Dog-Friendly Friday Night on the South Shore

Hi, guys!

We had quite the fun time on Friday night… and it was totally impromptu! I didn’t feel like cooking, so we decided to take the whole family out to dinner at the Hingham Shipyard. We took Murphy to dinner at Trident last year and had such a great time together, we decided to do it again. It was basically a dog-friendly Friday night on the South Shore. Woohoo!

Trident has an outdoor patio space that is dog-friendly, so it’s the perfect spot to bring a pup. (Hingham Beer Works and Wahlburgers across the way also allow dogs outside.) We brought along Murphy’s food and water, so he could eat dinner with us.

Dog-Friendly Friday Night on the South Shore

Dinner started with drinks and oysters, which Quinn actually tried again. He didn’t love the bite that he took, but we were pumped he gave them another shot!

For my entree, I ordered the Brussels sprouts and shared Quinn’s hummus plate with him. He wasn’t into the grilled vegetables and barely made a dent in the huge portion of hummus, so it worked out perfectly.

Murphy, of course, was on “cleaned up” duty and ate every morsel of food that fell onto the ground.

After dinner, we explored the Shipyard and ended up staying for the free concert, which was such a nice way to spend the night. The concert was actually really packed, and I kind of wished we had attended a few more of them this summer.

There’s two more Friday night concerts, so I definitely think we’ll plan better next time and make a whole night of it. We didn’t bring anything with us – like chairs, blankets, drinks, snacks, etc. Even still, we really had a great time, but I could see how the outdoor concerts could be even more fun!

Murphy definitely enjoyed our dog-friendly Friday night on the South Shore. I mean, look at that happy pug face!

dog-friendly hingham shipyard free concert summer

Question of the Day

Local readers: What are your favorite dog-friendly places in the area? Where would you spend a dog-friendly Friday night on the South Shore?


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