Eating On-The-Go: How to Decide What to Get

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A question that I receive from both CNC readers and DTFN clients is how to eat healthy on the go. Of course, in a perfect world, we’d all have our meals and snacks prepped and ready to go, but, hey, life happens and sometimes you’re out and about, far from your kitchen, and you’re HUNGRY. I totally get it, and I’ve been there… many times.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to get creative with my food choices, so I wanted to share how I decide what to eat when I’m dining out and want a quick meal. If you want to eat healthy on the go, read my go-to tips, tricks, and tactics!

Eat healthy on the go_How to Decide

Find what’s fresh

When I have a choice between food establishments, I always pick the one that offers the freshest options, like salads, sandwiches, and wraps, with plenty of colorful and healthy ingredients available. I’m a big fan of salad and hot bars, as well as places that let you customize your meal to suit your preference. For instance, I like SUBWAY because it makes it easy for me to incorporate all sorts of nutritious ingredients while adding an extra punch of color, allowing me to eat healthy on the go. Speaking of which…

IMG_9741_ Eat Healthy on the go

Add lots of color 

I love it when restaurants allow you to pick and choose from a variety of ingredients and toppings. I mean, creating the perfect combination is a lot of fun, especially if it increases the nutrients in my meal and fills me up at the same time. At SUBWAY, in particular, you can select from 10 different veggie options for your sandwich or salad – everything from cucumbers to spinach to green peppers! SUBWAY actually has millions (yes, millions!) of handcrafted sandwich combinations, all of which can offer up at least two extra servings of vegetables to your diet. Fun fact: This is over 40% of the American Heart Association’s daily recommendation.

In 2016, SUBWAY and the American Heart Association teamed up to launch +color, an ongoing initiative to encourage Americans to add more fruits and vegetables to their diet and better understand the important health benefits that this change bring. Just adding an extra cup of color to your diet everyday can help improve your health!

Check out the sides 

You might be surprised to hear this, but the side options at many restaurants are often some of the healthiest when it comes to dining out. A lot of places offer fresh fruit, steamed and raw veggies, soup, chili, salsa, mashed potatoes, hummus, and more. They’re a great way to round out a meal and the perfect way to eat healthy on the go! 🙂

IMG_9728_ Eat healthy on the go
Power up the protein

When I’m trying to eat healthy on the go, I’m all about finding a meal that will fill me up and keep me satisfied, which is why I always look for one with a hearty portion of protein. Some of my favorites: Salad with chicken, hard-boiled eggs, or cheese; a breakfast sandwich (at any time of day); a burrito bowl with meat and beans; Greek yogurt with fruit; and oatmeal with a packet of nut butter (sometimes I’ll throw in some protein powder too – I usually have some in my car). At SUBWAY, you can double-up on your meat portion. Last time I was there, I ordered the Rotisserie-Style Chicken Salad, which has 23 grams of protein in it!

img_9789_ Eat healthy on the go

Look for what else will satisfy

If I order a salad or sandwich when I’m out, I typically add some healthy fats, high-quality carbs, or extra condiments to make my meal more satisfying, while increasing its overall tastiness. Some favorites: guacamole, hummus, salsa, mustard, hot sauce, pickles, jalapenos, crumbled feta, olives, and, of course, extra veggies since they’re so filling!

Pay attention to portion size

Portion sizes are definitely important when you’re eating out, since so many of them are super-sized. If a portion just looks massive, I’ll share with Mal or take part of it home for later. A lot of times, I’ll incorporate restaurant leftovers into a healthy meal at home so they don’t go to waste!

Question of the Day

How do you eat healthy on the go? Do you have any tips for deciding what to eat?

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  1. I also try to look at the menu ahead of time but if I don’t get to, I look for PROTEIN, FAT, and CARBS all in balance. I have heard that asking for kid portions is a thing but ain’t nobody got time for that. haha!

  2. I know it is often hard to make good food choices on the go — especially when hungry, in a rush etc. I used to grab something at Subway a few years back if I was hungry and needed lunch pronto, but no longer — I think there quality had gone way down and that turkey just seems to be too processed. I’m kind of surprised you would I agree that grabbing a yogurt is a great idea, but Subway doesn’t make the cut for me since too processed for me and the veggie topping at my local one just seem “sad” and sitting around to long — weird since in busy area. Just wilted, But locations do of course vary.

    I wish I was better at keeping some snacks in my bag, because sometimes I get soooo hungry that I cave and might not make the best choices although I know what I should do.

  3. I rarely eat fast food, but I was recently on a road trip with my parents and we stopped at Subway; I ordered a Subway Club Chopped Salad, and it was AWESOME! Their salads are really, really good!

  4. Subway is our go-to stop for our road trips back to our home state. There are several along the highway so it’s convenient and since I’m sitting all day in a car, it’s nice to have something that I’m not going to regret eating later. And I love their fresh ingredients! I don’t eat meat or dairy anymore but their whole grain bread loaded with fresh veggies is super filling when we need something to sustain us for hours on the road!

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