash in microwave for 5 minutes with spices and then saut̩ sausage and apple with a little bit of olive oil for 7-8 minutes. Mix it all together and enjoy!

IMG_1722 (600x450)

Sautéed kale, radicchio, and onion with chickpeas – simple, delicious, and nutritious. I haven’t had radicchio in ages, so I picked up some at Whole Foods the other day. I just seasoned it with garlic and sea salt for some extra flavor. Perfect.

kale radicchio chickpeas

Coconut water – tastes so amazing after a hot, sweaty workout. I mix it with water and then CHUG it! The taste encourages me to drink more, so it definitely helps to hydrate me.

whole foods coconut water

Whole Foods hot bar – my go-to lately. It’s been so hot and I haven’t felt like cooking, so I stop by Whole Foods and hit up their hot bar for lunch or dinner. It’s the best.

photo (4)

Blue Diamond flavored almonds – I’ve been living off these lately. Blue Diamond was a sponsor at Fitbloggin’, so the PR reps hooked us up with a bunch of the different flavors. The coffee, coconut, and salt & vinegar flavors are the bomb!! Seriously, I cannot stop eating them.

photo (5)

Almond yogurt with sliced banana and coconut almonds – I’m almond crazy! Did you know there’s now almond yogurt? Yup. Yogurt made from almonds. That’s nuts (ha!), right? I found it at Whole Foods the other day and just had to try it. It’s pretty darn good!

IMG_1760 (600x450)

Homemade berry iced tea – my drink of choice lately. Just add frozen berries to homemade iced tea! The berries keep the iced tea cold and add a deliciously sweet and fruity flavor.

homemade berry iced tea

No-Bake Cookie Dough – love this stuff. You guys saw this recipe on CNC the other day, right? If not, it’s gluten-free and egg-free cookie dough you can make in minutes and eat straight from the bowl. It’s incredible!

no bake cookie dough

Question of the Day

What have you been eating lately? Anything especially exciting and delicious?

Happy 4th of July, friends!!!



  1. Wow! I would love to try some of the food here, it looks delicious. Seem like you are quite creative when it comes to food. I do occasionally drink coconut water after an intense workout and it’s a great natural alternative to sports drinks.

  2. Oh I really want to try those coconut almonds! I love the wasabi almonds, they are so good it’s almost dangerous to have them in the house. Chicken sausage with squash and apples sounds like a great quick and easy meal.

  3. Oh those rasberry’s and almond butter looks tasty. I tried Hulloumi Cheese for the first time and both myself and hubby loved it. Did keep hubby up all night but not me, slept like a baby!!
    Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  4. I always make chicken sausage (apple flavored preferably) with apples and sweet potatoes. I used squash the first few times..both combos are so good! I add in a little cumin to compliment the sweetness of the apples and flavored sausage.

  5. Dear lord! Almost all of those photographed foods look swoon-worthy. Especially that kale, radicchio, chickpea salad.

    I just returned from Marrakech, so I’ve been enjoying all sorts of seemingly exotic foods (e.g., carrot/cumin/parsley/garlic salad-y goodness and lamb kebobs) and not so exotic ones (e.g., freshly squeezed orange juice from nearby groves).

  6. I’m an apple addict. Especially Pink Lady apples. They’re so perfectly sweet, crisp and tart at the same time. Nothing compares. Also found pumpkin butter and have been mixing it into anything I can lately.


  7. Way too many smoothies lol, and yesterday I put frozen cubes of watermelon in a smoothie, uh, best and worst idea. I’m not addicted more than ever 😀 Raspberries and almond butter with chocolate and white chocolate chips?? I think I’m drooling. That and those coconut almonds sound super good!

  8. I’ve been LOVING fennel this summer! My favorite is raw with orange segments and arugula as a salad. I can’t wait to try fennel steaks though, awesome! I can’t wait to try the no bake cookie dough 🙂 thanks!

  9. I’m obsessed with the blue diamond nuts. I also love the caramel macchiato, mustard, blueberry, and mint chocolate!!!! so. many. flavors.

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