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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Happy weekend, blog friends! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I’ve already had quite a busy Saturday, but first, here’s a recap of last night.

After work, I met Mal and our friends, Josh and Danielle for dinner at Jacob Wirth in the Theater District.

IMG_9604.JPG IMG_9605.JPG

I can’t believe in all of the years that I’ve lived in Boston, I’ve never been to Jacob Wirth! It’s totally my type of place!


By 5:30 last night, both the bar area and restaurant were super crowded, but the Friday, post-work cliental was friendly and upbeat.

The decor inside reminded me of a German beer hall with its high ceiling, classic dark wood, and tiny white lights hanging from the ceiling. The artwork and objects on the wall also contributed this European beer hall theme.

I didn’t drink last night, but the beer selection was excellent! There were several interesting domestic and European beers on tap, plus a variety in bottles. The individual beers were pricey, but you could order a pitcher, which offered a small price advantage.


As for the food, the menu featured all sorts of German-style comfort food mixed with with your typical American bar food. There were some pretty interesting combinations!

Our meal started with a basket of complimentary cornbread.


The cornbread was served warm with whipped butter– I couldn’t resist!



The Fried Pickles on the appetizer menu immediately caught our attention, so we placed an order to share among the table.


Fried pickles? Really?


Surprisingly, they were delicious! ๐Ÿ˜€

Pretty much anything fried tastes good, but I really liked the combo of pickle + fried. It actually sort of had a kick to it. Plus, it was a fun way to eat a pickle! ๐Ÿ˜‰


For my entree, I ordered the salad + soup combo.


I started with the House Salad with honey mustard on the side for dipping.


And then had a cup ofย Vegetarian Blackbean Chili.


The chili didn’t knock my socks off (it was sort of watery), but I liked that it had pearl onions cooked in and was topped with a ton of cheddar cheese.


After dinner, we walked over to the Wang Theatre to see David Gray, who is one of my favorite artists ever. His lyrics are so depressing, but they amaze me. He’s a lyrical genius!

I’ve been a David Gray fan forever. My friend, Pam, introduced me to his music during the summer of 2000 before our semester abroad to England. David Gray was much more popular in Europe (than in the US), so his music was everywhere and I fell even more in love with it during my time there. Pam and I saw DG perform back in 2003 when he visited Lowell, MA, and I’ve always said it was one of the best– if not the best– concerts I’ve ever seen.

Sorry for the little tangent– I just really love David Gray! ๐Ÿ˜€

So, the Wang Theatre is absolutely gorgeous inside!



IMG_9643.JPG IMG_9644.JPG


It was breathtaking!


As expected, David Gray was AWESOME! I love his energy! And his voice is even more amazing in person.

He played a fantastic setlist: Slow Motion, Sail Away, First Chance, The Other Side, Flame Turns Blue, This Years Love, Babylon, The One I Love, Nemesis, Please Forgive Me, and a mix of old and new songs. I’m pretty sure he played at least one song from each of his albums.

DG is so cool! :mrgreen:


Be back later with a Saturday recap! Off to clean up our apartment! It’s a disaster!!!



  1. I love Jacob Worth’s. You need to go back when they have the piano sing alongs. The piano player will play anything form this HUGE songbook and every table has a book of lyrics so you can all sing along. It is such a good time!

  2. I was at that concert last night too. Your pictures are much better than mine though ๐Ÿ™‚
    I loved the setlist and thought he was so cute when he joked about it being the “wang” center.hahaha! Glad you had a great time as well!

  3. I love David Gray too – the boyfriend and I first started listening to him in 2002 and now I reminisce about those young love days whenever I hear his music. That venue looks amazing, what a cool place for a concert.

  4. Sounds like a great show! I’ve been listening to David Gray since college…. so around 2000 too.

    Love friend pickles also! We tried them out in NC on a trip, yum so good.

  5. ha ha- i lived there in grad school. great beer selection; i’ve never seen a fried pickle though. i will have to check that out!

  6. Fried picks are huge in Texas…yum yum. We also have a place that serves fried twinkies, snickers and cheesecake..ack!

    That place looks amazing!!!

  7. we saw DG at a small club near Fenway, we were right up next to the stage and then again in Lowell, and then again some place else in Boston, maybe near downtown crossing?!? anyway, i love him too. so sad sometimes but sometimes he sings about all the right things that are wrong

  8. I always have to get the fried pickles at Boston Beer Works, something about them just gets me! Glad you had a nice evening out with friends and got to see DG in such an awesome venue. I have yet to see a concert there but it’s on my list.

  9. Did they tell you while you were at Jacob Wirth’s that Cameron Diaz had been there earlier in the day taping for the movie that she and Tom Cruise are filming in Boston right now?? You might have just missed her!

  10. I’ve had fried pickles but they’ve always been sliced. I’ve never seen whole ones. Interesting!

    White Ladder is one of my favorite CDs.

  11. What a concert – looks incrrediblr! The Theatre looks beautiful, I will put that one on my list to visit next time I am in Boston.
    LOVE David Gray – hoping he will play with us next Spring.
    The beer hall place looks cool! Fried pickles = interesting.

  12. Fried dill pickles are awesome. There is a fish & chips place in Victoria that makes them, and they are a must order when eat there. Especially with tartar sauce for dipping.

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