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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, guys! I hope you’re having a nice weekend. I’m doing a little catch up this morning with some blog posts from a couple days ago. Let’s rewind to Thursday morning… and go!

I woke up ready to eat and immediately made myself two rice cakes – one with sunflower butter and one with peanut butter – and topped them both with ground pumpkin seeds and banana slices. Delicious and filling!

After breakfast, I got myself ready for a trip down to the Cape with Kerrie for a podcast with Mobius Media Solutions. We shared our story and how Designed to Fit came to be as well as some of our philosophies regarding food, health, and balance. We also chatted about the business side of things since, right now, the two of us are running four of them and trying to make it all work. I’ll be sure to share the episode with you guys once it’s live!

Once we finished the podcast, I dropped Kerrie off at the ferry (she was heading to Nantucket) and then drove home. On the drive, I chatted with Mal, who said he was hungry for lunch. I was too, so we decided to go out and grab some food together at Scarlet Oak Tavern.

By the time we got there, I was starving, so as soon as their warm cornbread was served to the table, I immediately grabbed a piece and spread some butter on it. Feed me.

For my entree, I ordered their chicken avocado sandwich with pickles and chips on the side. It totally hit the spot!

After lunch, on the way to pick up Quinn, Mal needed to stop at Home Depot.

He purchased a few more outlet face-plates. I know, super exciting. His project for the summer has been updating all of the old ones in our house, and he’s almost done!

Back at home, Quinn and I snacked on some mango coconut rice bites from CVS.

After that, I slipped out for a walk/run with Murphy. It was Thursday, and I had only worked out once that week , so I figured maybe I should try to get in some activity. I did 2 miles with Murphy (walking) and then 2 miles on my own (running).

When I got home, I quickly showered and then made us dinner. Then, Mal and I cleaned, organized, and purged Quinn’s playroom. I have no idea how he’s acquired so many toys in three years!?

The next morning, we all headed back down to the Cape to spend a couple days with Elizabeth and Nick and their family. Murphy hung out with a friend of ours for the night, but he still enjoyed a ride in the car to her house!

We arrived at Elizabeth and Nick’s house just an hour later and immediately got ourselves ready for a morning at the beach.

Around nap time, we all headed home to put the little ones down. The adults ate lunch and had some time to catch-up. Nap time actually turned into a little happy hour while we waited for them to wake up. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

Once the kids were awake, there was plenty of water-table fun times and the adults continued our happy hour! 🙂 (Mine may have included a coconut donut. Clearly, I need a post-summer slim-down in my life! Haha! I actually sent the photo below to my friend – we joke about how much we’ve indulged in donuts/ice cream and wine this summer. We both signed up to do the 3-week meal plan together, and I can’t wait to get started in a couple of weeks!)

Eventually, it was time for dinner, so we fed the little ones and then got them ready for bed. Once they were asleep, the adults enjoyed an awesome seafood dinner!

On Saturday morning, we headed to a huge playground.

The kiddos had so much fun!

What was even more fun was taking the kiddos to ride go-carts!

Please note: Quinn’s tiny hand as he waved to me. So cute!

It was such a fun few days! As much as I’m ready to get back into a routine, I’ve loved everything about this summer! 🙂

Question of the Day

Seafood – love it or hate it?

Let’s say we wanted to buy a house on the Cape – what’s the part (town) in your opinion? 





  1. Love seafood, but don’t cook it too often….

    Also just wanted to pop in and say how I love that you always make time for and even prioritize Murphy in your life. Sometimes with between family and the work hustle, our pets become an after thought. It’s awesome to see he is treated as a true member of the family!

  2. As Tracy said, I love that you keep Murphy in the forefront of your blog and give him as much screen time as everyone else. Pets are definitely part of the family and it is heartwarming that you still keep him as a priority despite how busy you all are. Animals deserve this.

    Also, I love that you guys still do things with Elizabeth and Nick. I found her blog through you years ago.


  3. I love seafood! Especially as I’ve gotten older, and maybe my tastebuds have matured (lol), I’ve found myself craving seafood more often. Those scallops look bomb!

  4. I can’t wait to read the comments….I’ve been imaginary house shopping on the Cape since we got married there in 2010!
    I love the area from Chatham up to Eastham.

  5. I love seafood – crabcakes, fish tacos, shrimp pasta, etc. SO GOOD!
    How does sunflower butter compare to peanut butter? I’ve heard of it, but never tried it!

  6. This looks like so much fun! Also, wine and donuts? Sign me up. I’m not a huge seafood lover, which is weird because I’m from New Orleans where seafood is in everything, but I have been warming up to shrimp lately. Baby steps.

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