Eats and Happenings {Thursday}

Good morning! Happy Friday!

Just wanted to share some eats and happenings from yesterday! I feel like I don’t do too many of these kinds of posts anymore, and I want to bring them back a little more often. I personally love blogger’s day-in-the-life posts””I guess I’m just nosy and like seeing what they’re up to””so I hope you guys also enjoy reading them!


I started my day with an oldie, but goodie breakfast: whole wheat toast with nut butter and banana slices. I had peanut butter on one half and almond butter on the other. Delish. Simple. Satisfying. The perfect breakfast, right?

IMG_2277 (900x675)


After breakfast, I worked, worked, worked and then headed to Flywheel for a spinning class with Kerrie. We heard the first class was free, so we drove into Boston to see what it was all about.

IMG_2265 (900x900)

Flywheel was awesome, and I got such a great workout! They have this system where you can compete against other riders in class, which I didn’t sign up for this time, but I really wish I had. I love stuff like that. Kerrie signed up, and it was neat to watch where she fell in the rankings. She said it definitely made her work harder. I also worked harder because I kept comparing the stats on my bike to those on the TV screen. Flywheel also shares your workout stats via email after your workout, which I thought was really cool too. I love being able to see specific numbers and results!

As far as how Flywheel compares to SoulCycle, they’re actually pretty different. I felt like Flywheel was a straight-forward and challenging spinning class while SoulCycle was like a party on a spin bike. I definitely worked harder at Flywheel and got a better workout, but the SoulCycle class was insanely fun. I still can’t get over the energy and how quickly the class flew by! Both Flywheel and SoulCycle are awesome workouts, but it just depends on your personality and mood for which one will be a better fit for you.

IMG_2255 (900x675)


After Flywheel, Kerrie and I stopped by Whole Foods to grab lunch. I went with a big salad.

IMG_2260 (900x675)

And a mango-grapefruit Hint water.

IMG_2261 (900x900)


A couple of hours later, I started to get a little snack-y, so I ate a bunch of Chocolate Chex, which are sooooo addictive. I don’t know what they put in this cereal, but once you start, it’s hard to stop!

IMG_2264 (675x900)

Clearly, the pug was interested in what I was munching on. He’s so pushy sometimes.

IMG_2266 (675x900)

After that, I (finally) took a shower and then headed out to take Murphy for his afternoon walk. While we walked, I listened to an episode of The Paleo View from February about The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne, which is all about how to reverse autoimmune diseases and heal your body. (She also has a cookbook with recipes specific to the autoimmune protocol diet, which I wish I knew about this summer when I did the Repairvite diet and was totally miserable.) The podcast included four different women””some of them with multiple autoimmune diseases””chatting about their experience with the book. Hearing their stories definitely made me want to check it out. I figured I’d pass along this info for those of you struggling with autoimmune diseases. The Paleo Approach and cookbook have both received great reviews!

Random side note that has nothing to do with autoimmune diseases: Remember how I was all about the Maternity Full Panel Skinny Jeans from Old Navy and waited until they went on sale to buy them? Well, I finally bought them and hate them. They do not stay up! I wore them on my walk with Murphy yesterday and had to stop every five minutes to pull them up. So annoying. I am so not a fan. However, I LOVE the demi-panel style of the Old Navy maternity jeans and really wished I bought two pairs of them. Blah. Live and learn!

IMG_2270 (900x900)


When Murphy and I got home from our walk, Mal was finally home from school. He had already made up his mind about dinner (ordering Lime Leaf), so I was on board too. It definitely sounded better than what we had originally meal planned.

Please note the bugged-out pug eyeball in the photo below. Weirdest dog ever.

IMG_2275 (900x900)

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Questions of the Day

Day-in-the-life blog posts? Yay or nay?

Have you ever tried Flywheel? If so, what’d you think?

Are you competitive? With yourself? Others?

Do you listen to podcasts? Which one is your favorite?

P.S. This post is awesome: 15 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do!


  1. i love day-in-the-life posts! it’s a nice reminder that people you read about on the internet but don’t know in real life are actually just everyday people doing their thing.

  2. Yes to day in the life posts!! I have to say yes because that’s what my blog mostly is 🙂

    That’s a great idea to listen to podcasts while walking the dog. I’m going to have to try it, thanks!

  3. I love hearing about the little details of your day! I say YAY to them!

    I’ve never tried (or even heard of) FlyWheel. Sounds like an awesome time!

    Sad to hear about your ON maternity pants! Mine didn’t stay up amazing either, but to be honest, none of my various brands of full panel maternity pants stayed up great toward the end so I kind of just accepted it was because my belly was huge. Ha!

  4. My stupid maternity pants never stay up. I had to start wearing a tank top and then putting the big band over that. Definitely helps. Also, woot for day in the life of post 🙂

  5. I love day in the life posts, it motivates me to be productive with my own day. I am also happy to know I am not the only person who is addicted to Chocolate Chex. I am terrible and just pick out the chocolate ones.

  6. I HATE the full panels…they never stay up and they make your tummy skin itch even more than it already does. demi all the way especially ad you get bigger in the last few weeks.

  7. I love day in the life blog posts. Usually they make me feel terrible about myself because I am such a mess, but it’s fun to see how other people live and see what they do, and it’s fun to see if anyone has any tricks for me to be more efficient with my time and stuff 🙂

  8. I HATED full-panel maternity jeans when I was pregnant. They are even worse in the summer when you get hot (I’m a gross back sweater), and then the elastic is all sweaty and sticks to you. Yuck! I lived in the low-panel kind. If you have a Kohls nearby, check out their maternity line. I liked their jeans a lot too. 🙂

  9. Yes, people are nosy and always want to see how other people “really live.” So I am all for day-in-the-life posts and have considered doing What I Ate Wednesday on my own blog. The only problem is, much of the food I eat really isn’t that pretty, even if it is healthy. 🙂

    I’ve never been to FlyWheel, but was a bit confused because that is the name of a cab-hailing app in San Francisco, where I live. I have a love/hate with cycle classes, and am definitely going to try SoulCycle soon, as we just got a studio in San Francisco as well.

    Enjoy your Friday!

  10. Yay on the day-in-the life posts! I’ve never tried flywheel but my town just opened a Real Ryder spin studio. The bikes move side to side to create the feeling of riding outside, it is quite the ab workout! I am usually competitive, I think I’d be nervous at first to put my stats up with everyone else’s but I would still do like you did and just compete on my own.

  11. I am more competitive against myself than others. I can also be very hard on myself. Looks like you had a great workout and eats yesterday! 🙂 I have been wanting to try one of those classes. maybe one of these days they will have one arond me!

  12. Oh I love day in the life posts! 🙂

    Btw, I’m wearing the same full panel skinny maternity pants from Old Navy right now and I love them! That stinks they don’t stay up on you! There’s nothing worse than being prego AND uncomfortable in your clothes…

  13. I love reading day in the life posts…and writing them too =)
    I’ve never tried spin of any type….not sure why really. I guess i’m just not a fan of group classes at all. (with the exception of when i used to be obsessed with kickboxing but the classes were small)
    Competitive with myself but not with others.
    I want to start with the podcast listening….audio books too….but haven’t taken the plunge…

  14. I love Day in the life posts! I just started blogging and want to try to incorporate them every now and again as well! 🙂 I laughed ou tloud at the Pug eye in that picture. What a cutie.

  15. I never consider myself competitive until I’m in the situation. Then I’m all like, “okay, this b is going down!”

    Bummer on the new pants. Nothings worse than things not staying put!

    I love day in the life posts! I am nosy, too 🙂

  16. I really enjoy your day in the life type posts 🙂 A podcast I listen to a lot is called “Narrative Breakdown” it’s mainly about different aspects of fiction writing, but it’s engaging and good to listen to before I go to bed

  17. Wow, looks like they have SOO many bikes!

    So envious that you can just jet into town on a Thurs afternoon for a spin class! I work in town and I am lucky if I can get up early enough to hit the gym at home for a class/or get home in time to get a class.

    Flywheel sounds alot more my style than SoulCycle.
    Definitely competitive with myself only.

  18. I LOVE day in the life posts. I’m always curious to see what others do day to day and these posts are very light hearted and easy to read. 🙂 I really want to try one if those cycling classes, they seem so fun!

  19. Yes to day-in-the-life posts! They’re super interesting to me.
    I’ve actually never tried a spin class, but I’ve always been interested in trying one. I’m just afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep up & would look like a total moron lol.
    I’m somewhat competitive with others. I’m always trying to increase my weights at the gym so I can see that I’m getting stronger, but I feel like most females at my gym use sissy weights when they can actually lift a lot more. So I have no one to really compete with but myself. Unless I want to try to with the guys, in which case I’d totally fail lol.

  20. Yes, I enjoy the day-the-life posts! I have toast with peanut butter and banana for breakfast ALL the time! Love it! I also add raisins to the top of mine too.

  21. Thank you for the link to 15 things i didn’t know my iPhone could do. I knew my iPhone could do more than I currently knew, and I honestly didn’t know any of those things on the list!

  22. I love Day-in the Life posts. I have never tried Fly Wheel or Soul Cycle, I have heard good things about both. I can get competitive but not too much. The only podcast I listen to is Balanced Bites. I do listen to to radio shows through Spreaker, Weightlifting Talk (with Jon North) and the Limitless show (which is my CrossFit coach’s show). I will check out The Paleo View.

  23. Hi Tina!

    Long-time reader and lover of your blog! I just saw you tried Flywheel in Boston! So pumped to hear this! I am a NYC Flywheel instructor, and love hearing you had a great experience! Thanks for sharing and it’s always so much fun reading you blog!

  24. Podcasts are so great! They’re my treat when I can find time for them – especially now that I have a one-year old 🙂 My favs:
    – This American Life
    – Longest Shortest Time (as a soon-to-be new mom, you should check this one out!)
    -How Stuff Works
    -Stuff Mom Never Told you
    -Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!

    So excited for Baby H.!

  25. Just wanted to thank you for the Buzzfeed article, at the bottom of your post. I actually learned a few things about my phone :o)

  26. Thanks for the Flywheel vs. SoulCycle comparison. Have been wondering what the differences was.
    I definitely like day-in-the-life posts! Keep ’em coming! I’m competitive, mostly with myself, but I can also be with others in a we’re-racing-on-the-treadmills way. I love podcasts. I used to listen to Stuff You Should Know on the commuter rail. My current addiction is Jillian Michaels’ podcast. I also enjoy the Freakonomics podcasts.

  27. Yay to the posts! Yes to it being the best breakfast…though I’ve just started making variations of your paleo english muffin and once toasted with almond butter and banana…AMAZING! I prefer using coconut flour to almond but they’re both good! I’m so competitive..spin class sounds awesome!

  28. I am competitive and I wish they had that thing at my spinning class, it would make it so much worth working hard.
    I stopped buying Old Navy jeans years ago, they were always such a disappointment.

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