During Yesterday’s Snow Day…

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Hi, friends!

The South Shore of Massachusetts was hit with another good-size snow storm. Our area got a little over a foot, which meant Mal had no school yesterday and it was essentially a snow day for me too. Of course, I can’t sit still for more than five minutes, so I stayed busy around the house. That said, here’s a little snapshot into what happened during yesterday’s snow day!

IMG_0757 (700x525)

IMG_0758 (525x700)

Mal and I tag-teamed the shoveling. 

Mal and I worked together, and it only took us about 20 minutes to shovel out our walkway, driveway, and two cars. Team work, baby! (Side note: My snow pants totally don’t button!)

IMG_0764 (525x700)

IMG_0765 (700x525)

Murphy and I renewed our therapy dog membership for 2014.

I know I don’t blog about our therapy dog visits all that often, but Murphy and I are still making them on a regular basis to the local senior home. Our membership for 2013 recently expired, so we finally finished the paperwork for 2014, so we can continue to make visits as a therapy dog team. Pug power!

IMG_0682 (700x525)

We started clearing out the guest room.

Mal and I started clearing out the guest room to make way for painting and new furniture in the soon-to-be nursery. Mal figured we should do it sooner than later, so I could help him move all of the big furniture down to the basement before my belly got too big and awkward. Good thinking, Mal.

IMG_6611 (525x700)

I ordered this pug pillow for Baby Haupert.

I stumbled upon this hilarious-looking pug pillow on Pinterest and debated buying it for weeks. I finally just ordered it because it makes me smile, and I think it’ll be a cute addition to the nursery. Plus, I hope Baby Haupert loves pugs as much I as do!


We received an adorable baby blanket in the mail from my grandmother.

My Grammie sent Baby Haupert the most adorable baby blanket ever. My pregnancy hormones really haven’t made me overly emotional, but when I opened her package and read the card, I started crying. It was just the sweetest gift with a lot of meaning.

IMG_6629 (700x525)

Growing up, I had a blanket that I absolutely loved named “Harry.” Actually, it was originally my aunt’s blanket, so maybe she named it “Harry?” Either way, I had a blanket that I slept with every night all throughout my childhood and even through high school. I actually brought Harry with me to college during my freshman year and hid it under my pillows on my bed, so no one would see it. (Being 18 years old and having a blanket was kind of a lot embarrassing.) I eventually parted with Harry and managed to live my life without him it. I haven’t seen my blanket in years, but I have a good feeling my mom snagged it and kept it somewhere safe all this time.

The blanket that my Grammie bought Baby Haupert actually reminds me a lot of Harry. Harry had a big bunny embroidered in the middle of it instead of polka-dots, but it had the same silky lining around the edges. By the time I got to college, the lining was long gone, but I still remember it. And I love that Baby Haupert’s blanket has little puppies all over it because you know we feel about dogs in this house!

IMG_6626 (700x525)

The card that my Grammie sent was also especially sentimental because she mentioned Harry and the history of “blankies” in our family. The card itself is actually a copy of a painting of my Grammie’s house with her and my grandfather standing out front. My grandfather passed away suddenly two years ago almost to the day, so seeing this image made me both happy and so sad at the same time. I miss him so much, and I know my Grammie does a million times more.

Wow, sorry. I got a little carried away with all of that. I’m just surprised how emotional I got over a baby blanket!

Mal tried to teach Murphy how to play dead.

Mal’s efforts were mostly unsuccessful, but it was still hilarious watching him with the pug. Murphy understood that he needed to do something when Mal pointed his finger at him (like a gun) and said “bang,” but he couldn’t quite figure out what.

photo (9) (480x640)

Murphy would sit on command and then Mal would roll him over onto his side (like he was dead) and then give him a treat, but the pug just didn’t get it.

IMG_6054 (525x700)

IMG_6057 (525x700)

Instead, Murphy would lay down and sort of shift his weight to the side.

photo (8) (480x640)

Close enough! Haha!

photo (11) (480x640)

Speaking of Murphy”¦

IMG_0515 (700x525)

He’s super weird. We already knew this, but WHY is he laying like that with his feet up!? Such a weirdo.

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Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite thing to do on a snow day?

Did you have a blanket growing up?

Does your dog do any cool tricks?

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  1. My favorite thing to do on a snow day is cleaning and hibernating in the blankets watching Netflix. I had a blanket growing up and my son has one too.
    I love the blanket and card that your grandma sent, so sweet!

  2. My grandmother made my sister, cousin, and I all Care Bear blankets back in about 1986. It was my favorite thing ever. Mine was yellow, and my sister and cousin both had blue. Grandma actually repaired it when I was about 6, and I remember getting to choose the fabric for the new back of it. I was a mess while it was gone, and so glad to get it back! It also followed me to college, but when I moved into my first apartment, I folded it up and placed it in my cedar chest. It’s so tattered right now that it’s almost sad, and I don’t want it destroyed, but at least it’s been loved. <3

  3. What a great day! Such a great memory to bring up about your blanket!
    I love making a big pot of chili/ soup and eating it for both lunch and dinner and just playing games and spending time with my husband!
    I didn’t have a blanket but I did have a bear that I took everywhere. It started out bright pink and by the time I was going to college it was close to a gray/ black color! 🙂

  4. I had my blanket all through high school too! It looked like a spiderweb by then. I’m pretty sure my mom still has it also, probably to be revealed at my wedding shower or something!

  5. aw i love the blankie story! I had a stuffed animal corduroy but I didn’t always sleep with him or need him. I know exactly where he is at my moms though! My sister had a baby, blankie and pillow. All of them would come into my mom and dads room every single night. She was a terror. We always say that we hope she has a child JUST like her for payback 🙂 My husband is always trying to train Clementine. I think he needs to give it a rest. Plus, mommy has different rules then daddy so that’s why she’s not listening. totally my fault!

  6. I remember reading a while back that you were planning to build onto your house. With the baby coming, has this been put on the back burner? Just curious 🙂

  7. I’ve heard that dogs laying with their feet in the air are happy dogs. My guys are frequently found in that position, so I’m going to go with it.

  8. I love snow days! (It’s the new englander in me) my favorite thing to do on a snow day is COOK! I knew they wouldn’t cancel nyc schools Wednesday so Tuesday night I made spinach tortellini soup and chocolate chip cookies. Last snow day we cleared out all our closets to create space for the baby! It felt good to purge/store things at my parents. Your pug is so cute.

  9. Well, at least you TRIED to make your day successful! 😉 Ha! Montana got some snow too, but not nearly as bad as the East Coast! Ours was just horrible because we already had ice patches all over the place, and the snow covered them so now people are slipping & falling every few feet. It’s not a very good situation!

  10. I had a blankie named “bubbie” that I LOVED!! We never seem to get snow days anymore but I would probably like to sleep in and organize the house. Love the pics of Murphy he is so funny. Also love the pug pillow for the nursery. 🙂

  11. Philly got hit pretty hard too, so I went out to lunch to the place down the street and took my friend’s dog for a “walk.” Aka we both shivered for 2 blocks before turning around. My other friend’s dog actually refused to go outside so he would stand on the front stoop to do his business then come right back in! Man’s best friend, for sure! Other than that, I just did some reading and watched way too much Breaking Bad. I’m not sure why it took me so long to start watching, but I’m so happy I can binge watch it now!

  12. I had a blankie when I was a kiddo and it’s still in bin in our storage room! I don’t know where it was from childhood through senior year of high school but I found it when I was packing up for college. So you’re not the only one who brought a blankie to college. I kept mine under my pillows too:-)

  13. I still have my blankie…it made it through childhood, high school, college, grad school and my first house. Never letting go!

  14. My mom claims I had a blanket growing up, but I don’t remember it. Apparently, when my sister was born (when I was 4), I offered to give my blanket to her, so she decided I didn’t really need it anymore. My sister, on the other hand, had two blankets growing up and still sleeps with them to this day (she’s 25!). They’re probably all sorts of nasty by this point, but they’ve been to college and on many trips with her.

    I did have a stuffed Garfield doll (random) that I used to carry around with me. His tail has been sewn back on more times that I can count. I think I still have him in a closet somewhere.

  15. Snow days = lots of eating! 🙂

    This isn’t really a trick, but it’s cute. Me and my 1 year old daughter have been away the past few days and my dog Molly has been going into Annabelle’s nursery and whimpering. When my husband tells her that we aren’t coming home yet, she starts to howl. 🙂

  16. I had a “baby blanket” i called it. It was so soft and I had it until one day I tragically lost it! Not sure if my mom took it away or not but I’m 31 now and no sign of it still.

  17. What a sweet blanket and card. I still have my baby blanket from when I was little, I hope baby haupert loves his blanket. Murphy is too funny, my Bentley sometimes lays in the most awkward positions too and I always wonder how he finds it comfortable.

  18. That blanket story is sweet. Made me well up a little. I had a stuffed Elephant named Herman. I’m 42 and still have it tucked away in a box. I can’t bear to part with him.

  19. I haven’t had a snow day in so long that I don’t even know what I’d do…my company never closes 🙁
    And hey, did you ever tell us about your new car???
    I can’t wait to see the nursery!

  20. I’ve pinned that pillow! So cute. If you’re looking for any pug artwork for the nursery, Etsy is a great source. I bought some prints from the vendor AfricanGrey. She did some custom sizes for me at my request and I just love them in my daughters nursery.

  21. I did have a blanket (and, um, I still have it. I “gave” it to my son when he was born.) Also just wanted to share ”¦ my pregnancy hormones never went away. I am so emotional and cry so easily now at sappy things and especially anything sad or sweet involving children.

  22. I taught my dog Zack to play dead. But the command was cockaroach or cucuracha (spanish) for dead cockaroack. He’s gone now but he was real good at getting his legs in the air.

  23. What a lovely blanket!
    I didn’t have one as a child but my parents gave me one just before I went to university. It was such a comfort and I still have it on my sofa to this day. Nothing makes me feel safer than being snuggled up in it!

  24. I have a hope chest in my room with about 15 blankets my mom made me over the years. Plus a few in my closet, two on my bed, one at my desk, and one on the couch. I am a blanket hoarder but they are cozy and bring back good memories.

  25. This post made me smile because my 3 year old love loves loves her blankie but especially the “taggie!” She wants to bring it everywhere and I’m pretty sure she will bring it to college as well and hide it under her pillow too!!! Funny thing is I tried to switch up blankies when she was a baby so I didn’t always have to track down one blankie. That was unsuccessful!! 😉 the babies run this!
    And my 1 year old has this same blankie your grandmother sent baby Haupert!! Rex loves this blankie way more than the other 5 blankets he has. He will be in the basement and climb to the upstairs (2 flights) to grab this blankie out of his crib. And return to the basement with his polka for blankie all cuddled up!

    Being a parent is so magical! You and Mal seem like you will be amazing parents!

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