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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Rise and shine! It’s running time! 😎

I woke up at 6:01 this morning to get my workout in before the hot weather hits. Rumor has it that temps will get close to 90 degrees today!

IMG_0223 (500x373)


As I mentioned yesterday, my new running program involves a lot of foam rolling, stretching, and strengthening, so today’s workout of “4 miles easy” included a lot more than just running four miles.

My workout started with 20-30 minutes of foam rolling, stretching (feet included), toe/shin walks (aka walking on my toes and heels), arm swings, and leg swings. Then, I warmed-up with 1-mile jog followed by more stretching and some running drills (buttkicks, heelkicks, highknees, long skipping, etc.). THEN, it was time to run those four miles, which were killer! I do not run well in heat and humidity. Blah. My lungs felt tight and my legs weighed a million pounds, but I managed to finish in 43:55 (8:43 pace).

Even though the run was really tough at times, I still enjoyed it, especially the calm, quiet morning. Hardly any cars were on the road this morning.

IMG_0228 (500x373)

I finished my workout with jumping jacks, single leg squats, and some more stretching.


When I returned home, I took the quickest shower ever, ate breakfast (Overnight Oats in a Jar), and now I’m chugging water and iced coffee.

IMG_0012 (500x375)

I’m off to a doctor’s appointment next!


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Questions of the Day

I saw this running Q & A on Becky‘s blog last week and thought it was fun! Feel free to play along in the comment section!

Favorite treadmill? Any treadmill near a TV with Ellen or Kelly & Regis on it.

Favorite shoes? Mizuno Wave Inspire 6.  I ran my first marathon in them. Best shoes ever.

Favorite running song? Right now, Adele, Citizen Cope, and My Chemical Romance are rocking my world.

Favorite running fuel? Vanilla Gu (preferably not warm and melted).

Favorite running accessory? My Spibelt. Sometimes I feel like a turd wearing it because it reminds me of a Fanny Pack, but it holds everything that I need for my long runs.

Favorite race distance? Half marathon. It’s a challenging distance, so I have to train for it, but not so tough that my body hates me after it. I want to break my half marathon PR so badly!

Favorite running memory? Too many to count! I have so many happy running memories, but my favorites are my first marathon, the Cape Relay, and Rugged Maniac 5K.

P.S. Boston folks: The Scooper Bowl starts today!!!



  1. Favorite treadmill? One that has a TV with HGTV, the Food Network, or TLC!
    Favorite Shoes? Asics – wide toe box so it actually fits!
    Favorite running song? In the End, Linkin Park
    Favorite running fuel? Boiled egg before teh run
    Favorite running accessory? My Garmin FR60
    Favorite race distance? Half Marathon
    Favorite running memory? Finishing the Kentucky Derby half marathon with a friend

  2. i am trying to recover from a running injury and have been foam rolling and running less. did you say your coach has you foam roll for 30 minutes? that sounds like a long time….maybe i have to do more foam rolling! any other tips for pifimoris/hip flexor pain?

    1. @kalli: No, the 30 minutes included foam rolling, stretching, and other stretching-like drills. (And trying to keep the pug away from me so I could do them!)

    2. @kalli: Kalli, i am just getting over a piriformis and hip flexor injury right now. It took about 3.5 months, but I’m 95% better now. i didn’t run, i took a lot of anti-inflammatories, got 1 cortisone shot, and stretched a lot. i think the key to this injury is to get the inflammation down and then to stretch and strengthen. 🙂

  3. I need to start getting into those early morning runs too. The summer is upon us! 🙂

    Plus, I love running when there’s no one out as well.

  4. oooooh so many things to say.

    My favorite running fuel is a whole grain rice cake with peanut butter and banana slices.

    This might sound crazy, but my favorite running song might be NO MUSIC.

    I love that you’re spening so much time stretching and warming up before your run – so many people don’t do it enough!

    I love Sunbutter.

  5. It is supposed to be super warm today too — I got up early to run to avoid the heat!

    My favorite race distance is a 10 mile — I can push myself hard for 10 miles but I don’t feel totally wiped out at the end.

  6. Favorite treadmill? Freemotion treadmills

    Favorite shoes? Saucony Echelon 2

    Favorite running song? Sam Sparro “Black & Gold”

    Favorite running fuel? Don’t have one

    Favorite running accessory? definitely my iPod!

    Favorite race distance? 5K

  7. Really interesting to hear about all the things you’re doing to help your hip. My boyfriend would be in LOVE with this information (physical therapy student/intern). Half marathon is definitely my favorite distance too. Not that I’ve raced in any others

  8. Favorite treadmill? The LifeFitness one at my gym that is positioned nicely in front of several TVs so I don’t get bored. 🙂
    Favorite shoes? Asics Gel 2160s. The. Bomb.
    Favorite running song? Hmmm… I have many! Probably Edge of Glory by lady Gaga at the moment.
    Favorite running fuel? Dried apricots. They work like a charm!
    Favorite running accessory? iPod!
    Favorite race distance? Half marathon. It’s a nice longer distance, but doesn’t take as long to recover after as a full one does.
    Favorite running memory? Finishing my first marathon and qualifying for Boston!

  9. Looks like a cool site…thanks for sharing! My fav running distance is probably half as well…it’s long enough for a challenge, but not too long.

  10. I love running drills. Is that weird? My favorite memory of running is when I randomly started doing cross country in college (not a runner), just for the scholarship money. They were desperate, clearly. Our first race I waddled across the finish line, then frantically looked for a bathroom. I ended up having to climb a prison-height fence just to find one. Luckily, I didn’t end up shatting myself. The end.

  11. I got up early for a morning run before work this morning. At 5:30 it was already 73 degrees and 70% humidity!! It was a tough one, but I love running before the world wakes up 🙂

  12. Favorite treadmill? Ideally a treadmill in my own house in front of a flat screen so I can be distracted with all the dumb shows I like to watch.

    Favorite shoes? Nike Lunar Fly

    Favorite running song? Anything by Enrique Iglesias, which is weird because I really don’t like his stuff. Also, any of Pitbull’s songs. (I know, not my taste…but running music taste never really matches up to what you listen to in real life).

    Favorite running fuel? Gu–mandarin orange or red gatorade for long runs.

    Favorite running accessory? Ipod shuffle.

    Favorite race distance? Half marathon–definitely a distance you have to train for and put in the time and effort, but manageable.

    Favorite running memory? Finishing my first half marathon at Disney. Best moment ever.

  13. This was a great reminder that I HAVE to get back to using my foam roller! My legs/hips have been feeling tight during my runs and I know what’s coming next…! Thanks for the reminder, Tina!

  14. Favorite treadmill? One on the end, that way if someone ends up next to me, it’s only on one side
    Favorite Shoes? Currently using the Nike LunarGlide+, but I got a pair of New Balance shoes that I’m dying to try out
    Favorite running song? Midnight Runner by Pendulum
    Favorite running fuel? Chunky PB on WW sandwich thin
    Favorite running accessory? Nike+ sport band
    Favorite race distance? 10K
    Favorite running memory? Finishing my first half marathon! I felt so elated!

  15. Favorite treadmill? My True one…but like others have said with regards to entertainment – any treadmill with The View on it!
    Favorite Shoes? Asics – Gel…they feel like clouds!
    Favorite running song? Misery by Maroon 5…ironic since I really don’t like them. Nine Inch Nails is more my speed, anything Trent does I can run to.
    Favorite running fuel? Half banana with a tablespoon of peanut flour made into peanut butter.
    Favorite running accessory? iPod Shuffle
    Favorite race distance? The loop at Memorial Park in Houston. I love going around it (3 miles each loop) and people watching!
    Favorite running memory? Running sprints with my trainer…I was able to do more than I could, and the pride I had in myself was amazing!

  16. I decided to run earlier today as well due to the forecast. 100 degrees with wind, I chose 73 with 15 mph winds instead.

    I detest the treadmill and am already dreading winter because I just started running the end of January.

    Shoes: Mizuno Wave Elixir6, loving them!

    Song: Come Together by Aerosmith, but i am beginning to enjoy n music when I run.

    Fuel: Ezekiel bread toasted with almond butter and a glass of fresh carrot juice

    Accessory: garmin 110

    Distance: 5k

    Running memory: winning a 2m in my age group 40-49 females, and being told this group had the most entrants.

  17. My gave running distance: 4 miles. Short enough to keep the momentum going but long enough to feel like a decent length had been covered!

    Tina, did you mean 33.43 min time- I’m guessing so given your pace??

  18. Favorite treadmill? Any treadmill is okay with me 🙂

    Favorite Shoes? Brooks Ravenna.

    Favorite running song? Right now, I’m obsessed with running to Sleigh Bells and the new CD by She Wants Revenge.

    Favorite running fuel? Banana with peanut butter.

    Favorite running accessory? My Garmin Forerunner, and my Camelbak — sexy, I know — for long runs.

    Favorite race distance? Half marathon.

    Favorite running memory? Finishing a 5K in 20:15 — and no, I’ve never been able to beat that!

  19. Favorite treadmill?
    I like the ones on the end :-). There is also one in the gym by my work that overlooks lexington ave. I love to watch all the new yorkers scramble around getting off the subway while I get my run on.

    Favorite shoes?
    Nike Pegasus

    Favorite running song?
    It switches but one of my favorites will always be Kanye West, “Power” Explicit lyrics, great song

    Favorite running fuel?
    Vanilla Gu or carbs pre-run (i don’t like flavored gu)

    Favorite running accessory?
    Camera or ipod. I’m not big on running gear

    Favorite race distance?
    15K – had my best time ever in a 15K. Marathons are a great challenge but just not my sweet spot.

    Favorite running memory?
    Without a doubt finishing my first marathon. For some reason, I really doubted myself in training! It was the Disney Marathon and it couldn’t have went smoother. The smile on my face at the finish line was HUGE.

  20. Hi Tina,
    I read your site everyday! Thanks so much, it is quite inspiring to see all the running and healthy food choices ou make throught each day, so thank you for that!

    I saw this and thought of you and Murphy: http://newyork.timeout.com/things-to-do/own-this-city-blog/1516739/photos-pug-day-at-alice-austen-house?cmpid=TD060711

    Pugs are adorable and Murphy is the cutest of them all. My husband and I just adopted a 7 year old rescue dog; a cocker spaniel named Blondie. She is an amazing dog! She is bringing so much joy into our lives.

    Thanks again for all you do!!!


  21. Hey Tina! I’m totally laughing right now because I have the exact same jar of overnight oats waiting for me in the fridge. Can’t wait to dig in! 🙂 I ONLY wear Mizuno shoes to run in. If you like the Wave Inspire 6, you have to try the Wave Nirvana 6. You’ll never go back to anything else. I’ve been through countless pairs of the Nirvana. And….. Vanilla GU is the bomb. And I agree- favorite race distance is half marathon. I actually did one pushing my twin boys in their stroller. It was an event. ha! I’m also a little embarrassed to admit this, but I do have some Kenny Loggins tunes on my current running playlist. “Gotta Love Footloose!!!” 🙂

  22. Wow, what a lot to do before a run! I admire you 🙂 and with doing all that, you really don’t deserve to be injured ever again!
    Favorite treadmill? No treadmill, tyvm.

    Favorite shoes? I’m in Asics at the moment and I LOVE them.

    Favorite running song? Kanye West, Stronger. I always get my best mile split to that song!

    Favorite running fuel? Dates and vanilla PowerBars…so good.

    Favorite running accessory? Good old Camelbak.

    Favorite race distance?Half marathon, cos you have to properly train, it’s a tough distance and you feel like you’ve done something, BUT it’s not suuuch a killer as a full 🙂

    Favorite running memory? Hmm…when I did a 23min 5k 🙂

  23. My question is, where’s the website for women of no style and little substance, like me? Guess I’ll have to start my own.

    Favorite treadmill:One with “Discovery Channel.” Preferably showing a documentary about people climbing Mt. Everest. I’m a bit obsessed with that. (Probably because it’s something I can’t even conceive of doing: I get cold when it drops below 70.)

    Favorite shoes: Since I’m now a walker rather than a runner, I LOVE Keens. Especially for hiking.

    Favorite running song: This may sound weird, but “Funeral For a Friend” by Elton John. I ran to a mix tape that had that song on it when I was staying in Oxford, so it brings up goos memories.

    Running (Walking) fuel: Water. Preferably with ice.

    Favorite walking accessory: Luna, our 13 year-old corgi-pit bull mix. (Although these days she has to stop and pee A LOT, lol!)

    Favorite race distance: Well, I don’t really race, but I do some 5K walks and 10k bike rides for charity.

    Favorite running memory: I had just moved from NYC to the Berkshires. I was out running and heard a rusting in the bushes next to me. As I jumped into the street, armed with the wire from my headphones, ready to strangle any would-be attackers, a cow came ambling out from the bushes. I wasn’t in Manhattan anymore, lol!

  24. You are more motivated than I am! After all that before the run, I would have been like “Annnnnd, that’s enough.” and skipped the actual run part.

    Favorite treadmill? I hate the treadmill!
    Favorite shoes? Saucony Omni 8s! I have had green and blue ones, but really, really, really want the black and pick ones next time.
    Favorite running song? I don’t run to music. Just me and my thoughts.
    Favorite running fuel? Medjool dates. Followed by CLIF Shot Bloks in black cherry.
    Favorite running accessory? Bondi bands!
    Favorite race distance? Hmm. I’ve only done 5Ks and a half marathon, but I think I’d really, really like a 10K.
    Favorite running memory? When I ran 12 miles on my training run for my half marathon and ROCKED IT. I was so proud (if only my actual race would have gone that well).

  25. I can’t believe it’s the Scooper Bowl, and it’s actually going to be HOT outside. I feel like it’s always cool and rainy on the Scooper Bowl and Ben & Jerry’s free cone day. Of course I’m less interested since becoming vegan…unless Like No Udder comes up for the Scooper Bowl!

  26. I ran my first half-marathon in Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 shoes! Unfortunately, my PT told me to try a different shoe after the race, as he thought the shoe wasn’t supportive enough and may have been contributing to my IT band problems.

  27. I love the way the east coast smells this time of year… early in the morning and just while the sun is setting. The fireflies are gorgeous as well!!

  28. FUN! I have never foam rolled for that long…must feel amazing!

    1. My favorite treadmill is any one with the food network in front of it! and that isn’t so old that I’m scared to run on it!
    2. I love my brooks adrenaline
    3. Born To Run always picks me up when I’m struggling through a run
    4. I love vanilla bean GU. And chocolate outrage!
    5. For hot summer runs I love my camelbak! and my garmin of course.
    6. Half marathons are the perfect distance to be difficult but not kill yourself.
    7. favorite memory has to be finishing my marathon!

  29. Way to beat the heat with your early run 🙂 I was awake at 5 and thought about running but then rolled back over until 8 🙂 Enjoy the day and thanks for the info about PureWow!

  30. Favorite treadmill? I’m not a treadmill type of girl
    Favorite shoes? Asics gels
    Favorite running song? Mika, Jason Mraz, and Eric Hutchinson are always good picks.
    Favorite running fuel? Apples with PB
    Favorite running accessory? Does my ipod count?
    Favorite race distance? My PDR is 6 miles, so the only race I’ve done is a 5k. Alright with me!
    Favorite running memory? My first day of high school cross country…coach put me in the group that was running 4 miles (I had only ever run 2) and I just about died! I look back on it now fondly 🙂

  31. Yes! I forgot about Scooper bowl. I think it will be my lunch tomorrow- totally normal, right?! It is right near my office- interested in meeting me? Tomorrow looks even hotter, I think I will be getting up early for my run too.

  32. Hey Tina!
    How in love with sunflower seed butter are you? AMAZING! Just wanted to mention I noticed Sunbutter and Trader Joes are identical as far as I can tell, and TJ’s is $1-2 cheaper!! I know you’re a savvy shopper…so you probably already know it–>just a heads up!
    Thanks for CNC and Trading up Downtown!

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