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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Last night, Mal, Murphy, and I enjoyed our first outdoor dinner of the year. Hooray!

IMG_3943 (563x750)

For some reason, eating outside makes me really happy. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of summer? Or drinking beer?

IMG_3949 (561x750)

Eating outside (ok, eating in general) also makes Murphy really happy. Did you say CHICKEN!?!

IMG_3955 (563x750)

On the menu for dinner: barbecue chicken with roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted zucchini, and Sweet Potato Wedges.

IMG_3958 (750x563)

IMG_3959 (750x563)

During dinner, the pug, of course, kept a close watch for any dropped food.

IMG_3960 (750x563)

Once we finished eating, Mal gave Murphy a little piece of chicken from his plate. He’s such softy when it comes to the pug.

IMG_3963 (750x563)

I probably give Murphy one or two bites of people food almost every day (usually a slice of carrot or a lick of peanut butter), so Mal is always telling me: “Don’t feed the dog people food,” but then he does it, too. I guess he sees Murphy’s adorable pug face and just caves in. I get it. It happens to me, too.

It’s Murphy’s world, we’re just living in it.

IMG_3962 (750x563)

For dessert, Mal and shared a bar of dark chocolate. Delish!

IMG_3966 (750x563)

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Question of the Day

What are your thoughts on feeding dogs people food? Do you do it?



  1. We didn’t feed Colby ANY people food for the first few months. When he got really sick, he was on a chicken and rice diet.. which he LOVED. We decided we needed to treat him a little more often.. so we do give him chicken and irice from time to time. He also really enjoys cheese!!

    We had corn on the cob last night.. which screams summer to me!!!

  2. I’m so glad we are in outside dining season! It makes me happy to be able to sit outside and enjoy the sounds, smells and sights!

    My dog is the same way – always waiting for a little crumb to drop!

  3. I try SO hard not to feed my sister’s dog (just because she’s overweight and needs to lose some pounds!) but when I see that little face looking up at me it’s so hard to say no! I would be the same if I had Murphy’s little face looking at me!

  4. My dogs love people food- any kind”¦ I give it to them, I know it’s my fault when they are annoying when we are eating and prepping food.. but they eat the same thing everyday- so they deserve a little extra special nibbles during the day 🙂

  5. I try really hard not to feed my pug people food, but he does get a little something every now & then! He actually gained a lot of weight last year. I was living at home with my parents & my dad would feed him TONS of people food. Since backing off of that, he’s definitely lost weight but that whole experience has made me much more aware of how quickly he can pack on extra pug pounds!

  6. How is the fence coming along? I love outside projects 🙂 Was the backyard all dirt when you moved in? (Yes this is totally off your topic I no, but I have no animals! lol)

    1. The fence looks awesome! I’ll post some pics later today.

      Yep, the backyard was all dirt when we moved in. We seeded it last year, and it looked pretty good, but it didn’t survive the winter. 🙁

      1. @Tina: wow wonder why the previous owners would have not planted grass? that is crazy! They must have not been outside people or at least not had a pug right? 🙂 Good luck with it!

  7. I do feed Jasmin some people food. She loves baby carrots and apples. Obviously, chicken and cheese are givens, and sometimes I’ll use a mini Babybel if I’m training her to learn a really hard (for her) trick.

    If she’s having stomach trouble and won’t eat, sometimes rice will help. Sometimes she’ll get a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt or pumpkin on top of her meal for a treat. And peanut butter in the Kong, of course.

    I think people food is okay for dogs, as long as we’re careful about what it is.

  8. We feed Susie & Billy a high-quality dog, but I do feed them human food. Last night I grilled chicken breasts and one was for them. They ate chicken, asparagus and a little potato. I feed them veggies and fruits and beef and chicken (check with your vet because certain foods can be harmful, even deadly to dogs). Last week I made spinach balls for them – spinach, whole wheat flour, oats & olive oil. What we don’t do is feed them at the table.

  9. We try not to feed Sasha too much human food, but we do share apples and bananas with her! Sometimes, I’ll even give her small pieces of chicken, but that is rare!

  10. Murphy is adorable! Eating outside is THE BEST! But lately it’s getting a little too muggy for my taste out here in good ol’ texas! We sometimes give our dog people food, but we will only give it to her in her food bowl, or if we are out after we are finished eating. We really don’t want her to start begging when we eat! I’m also really weary of giving her just any people food, she probably eats a better diet than we do!

  11. We rarely feed our dog people food (don’t worry, she’s still spoiled). When I do give her the remnants of my cereal milk, I try to make an effort to give it to her by her bowl and NOT from the table. She’s not too much of a begger, more of a sniffer and puts her nose in your food on the coffee table. She doesn’t steal it though.

  12. So first I love eating outside too, it makes me really happy 🙂 in the country where I come from (Moldova) we akways feed the dogs people food, we don’t give the butter and all other fatty things, but usually they get the leftovers mixed with some other things like chiken or carrots etc, and their dog food if the owner chooses to feed it too!

  13. I am a sucker for giving my dog people food 🙂 we always wrap his meds in cheese. He also loves peanut butter and apple sauce.

  14. I know it’s not good for them but my pug Darien has a HUGE begging problem. This didn’t start until we moved in with my husband. 😉 Darien gets human food every day. He takes medicine for his thyroid twice a day and I give it to him in peanut butter. Darien’s “doggie treats” are carrots, which he gets a couple a day. And my hubby is always giving him something. I catch myself telling him everyday, “Ok, that’s enough human food!”

  15. My puggle eats pretty much all people food (except for his treats)! His stomach can’t tolerate kibbles or any dog food for that matter, so the vet suggested that we feed him chicken with rice and a veggie. I cut up the perdue short cuts at the begining of the week, and mix it all together with rice and a canned veggie, and he is set! Some people thing it’s strange, but hes perfectly healthy and it doesn’t bother his stomach!

  16. I know I shouldn’t, but if I’m eating I generally always give my pup a taste. The husband is always telling me to at least put it in her bowl so she doesn’t expect food straight from the table.

  17. My parents had a beautiful golden retriever named Jackson and my mom LOVED to spoil him with bites of her food all the time. Jackson ended up being VERY overweight and every time I came home I saw this dog and how fat he had gotten. His nickname was little bear because he was so big. Jackson died a sudden death at 10 years old. And when I say sudden I mean the day before he was out walking with my parents, the next morning he collapsed in the snow and died that afternoon. I honestly don’t know if it was due to his weight, but I’m quite sure it played a part in his death. Now I’m sure you don’t feed your dog as much people food as my mom did, but I think it’s a slippery slope. My parents now have a new golden and don’t feed him ANY human food. He is slim and trim and healthy and vibrant. I’m a firm believer that dogs need to stick to their own food.

  18. For us, we have cats. We constantly laugh at our one cat’s “sniffer” because it takes her about 2 seconds to identify that we are eating before she comes to sit at our feet. I cave every time and always share a bite!

  19. Isn’t healthy people food really dog food too? What did dogs eat before packaged dog food was around? I think what we eat is probably better than the really cheap dog food out on the market (according the stories out there anyway!). Dogs may have different nutritional needs, but logically, whole foods are probably good for them. This is based upon pretty much no research at all! It seems reasonable enough…

  20. My thoughts are that pet owners can feed their pets whatever they want, wherever they want. It’s their dog, so ya know, they get to decide. My only issue is when I go to someone’s house to eat and they don’t have the courtesy toward me as their guest and put their dog in the other room while we are cooking/baking/eating. My sis always makes sure her dog isn’t begging at the table-side or under our feet when we cook together or eat at her house and I really appreciate that. 🙂

  21. I don’t have a dog but my cat is a little begger. The funny thing is the only people food she will eat are Nacho Cheese Doritos or Chipotle tortilla chips. I could leave an entire chicken on the floor and she’d ignore it. I love my little freak!

  22. When my Grandfather became ill, he would always drop food in his lap. Their dog, a miniature poodle, would eat the scraps from his lap. My Grandmother was so confused when their vet told her that the dog had cholesterol!! After that, I never fed my dogs human food.

  23. whenever i am working in the kitchen, my cujo is right underfoot. usually when i’m chopping veggies up, i’ll “accidentally” drop a piece on the floor for him. probably just makes him hang around all the more, actually! but when we’re eating, i never hand him any of our food. i want him to think it’s an accident always when something “falls off” the edge of the table. haha i dont know if a dog can grasp the concept that he won’t get anything by begging, and to just wait patiently and be grateful if something falls… makes sense in my head though!

  24. My dog has some food/allergy issues. I either make his treats from human grade food or he gets carrots or plain yogurt for a treat. He loves carrots & yogurt. And I know exactly what he is eating so he has far fewer issues.

  25. In theory, I’m totally fine with giving dogs people food. We used to do it all the time, but once we got up to 5 dogs, we realized if we gave each of them a bite, there’s no food left for us! So now they just lick the dishes and give us reproachful looks.

  26. I do from time to time… my dogs love frozen green beans so anytime they hear me open the freezer they come running. I’ve also been known to feed them carrots, cheese and salmon skins. Yeah, my boys are definitely spoiled but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  27. If we do. We put the scraps in his bowl. We have a giant golden, his head can reach the table. We are working on training him not to beg!

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