Easy Home Makeover: Sun Porch

A few weeks ago, it hit me: our sun porch was ugly.



Ok, it wasn’t horrible to look at, but it wasn’t reflective of our style or the rest of our house. And what style it did have was just plain old boring. Clearly, our sun porch lacked style, but it was also a space that we never used because it wasn’t welcoming or comfortable. Basically, our sun porch needed a redesign, so here’s how we gave it an easy makeover.

Step 1: Out with the old and in with the “new”

First, Mal and I got rid of all of the furniture on our sun porch since none of it was working for us.


But, we weren’t about to buy all new furniture, so we re-purposed pieces that we already owned. We brought a loveseat couch up from the basement and washed the covers since they were a little mildew-y.


We also moved a chair from our living room and a trunk from our basement out onto the sun porch.

IMG_4370 (600x450)

Step 2: A room with a view

Then, we rearranged the furniture to give the room a whole new look. (This was actually Mal’s idea. He’s so smart.)

IMG_4374 (450x600)

Step 3: Pinterest inspiration

Once the main pieces of furniture were in place, I went to Pinterest for some inspiration. I created a “Sun Porch Ideas” board and started pinning things I liked, keeping in mind that our blue couch was the focal point of the room.


porch ideas

sun porch ideas

Step 4: Shop until I drop!

With my Pinterest ideas in mind, I went to HomeGoods and bought all sorts of pillows, accessories, and even an accent table (is that what it’s called?).

photo (4)

Step 5: Clean

I brought my purchases home (Mal liked them all!) and then it was time to clean the sun porch.

I told Mal to make sure he swept behind the couch”¦

IMG_4357 (450x600)

”¦because there was a little surprise for him. The skull!! Haha!

IMG_4352 (600x450)

I totally got him!

IMG_4354 (600x450)

Coming together”¦

IMG_4362 (600x450)

Step 6: “The rug really tied the room together.”

And, finally, we added a new chevron rug that my friends at Wayfair sent me. Of course, Mr. Nosy Pug needed to see what it was all about.

IMG_4396 (600x450)

Pugs are SO helpful.

IMG_4398 (600x450)

Just a heads up: I’m hosting a giveaway on CNC for this same rug next week. Keep an eye out for it!

IMG_4402 (600x450)

And here’s the final product!


IMG_4451 (600x450)

The pillow says: “And they lived happily ever after.” Aww, how cute.

IMG_4449 (600x450)

IMG_4498 (450x600)

IMG_4496 (600x450)

IMG_4493 (450x600)

Now that the cooler weather is here, the sun porch is the best place to relax and read a magazine. In the summer, it’s like 200 degrees, so I’m glad we finally got our act together and redecorated it just in time.

IMG_4460 (600x450)

IMG_4473 (600x450)

IMG_4471 (600x450)

Doesn’t the rug just tie the whole room together?

IMG_4486 (450x600)

IMG_4464 (450x600)

IMG_4484 (450x600)

IMG_4872 (450x600)

I saw a similar boot tray on Pinterest, so I made my own. The plastic tray is from a dollar store and the rocks (vase filler) are from Target. The whole thing cost me $11 to make!

IMG_4446 (600x450)

The umbrella holder is also from Target. It’s actually a huge 20” vase!

IMG_4867 (600x450)

I hope you enjoyed seeing our easy sun porch makeover! Here are some of our other home makeovers in case you missed them:


  1. Oh wow, it really looks awesome! Such a great improvement!
    I love the yellow and blue colors together – they look really great combined like that.

  2. Wow, what an improvement! It truly looks amazing and you’re right, that rug really tied everything together. Home Goods is such an awesome store. I was just there today. You can definitely find some great things there!

  3. It’s super cute but I have a question. Do you have to cover the screens of your sun porch? I just wonder how you the furniture will hold up to rain and snow since I assume some of that moisture will come into the sun porch and affect the furniture. It’s so so so cute though and something I’d live to do if our next house has a sun porch

  4. Looks wonderful!

    Off-topic here, but I’ve made your Cheesy Garlic & Herb Brussels Sprouts with Sausage once a week for the last month. Simple and delicious, even my husband likes it!

  5. I’ve been dying to try that boot pan with the rocks! But I live in an apartment and there’s no place for it. Moving to a condo soon so I’ll be raiding my Pinterest including that idea. I’m glad it looks that nice in “real life” lolll

  6. Tina, this looks amazing! I don’t usually comment, but I’m so impressed at how well it all came together. Thank God for Pinterest – there are so many amazing home decor ideas on there. I love the chevron rug!

  7. I made that rain boot tray last year! But I thought it was so silly to go pay for rocks.. so I went to a stream nearby and collected rocks and rinsed them off! I love the look too because they’re natural and I handpicked them

  8. Looks great! I love blue and yellow and chevron is always a fav. I would definitely be out there every night enjoying:)

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