Donuts: A True Office Temptation

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Mmmmm… donuts. Oh, how I love thee.

You guys know that I’m not one to turn down a donut– I practically lived off the chocolate cake ones from Dunkin’ Donuts when I worked at HSPH— but I’m having dinner and drinks out with friends tonight, so I wanted to save my splurge for later. I could smell these babies from my desk, so it was a serious test of my willpower to turn them down!

Do you have trouble turning down the donuts at work? Check out these tips from CNC readers for Avoiding Office Temptations. This post is sort of old-school. I wrote it back in April 2008!


Taking the wonderful advice of my readers, I made myself a mug of Ear Grey tea and sipped slowly.


You might recognize the same tea from Kath’s blog this morning. We both swiped them from the Hotel Vitale! 😉


The first part of my lunch today was a PB & J on potato bread + an apple.


The second half of lunch was exactly the same as this morning’s breakfast. It’s probably wasn’t the most balanced option, but I could not stop thinking about that pomegranate pumpkin sauce! (I know, I’m weird!)


After work, I stopped to buy Murphy a his first doggie bed! 😀


I’m not sure he’s quite ready for one yet– since he initially chewed it to death– but we’ll try again tonight when he’s more tired.


NuVal Buzz

The NuVal blog is getting a facelift! Melissa and Blain have been hard at work for the past few weeks, and you can read about the changes here! A brand new blog will be revealed next week! 😀

Also, check out the Healthy Runner’s NuVal Story. She drove 50 miles to see what NuVal was all about! She rules!!!

You guys may remember my friend Jon from his stand-up comedy or his old foodie blog, Food Fight. He recently got a new job working for a website called It’s a sports satire website (sort of like the Onion, only with sports news), where he can follow his passions: graphic design, comedy (writing funny headlines), and making videos. It’s great to see Jon finally doing something he enjoys. Jon asked that I give him a shout out on my blog, and he’s a good friend of mine (he was even in my wedding), so I figured I might as well help him out!

Even if you’re not really into sports, maybe you have some friends that might like the website. Jon is a pretty funny guy, so I hopefully it will take off. Otherwise, he’ll be back to selling luggage online for the rest of his life. But hopefully not. 😉



  1. Im really interested in NuVal. What a great company. Thanks for all the hard work! Doughnuts are hard to resist. Especially ones from Dunkin doughnuts. I love them! But its good to keep splurges in check. Its way to easy to go overboard sometimes. Cute little doggie bed too!

  2. ugh, I had the same temptation today. I didn’t eat one, but i did swipe 2 to make Nick and me an awesome dessert tonight 🙂

    I remember you said if we were interested in NuVal, we might be able to help spread the word? How do we get involved? I think it sounds so cool and I’ve played around on the website – love it!

  3. I’ve never been a fan of donuts. I’d rather save my splurge for something more ooey, gooey and satisfying. Your friend’s site sounds like something my boyfriend would like. I just sent him the link!

  4. Hi Tina, I am an avid Harney and Sons Tea drinker. If you’ve never tried their other flavors/blends, I highly recommend their Paris tea, English Breakfast, and Peppermint – all are fantastic! I also snag high quality teas from the fancy hotels I stay in – the sachets are great souvenirs (although only temporary) 😉 I think the fanciest one I snagged was a Taylors of Harrogate sachet from a boutique hotel I stayed at in London. Ahh…the memories!

  5. Great post! My cat has never figured out the concept of a pet bed (why sleep there when the rest of the house’s comfy spots are also free game!), but I know doggies like them more. Donuts are one of my favorite things, but I have somehow sworn them off. I will go for homemade treats at work, but I made a mental agreement with myself last summer to stop eating donuts at work – especially mass produced grocery store glazed donuts. I’ve only broken that promise once and it was for a special blueberry cake donut – delish! The first Dunkin Donuts just open in Kansas City pretty close to home, but I’ll be avoiding it too!

  6. I love doughnuts and was actually confronted with this problem today. The nice thing is that they were in the lunch room and I was in the back so I just a) avoided the room and b) walked ALL the way around the room to avoid being near my temptation. I am proud to say that I was strong (for the first time ever! LOL)

  7. Good job on resisting the doughnuts!! I LOVE them!! They just built a drive through Dunkin Doughnuts near my office. Thank goodness I’m changing jobs in a week. LOL!

  8. My office has a healthy food policy so we are not supposed to bring in unhealthy foods and all meetings, conferences, etc. have to have healthy foods! I love it. No temptations at work for me:)

  9. We have the donut club at my work, every Friday participating people get a donut delivered to their desk. Sometimes leftovers are in the kitchen. I love donuts (Dunk’s boston cream is my favorite!) but for some reason I’m never tempted. Maybe because they don’t have my favorite kind? Works for me 🙂 Have fun tonight!!

  10. Oh god. Donuts are my favorite thing in the whole world. I usually induldge, but luckily donuts don’t make an appearance too often at the clinic where I work… Props to you for having willpower!

  11. I don’t really like donuts, so I’ve never had a problem turning them down. They’re way too sweet for my tastes. Yay for going with your cravings for your second lunch! Sometimes, you just have to eat what you want… and it’s not like oatmeal’s junk food, anyway 😀

  12. I’m lucky that we don’t have those temptations since its just me and Hunni in our office. But when we were in seminary there was always coffee cake and donuts for break time. I had to grab my tea to go to avoid them.

  13. I make tea, too! I find it’s a great way to kick the sweet tooth rather than eating something that isn’t the healthiest option! My favorite (at the moment) is vanilla chai, or they have new Christmas teas out like Sugar Cookie and Gingerbread Spice!! Sooo good!

  14. Haven’t had a doughnut in years, but I’m sucker for a cookie. Being 99% vegan though helps 😉

    I give you majah props for the willpower I obviously don’t possess any!

  15. Oh my God…I haven’t had or seen a donut in years. I love glazed and jelly. If I was on death row my last meal would be a jelly donut, a glazed donut and 2 dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies. I’d die happy. I avoid munchkins in work (nobody will spring for the real deal) by pretending they don’t exist or are stale. Works like a charm. I think it helps that they are only puney munchkins and not the real deal.

  16. Darn those chocolate cake donuts! I love them so. We had carrot cake cupcakes at work today – thou shall not turn down cupcakes!

  17. Luckily, I don’t like donuts so temptation isn’t an issue. 😉 But there are plenty of other baked treats that I find it hard to resist.

  18. You know I microwaved a donut once when I was tempted to have one and it was soooo nasty. All the grease comes out and it smells super bad. It actually worked for A LONG time at helping to keep me away.

    Have you tried Holey Donuts? They are awesome but you have to be able to refrain not grabbing more than one from the freezer.

    Can’t wait to see the new Nu val site 🙂

  19. Donuts aren’t a big temptation for me, especially now that I have gone vegan. But sit out some tortilla chips and I am powerless! I definitely think tea was a good idea 🙂

  20. I don’t really like donuts actually. I mean, I will eat a cake donut, but I’m not a huge fan of the regular glazed. They kind of make my stomach hurt. So, I have to say that my biggest office temptation is the candy bowl!

  21. my office usually doesn’t have office, since we’re cutting costs and all 😉 but there is always some sort of left over dessert or lunch tray laying around! I try to just drink a ton of water and get really full off of that. Or just avoid it entirely. Sometimes, I’ll also just go for a mini walk and pop some gum in. that usually works because I’m not actually hungry, just bored .. !

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