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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots β€˜N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

I have a zillion things to do during my lunch break today, so I’m writing a quickie “drive-by” post this afternoon. I hope ya don’t mind! πŸ˜‰

Today’s lunch was a plain Chobani with peanut butter Puffins and Nature’s Path granola, an orange, and a Fruition bar, which was ex-cel-lent! πŸ˜€


I’m heading to a Healthworks’ event after work, so I’ll probably eat dinner there. I’m sure that I’ll probably order a cocktail, too!Β Eastern Standard has the BEST drinks! πŸ˜€

See ya later, guys!

In the News

Fewer than 40% of adults can digest lactose

Pepperidge Farm launches Goldfish with vegetables

Study says rye with breakfast can cut hunger later

Bonus Question of the Day

What do you think about dairy/lactose? Does it “agree” with you?



  1. I love cheese and dairy and I think, for the most part, it agrees with me. BUT when my stomach is acting up because of stress or a bug, I definitely lay off the dairy and it helps. I also don’t drink cows milk at home- i just prefer the taste of almond, soy, and rice!

  2. Sometimes I think I’m a bit of a hypochondriac because I always feel a little off after drinking milk–but cheese and yogurt sit fine with me. I’ve probably just convinced myself milk doesn’t work for me in order to justify buying Almond Breeze every week!


  3. I just saw that article, too. I’ve never had troubles with lactose, but then again I only eat it in yogurt form, and the bacteria makes the lactose easier to digest

  4. Haha you must get the same newsletters from NCC Health and Wellness. πŸ™‚ I saw those same articles.

    Dairy does not agree with me, despite my love for it. Which (since I don’t do much meat) is part of the reason I’m doing a vegan challenge the month of September. πŸ™‚

  5. I have been lactose intolerant since I was a baby. I still eat cheese and yogurt and drink some milk products though, I just have to be careful. I prefer lactose-free yogurts like Yami or get Soy products when I can. Drinking straight milk is the worst but I seem to do okay (not great) with everything else.

  6. i am actually a dairy fiend! it treats my body kindly πŸ™‚ soy, now that’s another story – I can’t stomach the stuff at all… no silk vanilla soymilk for muah πŸ™

  7. Hey Tina, I am not going to make it tonight I have to gym it then grocery shop (we have no food) but let me know if we win!!

  8. Tina! Love Eastern Standard!!!! Have a great time. I have no problems at all with dairy, thank god because I love my yogurt and lots of different kinds of cheeses.

  9. This isn’t exactly dairy related, but what is up with these Goldfish Crackers?

    I love your blog <3, so sorry that my first comment is a cynical one, but how do they contain a serving of vegetables? I'm confused. Is it like a vitamin or fortified cereal? Or are powdered vegetables added to the cracker batter? Gimmicky!!

  10. I have issues with most dairy but I can eat some aged cheeses (the aging process breaks down some of the enzymes that I struggle with…same with some yogurts). I avoid things with milk, cream, large amounts of dairy and I usually don’t eat ice cream.

  11. I am lucky- dairy totally agrees with me! If my stomach hurts, the first thing I reach for is actually a glass of milk b/c I think it really soothes my tummy. And of course, I love yogurt and cheese. We had milk with every breakfast and dinner when I was a child, and although I don’t drink milk that frequently anymore (I usually just put it in my coffee) I have been known to have a glass of milk as a quick snack.
    My boyfriend, on the other hand, definitely has problems with lactose and generally avoids dairy.

  12. Great easy to pack lunch!!

    Sometimes dairy works with me, sometimes it doesn’t. I do so much better with it in a hot drink… latte, etc. I use almond milk usually for smoothies or in my oatmeal and that seems to work so well for me.

  13. I have noticed in my old age (haha) that the more dairy I consume the worse off my stomach will be the next day. I love, love, love cheese but I just can’t eat as much as I use to. I try and tell myself this when I see an assorted cheese buffet, but it doesn’t always work and then I curse at myself the next day.
    Have fun at the event tonight!

  14. It’s funny — milk in the states does NOT agree with me, but whenever I go abroad (France, Spain, England, India), I digest milk just fine. Makes me wonder what they put in American milk / how they pasteurize it!!!

  15. While I enjoy dairy and could never imagine giving it up, it doesn’t always agree with my stomach. On top of that, I’ve never been a fan of rich, creamy foods (like cheesecake, YUCK), so I stick with low- or non-fat dairy.

  16. bring on the dairy! i cut back how much milk i drank when i was counting points, but now that i am at a healthy weight i enjoy skim milk with cereal for breakfast and sometimes with dinner.

  17. Great drive by lunch! I can do dairy. I love yogurt, cottage cheese, and I use milk in my cereal, but I am not a huge cheese or egg fan. I know it is important for my bones! I love frozen yogurt too-one of my favorite treats!

  18. I LOVE me some dairy. I feel so fortunate to be able to digest lactose. I drink milk everyday, eat yogurt at least once a day, love cottage cheese, other kinds of cheese, and ice cream.

    While I was always a skim dairy person, I’ve read some interesting articles recently on the importance of dairy fat in one’s diet, especially women (and especially especially women who are trying to get pregnant). So I’ve switched to fullfat dairy whenever possible. More on that on my blog.

  19. Oh no dairy most certainly does NOT agree with me, but boy do I love to ignore the fact! I’ve easily found tasty replacements for dairy staples – soy milk, soy pudding, soy yogurt, and a very dangerous lactose free Breyer’s ice cream that I am no longer allowed to buy (lol). But unfortunately there is no good substitute for cheese! I LOVE cheese! So what I try to do is stick with goat cheese (which I believe doesn’t have lactose in it – correct me if I’m wrong?) and eat other cheeses in small portions and during the evening hours.

    I think my boyfriend is lactose intolerant but is being a typical stubborn male and won’t deal with it. He’ll need to whine to someone else the next time he wolfs down a slice of cheesecake or a bowl of ice cream!

  20. I had to give up dairy about 4 months ago because I’m breastfeeding and the milk protein bothered my baby’s tummy. I recently started adding back in 1 serving of dairy a day in the form of Greek yogurt. Baby seemed fine at first, but now that the protein has built up in her system again, she’s pretty uncomfortable. And, as much as I loooove my Chobani, I’ve found that it does bother me too. I don’t think I would have realized how hard dairy is on my system if I hadn’t gone so long without having. I actually touched on this yesterday on my blog.

  21. I would find it difficult to give up artisan cheeses and Greek yogurt and the only milk I buy is from a local dairy. I don’t seem to have a problem with them. Most days I just get one serving of dairy and that is in the form of yogurt. At one point in my life I was “Officially” checked for lactose intolerance and didn’t have it. Most days I just get one serving of dairy and that is in the form of yogurt.

  22. I love dairy and eat a lot of it but it doesn’t always agree with me, my limit on a day is one Greek yogurt and one other serving of dairy or you probably don’t want to be near me πŸ˜‰

  23. Thanks for the Goldfish cracker link. They are one of my guilty pleasures, so I’ll be happier eating them if I know there is some benefit, no matter how small. πŸ™‚

    As far as dairy goes, it always agrees with me, stomachwise. But if my allergies are acting up, I tend to stay away from it.

  24. i’m fine with milk… but i also tend to have a tummy of steel-very little bugs it.
    i just don’t like the taste of milk by itself…. icky to me… but in cereal, oats, cooking, coffee, etc, i like it

  25. No worries about the quick post, we all get busy!

    Do they sell the fruition bars yet, or are those still swag bag samples? I can’t find them in the store! πŸ™

  26. I have some troubles with dairy – I seem to be fine with skim milk but much more then that causes some tummy issues.

    Your lunch looks like a great, quick filler!

  27. nope– milk is NOT my friend! it’s not the lactose though (well it could be that too) but it’s the proteins (whey & casein) as i have developed allergies to it. sucks, but i feel so much better without it! same thing goes for soy. sigh.

    i would kill to be able to eat your lunch and feel OK! looks delicious.

  28. That article was fascinating! I don’t have a problem with dairy, but I am of European descent, which seemed to be the group that is best able to process lactose. Interesting.

  29. Very interesting article. Lactose does not agree with me. I just realized that a few months ago. I noticed though that huge amounts of yogurt don’t do it to me. Just straight milk, cream, ice cream. I’m guessing the lactose levels are lower in yogurt??

  30. No issues with lactose for me. My only food “sensitivity” is that I can sometimes get heartburn…but this is caused more by how I eat than what I eat. I know you didn’t ask that, but there you have it πŸ™‚

  31. I used to absolutely LOVE cottage cheese — a little too much, in fact. But I realized that every time I had it, I would get really bad headaches and pain in the eye sockets/sinuses; also, I learned dairy is not good for body alkalinity (too acidic). So, I just quit dairy cold-turkey. Tough for someone who previously bought Greek yogurt by the multi-cupful! First week(s) were tough, but it doesn’t bother me at all anymore.

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