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Hi, friends! How is your Monday going so far?

Last night, we enjoyed a lovely evening with my father-in-law, who is also known as Quinn’s “Papi.” Aren’t these two adorable together?


When Papi arrived at our house, we enjoyed some wine and appetizers while we caught up and showed off Quinn’s new baby skillz, such as standing, walking with some assistance, and almost crawling. (He’s sooooo close!) Papi was definitely impressed.


Before we sat down for dinner, Mal set up Quinn’s new hook on chair that our friends from Chicco recently sent us to try out.

SAM_0500 (800x533)

Quinn really wanted to help Dad. He’s a curious little guy for sure.


Quinn got right in there, touching and grabbing everything.



Helping Dad is so fun! He’s too cute.

SAM_0503 (800x533)

The Chicco 360 Hook On was a piece of cake to set up– just clamp it onto the table. Easy as that.


Meanwhile, this little peanut was partying away. He loves banging his feet on floor.

SAM_0517 (800x533)

Being the “Nervous Nelly” that I am sometimes, I asked Mal to make sure the hook on chair wasn’t going to fall or anything like that, so he pushed down on it and practically moved the table while doing so. That chair wasn’t going anywhere!


After using a regular highchair for the past couple of months to feed Quinn, we were so excited to use a hook on chair. Our highchair is big and bulky and just kind of awkward, especially in our tiny house. It also sometimes scratches our wood floors when we move it, so the hook on style is a million times better for us. Side note: The Chicco 360 Hook On chair comes with a travel bag and folds up nice and neat for easy transport, like when we go visit Papi at his house!


And, the best part, of course, we can eat at the dining room table with Quinn!

SAM_0530 (800x533)

Hooray! Quinn’s first meal at the dining room table!


Quinn ate his dinner (broccoli tops, blueberries, a bottle, and homemade mixed veggie puree) at the same time as we enjoyed ours last night. Papi brought a homemade chicken pot pie and we served it along with a green salad and warm bread with butter. It was such a nice way to spend the final hours of the weekend together.

SAM_0538 (800x533)

Quinn loves his new hook on chair because it rotates 360 degrees, which means he can see Murphy and, um, feed him. *sigh* Yes, Quinn finally figured out how to feed the pug and, of course, Murphy is alllll about it. Oh, boy.


Questions of the Day

What do you/did you call your grandparents?

Murphy is going to gain weight, isn’t he? 

I call my grandparents on my mom’s side “Grammie” and “Grampie.” My grandmother on my dad’s side is “Gram.”



  1. You’re totally right..he’s just too cute! I also would have been paranoid about the clamping of the chair but it definitely looks sturdy! Hahah and yup, Murphy’s on his way to weight gain :(. Does Quinn get excited when feeding Murphy?

  2. LOL! Yes, Murphy is going to gain weight. We have a chocolate lab, and three children 5 years old and younger. They feed that dog all the time!

  3. My mom’s dog has gained weight from the quick succession of my four nephews. Fact of life, I guess. We called my paternal grandmother “Nana”. My maternal grandmother became “Gigs”, pronounced like you’re dancing a jig, once she became a great-grandmother to the aforementioned nephews. I have no idea where that came from – Ha!

  4. What a great idea! Im glad the chair worked out so well. High chairs are definitely big and bulky so thats awesome that you are able to just hook it on and then pack it up.

    My grandparents were grandma and grandpa and grammy and pop pop. Quinn is too cute in those pictures!

  5. That chair is so cool! Ill have to remember that when I’m ready for kids.

    I call my mom’s parents Noni and pop-pop and my other set grandma and grandpa (original!) My fiance calls both sets mama ____ and papa____ with their names which I always thought was cute!

  6. Looks like a fun visit! I call/called my Dad’s parents Jaja (grandma) and Bapa (grandfather) and I call my Mom’s parents Grandmommy and Granddaddy. I’m so curious what my parents are going to call themselves when we have kids!

  7. I am boring and just call my grandparents “grandma” and “grandpa”. I love the high chair! We have a portable one that attaches to a kitchen chair. I am so glad that we didn’t go for a full-size one. We have enough baby stuff as it is!

  8. Your family is so adorable! I always think this when I read your posts, but these pics are just too cute!

    Grandpa was Grandpa and Grandma is Gran.

    You may need to step up Murphy’s exercise program to compensate for the extra treats 🙂

  9. We let all the grandparents decide what they wanted to be called and then taught our son their “names”. My mother-in-law wanted to be referred to as Granny and she lives in Kentucky…we live in Illinois. To prepare him to go visit her we would say we are going to Kentucky to see Granny…which when he started to talk he would say “Tucky Granny” and it stuck…big time. She even signs cards to him as Kentucky Granny…he is in college now.

  10. We have an older version of that chair that we used for both of our boys – and it was one of the best investments ever as far as baby stuff goes! So easy to take places like family gatherings and restaurants, no worrying about where a big bulky high chair was going to fit (or what germs were on it…) at all, and so nice to have the boys close by! I know our kids were happier in that chair than any other highchair! And yes, Murphy will gain weight! Maybe once some of your snow melts he’ll need some extra walks! 🙂

  11. Our son’s favorite thing in the world is to share with the dog. We’ve had to start locking the dog up and have renamed him Vulture.

  12. Quinn is so adorable Tina!

    My sister and I call our grandmother on our Dad’s side Gram as well! She’s 96, lives at home by herself, cleans her house, cooks her meals, and still bakes us our favorite cookies and pumpkin dessert. 🙂

    Murphy might be eating a tad more nowadays but won’t he be exercising more too chasing Quinn around?!

  13. Our dog is a huge fatty fatty fatty after two kids!

    Our kids call my dad Popo and my Mon Grandma Cee Cee (cindy)

  14. One of my grandmas lives on a farm so we call her Farm Grandma. The other lives in Chicago so she’s City Grandma. 🙂 Love the cute pics!

  15. I call my granny Panda, nobody’s sure why. Actually everybody in the extended family calls her like that…

  16. Tina, I always used the hook on chair for my kids and felt the same way as you do about it just “hanging” there . I finally just put a dining chair under the seat and was instantly relieved . It is great to travel with and lets you enjoy family meals all together ! Love them !

  17. We used that exact chair from Chicco and LOVED it! We have a small house too so we skipped the highchair, and went right to the chicco seat as soon as he could sit up. I can’t remember exactly when we stopped using it, but maybe when he got close to two and we used a regular booster option.

    In our house we always called every grandparent – grandma or grandpa. Now we have grandparents suggesting they want a different name, but now that they waited two years it might be too late since he already knows them as Grandma/Grandpa.

  18. We have to be sure not to feed our toddler foods that can upset our dog’s tummy when we are at home because it is guaranteed that our dog is getting fed parts of his dinner. I was always nervous about the clip on chair too and may have to reconsider it now”¦

  19. Every picture of Quinn always has me smiling! He is literally the CUTEST! And I think you’re in trouble now that he can feed Murphy! 😉

    And I called both my grandparents Grandma/Gram and Grandpa hah so boring.

  20. We have a 13 year old pug and I swear she only wakes up when it’s meal time for my one year old! My daughter LOVES to share her food with the dog. Side note-definitely beats having to clean crumbs/food off the floor. My dog lives up the her nickname “Hoover”!! Quinn is adorable😀

  21. We just used our Chicco hook on chair this past weekend at my Dad’s house. It was so easy to transport and use! Our little guy is only 4 months so no food yet but he was able to sit at the table with use while we ate, it was great!

    Our grandparents names were typical: Nana and Grampy – Grandmama (French) and Grandpa

    My Dad is known as Grumpy to our little guy since my dad can be grumpy when it comes to having a positive outlook on things. My dad loves the name so it works!

  22. We never, ever, ever fed our Abbey people food until Harlow came along and started doing it for us! So far, she hasn’t gained any noticeable weight, but she does poop a lot more!

    Harlow just calls her grandparents Grandma & Grandpa for my parents and Grandma & Grandpa Shu (for Shumaker) for Chris’s parents. I had never heard of grandparents being called anything but “grandma & grandpa” until fairly recently, actually!

  23. My sister’s daughter called my (our) parents ‘me-maw’ and ‘he-haw’ when she was little. It was hilarious – at least the ‘he-haw’ part was! I think deep down my dad kind of liked it. She’s the last grandchild and he’s always been a little partial to her. I have friends who are part Filipino so their parents are LoLo & LoLa to the grandkids (Filipino for Grandpa & Grandma). My uncle lives in FL and my cousins’ kids call him “Grandpa Sunshine”. (Can you tell that I have no children of my own? At least not the human kind…)

  24. We called my mom’s mother Gert (wasn’t even her real name!), and my dad’s mother we call Son (her name is Sonia). My nephews call my mom Me-Mom, and they call my dad Poppy. I love nicknames for grandparents!

  25. On my dad’s side it was Grandma and Grandpa. On my mom’s side, we called them Mimi and Grand. It was supposed to be grandfather (how formal!) but the first grandchild only wanted to call him Grand so it stuck. For that, I think I can speak for all my sisters and cousins, we are thankful!

    BTW, I would want to feed Murphy from the table too. 😉

  26. How does the cover wash up? How easy is it to remove from the chair? We have the Summer Infant hook on chairs and to get the covers off is a huge pain.

    1. It’s a million times easier than our high chair! Holy goodness, that thing was complicated. It’s really easy though. Just snap it off and wash! 😄

  27. Just put a little less in Murphy’s bowl. I called them all Grandma and Grandpa if we needed to distinguish I added first names. I also called all my cousins grandparents grandma and grandpa too. The only exception was my husbands grandparents. We called them Grandpo and Granny.

  28. Quinn’s expressions are just too precious!
    I call my mom’s mother Babci & called her father Dziadzi (Polish for grandmother & grandfather). I used to call my father’s father Grampy & I never met my grandmother on his side. I love Papi though!

  29. My mom’s dad was “Bumpa” because I couldn’t say Grandpa and it just stuck. My mom’s mom is “Granny” because she thought that made her sound younger? Dad’s parents were just grandma and grandpa.

    Quinn looks so much like Mal, it’s crazy.

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