Do Workouts Require Sweat?

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! Happy Hump Day!


I’m not going to lie, I sort of want one of these buttons. I’d probably wear it too. (Pug people are weird. But, I guess you already know that, right?)

Last Night’s Workout

SUPER FUN workout last night!! I love changing it up!

I met Marie, her friend, Faran, and a new internet friend, Mary, for a bootcamp-style workout at our gym. I love trying new workouts and it was awesome to do it with friends.

The class was a 20-station circuit, where each exercise was done for 60 seconds before moving onto the next station. It took the instructor a solid 15 minutes to explain all of the different exercises, so, initially, I thought I wouldn’t get a good workout, but, boy, was I wrong!!

I pushed myself really hard for each of the exercises. I mean, they were only 60-seconds each, so I figured I might as well make it worth my time. Well, I ended up pushing myself a little too hard because I got lightheaded and dizzy, which never happens to me! It was actually sort of scary, so I took a break and grabbed water before starting again. Even still, I loved the workout, and I’ll definitely go back!

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Last Night’s Dinner

Mal made egg salad with mashed avocado (instead of mayo) for dinner last night. I added my portion to a bed of arugula and topped it with flax oil, Garlic Gold, and red pepper flakes. Mmm! Good dinner. Very satisfying.

IMG_0008 (640x480)

This morning, I woke up bright and early to meet my Back on my Feet team for a workout. When I left my house, it was already 62 degrees, so I had a feeling we’d run outside today”” and we did! We spent the entire workout running/walking around the outdoor track at the YMCA.

Recently, the group has shrunk from 18 to just 6 residents, but everyone ran today. Yay! BOMF is also hosting a session next week to recruit more members to the Father Bill’s Team. I hope we get some new residents!

IMG_0010 (640x480)IMG_0011 (640x480)


When I got home, I dug into my overnight oats in a jar that I made last night before bed. In the mix: oats, banana slices, almonds, chia seeds, almond milk, and an extra scoop of peanut butter. Later, I poured myself a glass of iced coffee with soy milk.

IMG_0014 (640x480)

With the potential for licking my empty peanut butter jar, Murphy wasn’t too far away. As soon as I started eating my breakfast, he wanted to sit in my lap. I know he loves me, but his actions were pretty obvious.

IMG_0017 (640x480)

It’s Murphy’s world; I just live in it.

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Feel Great Weight

This week’s Feel Great Weight post is about sweat! Of course, sweat is important to exercise. It’s our body’s way of cooling off so that it doesn’t overheat. But does it guarantee that I’m getting a good workout? Check out what I had to say: Do You Have to Sweat to Get a Good Workout?

Question of the Day

Do you have to sweat to get a good workout? Are super sweaty workouts better than ones that you don’t sweat as much?

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  1. If it’s a cardio workout, i do feel like a sweaty work out is a better work out.. If it’s a weights workout, i don’t really mind not sweating, it’s more about feeling the muscles burn 🙂

  2. I never feel satisfied after a workout if I’m not sweaty, so I’ll often add more cardio at the end.

    I love the Murphy quote – it’s the same at our house. It’s Gus’s world and we just live in it. 😀

  3. I definitely need to sweat to feel like I did something, but that’s probably because I sweat buckets! If my sports bra isn’t completely soaked I feel like I didn’t get enough of a workout in.

    I have also recently become a lover of all things avocado. With the trees giving off tons of fruit, I am finding tons of new ways to use the avocados that are gifted to me regularly.

  4. Not going to lie, I’d say that how accomplished I feel with a workout is directly correlated to how much I sweat. There are exceptions, but it’s generally true!

  5. I too love to sweat! I definitely feel like my workout is better if I’m super drippy with sweat afterwards…but I do some weight training where I barely sweat, and I know that I’m still getting a good workout!

  6. Perhaps you felt faint because you’re not eating enough to fuel your workouts…I know you want to lose weight, but keeling over from low blood sugar might not be the best way to do it (not sure if you’re posting everything, but it’s really not a lot at all!)

    Take care.

  7. this may be an odd question, but something I’ve been wondering b/c I see so many bloggers eating overnight oats in near empty peanut butter (or other nut butter) jars so frequently… so do you just have near empty jars of peanut butter saved up? Or do you go through a jar of peanut butter quickly enough to eat overnight oats in a jar regularly? I can’t eat my PB quickly enough… well, I CAN, but too much PB, and my clothes start to get tight pretty quickly!

      1. @Tina: Rock on lady! Wish I could. Started eating more of it while training for the national half (one of my only dietary changes), and I gained a couple lbs! Trying to watch my PB now. Boo.

  8. I think that you can get a good workout wihtout sweating, but personally for me, I feel like I need to sweat to get a good workout. I LOVE military-inspired workouts, and avocado egg salad. 🙂

  9. Honestly, I hate to sweat, so I try and find ways to work out that don’t require me getting all red-faced, sweaty and ick. Swimming, weights, yoga, tai chi–all fit the bill for me!

  10. I definitely feel better after a good sweat and like I didn’t work as hard if I didn’t sweat. With that said, I have gotten some GREAT weight workouts in without sweating. I didn’t think they were great after they were over but when I woke up sore the next morning, I knew I worked out harder than I thought I did.

  11. Sometimes in my cross training days I rarely ever sweat (i.e the elliptical or the rower) but I know that I am getting a great workout because of the fact my heart rate is pumping, and I know its pumping when the side of my neck starts to pump! However, after a nice long run on the treadmill or outside I normally am really sweating and this makes me think that I did more but I know that in reality I probably worked just as hard as on the elliptical or the rower!

  12. Oh fun! That class sounds awesome! I used to get light-headed at the gym when I didn’t fuel up enough for the workout. maybe you needed a slice of toast or something beforehand to boost your energy a bit. Sounds like you rocked it out though!

    Oh and egg salad with avocado! I lurve me some avocado!

  13. I only sweat during workouts that have a lot of jumping or explosive movements (boot camp or Body Attack, for example) or when I run outside. I never sweat during Body Pump but I know I’m still getting a good workout from it… I agree that it depends a lot on your individual makeup.

  14. I definitely know I am getting a workout if I sweat. Sometimes even the worst workouts leave me sweaty. I think the only true workout where people don’t sweat is swimming. (I do realize that not all people sweat, but he majority do…even during yoga)

  15. For me workouts don’t require sweat but only because I don’t really sweat. I just turn beet red. It’s always been true, no matter how hard I work out. It’s a huge drag because I have trouble cooling down. Not to mention I look really cool with my bright red face.

  16. I am a sweaty beast too:) If I don’t sweat, for my body, I can tell that I’m a bit dehydrated, because normally I am so sweaty.
    It isn’t neccessary that I’m a drip factory, but mentally I do feel more gratified when I’ve broken out a few beads!

  17. I kind of do feel like a workout isn’t worth it if I don’t sweat. However, I do think hiking is a great workout and that doesn’t always involve sweating buckets!

  18. Tina, I just discovered your blog last week and I really love it. I’m old enough to be your mother, but I still relate to you. I like that you post every day. I like your resolve to stay healthy. And I really like that you are a dog person. Me, too. We have a Beagle, Missy. And you’re right … we just live in her world! Keep up the good work!

  19. I sweat when I’m just sitting at my desk at work so I don’t even think I can say that I have ever done a workout that DIDN’T make me sweat, but I think workouts like yoga and pilates are amazing workouts and they don’t always end up soaking your clothes! I think it’s possible to get a good workout without sweat, but in my experience, sweating makes me feel like I just kicked butt! 🙂

  20. I REALLY want that Hump Day button! So my sense of humour!!! And really like SWEATY workouts, but sometimes a good non sweaty yoga class feels JUST as good. Have a great day!

  21. I really love a good sweat while working out. I am a person who sweats a lot so I feel that a good workout = a sweaty workout. I live in Fargo, ND so even when it is cold outside and I bundle up I sweat. Love it!

  22. I definitely feel better when I really sweat during a workout, but I know it’s not necessary. It’s more the feeling that I got a kick butt workout..and if I don’t sweat, I don’t feel like I worked hard enough and leave a little upset.

  23. I definitely FEEL like I’m getting a better workout when I sweat a lot, but who knows? I sweat pretty easily (and a lot), so if I’m not sweating, I’m probably not working very hard. I had a VERY sweaty workout this morning and am feeling pretty good about it!

  24. Sometimes I feel like I need to sweat but honestly that’s not the case for me. Some of my intense weight training sessions don’t make me sweat at all but they sure do fatigue my muscles! Some yoga classes don’t make me sweat but I’m still sore the next day. So I guess with some things you have to go by more than just sweat 🙂

  25. I sweat a lot, so if I’m not sweating, I’m probably not working very hard. It’s actually kind of embarrassing sometimes…I get jealous of “that girl” who can take an hour workout class and walk out of the gym looking like she just spent an hour getting ready, with her make-up perfectly intact. I always get self-conscious, but oh well, I guess it means I work hard!

  26. I am sure you can get a good workout without sweating but I like to feel like I have REALLY worked! So I prefer the sweaty workouts.

  27. Most of my workout outs are in the ocean (because I surf or paddle almost daily) so I don’t know if I’m sweating haha?! So I would say no… ( you don’t have to sweat for a good workout ).
    I don’t think I’d sweat surfing anyway but I still think it’s the best form of exercise out there!! Aloha!

  28. I start sweating during the first 5 minutes of my work out. Heck, I’m even sweating by the time I walk 10 blocks to work in the morning! Not sure what that means for me, but I never have a problem getting my sweat on!

  29. Even *thinking* about the gym will make me sweat! It’s actually pretty embarrassing when I’m only 10 minutes into a run and I look like I just stepped out of the shower! Also, I’m training in a gym in India right now, where I’ve found people are slightly more demure when they work out. Needless to say, I’ve switched my workout wardrobe to all dark clothing to stay a little sleeker!

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