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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Last night, Mal and I enjoyed dinner with our friends Chrissy and Matt at Cask ”˜n Flagon in Marshfield. The four of us actually planned to have dinner at Hola since Mal and I loved it so much the last time we went there, and Chrissy and Matt were the ones who originally recommended it to us, but, sadly, we discovered it was closed for the holiday when we pulled into the parking lot last night.


Cask ”˜n Flagon was a fabulous substitute though. The location in Marshfield is brand new (it just opened in August) with a huge wraparound bar, lots of space, high ceilings, and giant TVs all over the place. The food was really great too!



Mal and I ended up arriving a little early, so we grabbed a drink at the bar to wait for Chrissy and Matt.


I knew I wanted a glass of white wine, but I had trouble deciding between the two Sauvignon Blancs on the menu, so the bartender gave me a sample of each. How nice! I love when bartenders do that.


I actually liked both Sauvignon Blancs, but ended up going with the Kim Crawford because it tasted a little smoother. The Clifford Bay was actually really good too””I’d definitely order it if I saw it on a menu elsewhere.


Chrissy and Matt arrived a short while later and we were immediately seated at a table near the bar. We caught up for awhile and then ordered some Spinach & Artichoke Dip to share. The chips were a mix of pita and wonton-style and the dip was thick, cheesy, and wonderful. Mal and I pretty much dominated it. Ha!


For my entrée, I ordered the house-made Veggie Burger that Chrissy recommended. It was made with black beans, rice, onion, peppers, and mushrooms and topped with avocado and melted Swiss cheese. It was thick and “meaty” and really good. I ordered sweet potato fries on the side, which I ended up taking home for later because they were delicious, but I couldn’t eat them after filling up on Spinach & Artichoke Dip and Veggie Burger.


Fun times!


Question of the Day

During dinner, Mal and I talked to Chrissy and Matt about all sorts of fun stuff, but toward the end of the night, we got on the topic of theme party ideas. Mal and I told them all about our annual summer party (Pig Party ”˜11 and tiny HUGE ”˜12) and mentioned a couple of ideas we have for 2013, which brings me to today’s Question of the Day”¦

What’s the best theme party you’ve ever attended?



  1. Ok, I have nothing useful to add since I’ve actually *never* been to a theme party!! BUT, I just looked at your “tiny HUGE Party” and it looked sooo good. Those GIANT hamburgers and that giant oreo made my day!! What a unique idea!!

  2. Kim Crawford is my favorite sav. blanc! We used to serve it at the restaurant I served at and became hooked!

  3. THEME PARTIES!!! i love ’em. i know you have a strong love for the movie home alone and i went to a party with a home alone theme. people dressed up like buzz’s girlfriend, the police officer with the gold tooth… even the cardboard michael jordan with strings attached. so fun!

  4. I love theme parties, but never get to go to enough of them.
    One new years though I had a BLACK AND WHITE themed party… everyone had to dress in black and white and all the food had to fit in the “black and white” theme too… it was fun! But I am ready for some more ideas from other as well! i want to throw an epic theme party next year.

  5. My college friends and I had a blast this summer with an ABC party (Anything But a Cup). We all had to bring something to drink out of that was not a cup or could be placed down like a cup. We had a hollowed out wiffle ball bat, a whole watermellon, a beach pail and more! Super fun 🙂

  6. Just a random question Tina- when you are out to eat in situations like that, are you eating the bread/bun? You show the veggie burger with bun but wondering if you are eating without paleo-style or if the bun is GF or if you are eating wheat again?

    Just curious:)

    1. @Renee C.:

      Well, beans and rice aren’t paleo either (veggie burger) or cheese, so I don’t think she is trying to eat paleo directly – just a blend of food of chooses I assume.
      I’m curious though Tina how you find your tummy and energy, etc since adding in so many of the foods you avoided for a long while (cheese, bread, beans, rice, desserts) all at once.

  7. For my husband’s birthday a few years back we had an “anything but clothes” party. He wore white vinyl with dry erase markers Velcroed to him. I wore feather boas and a giant yellow duck balloon we had around. Other friends wore danger tape, a laundry bag, bubble wrap…
    Make sure to have tape on hand though, costumes not meant to be warm start to break down over the night!

  8. We moved to Seattle in August and miss our favorite restaurant, Hola! I hope you get there soon, so I can see pictures.

  9. The best one I attended was an MTV party — basically, everyone dresses as a pop singer in a music video of the TRL years. (I was Britney Spears in the blue stewardess uniform from “Toxic.”) During the party, there was a projector putting all the best music videos from that time up on the wall, and also providing the party’s soundtrack.

  10. Love the Kim Crawford!! Interesting fact: the price per glass on a wine menu is typically the cost of the bottle for the purveyor.

    Fave theme party so far was actually one we hosted this year – “Kentucky Derby de Mayo”. The Kentucky Derby fell on May 5th (Cinqo de Mayo) so we told everyone to dress in either a derby hat/outfit or a Mexican hat/outift. We had a trophy made and everyone voted on the best costume. Our menu was also a combination of both traditional derby faves and some Mexican apps. SO much fun!

  11. Love theme parties! I recently went to a 90’s one, which was “phat”. This year I am hosting a “jardy” aka jeans party aka all Canadian tuxedos. I’m even making jean koozies! A rockstar party I went too was fun too- we dressed as Van Halen groupies.

  12. A good friend of mine has a birthday close to Halloween, and one year her boyfriend threw her a surprise party, and the theme was “Zombie Cowboys” — it turned out hilarious! Everyone wore Western wear and we had a bunch of makeup there to zombify yourself. The photos from that party are amazing!

  13. Spinach and artichoke dip is my favorite appetizer! I love when it is served with sourdough bread chunks. I went to a theme party a week in college, but the most fun one was the one a certain fraternity held every year. The theme was “WTF?” and you would literally just wear as much stuff as possible to make people look at you and think “wtf?” Haha it was soo fun!

  14. Every year my friends and I have a fanny pack/sweatpants bar crawl in Chicago. We are probably getting too old for this, but it is just too much fun! The rule is you can’t wear sweatpants with pockets. Hence the need for the fanny pack. Girls cannot bring purses either. Everything must go in the fanny pack! We spend one hour (this is timed) at every bar (8 total) and when the time is up the leader blows a lifeguard whistle to inform us it is time to go. Everyone is also given a little map at the beginning of the night just in case someone gets lost! We have found some pretty crazy fanny packs over the years and have come up with some great outfits. So much fun!

  15. I used to live in a big group house with 5 other people, and one night we threw a 90s-themed party for about 100 people. Complete with 90s attire, a keg, silly string, and old-school jams. It was a mess to clean up after, but wonderful.

  16. I love theme parties (probably because most of our college parties were centered around themes). I think my absolutely favorite is still the 1920’s theme. I love getting all dressed up and serving really good drinks. I have always wanted to go to one of those murder mystery theme parties though!

  17. A Dress as your favorite drink party! Examples: White Russian, Kamikaze, Sex on the Beach, Tequila (Mexican), Rum and Coke, different beers, wine (grapes on a vine), Irish Car Bomb.. people can get really creative!

  18. That burger sounds amazing! Glad you got to catch up with your friends. I’ve only been to sorority mixers that were themed, so nothing quite as elaborate as your themed parties! Hunting Mixers were always my favorite, but that was because I went to school in South Carolina, so people got really into their outfits!

  19. My college roommates and I once hosted a What The F*$! (WTF) party. Guests had to make an entrance so outlandish that we had no choice but to exclaim WTF when greeting them at the front door. Most everyone just wore horribly mismatched clothing or did something nutty with their hair, but some people got really creative. Like, they showed up in normal clothes, but had a full-size surfboard strapped to their back or something bizarre like that. Anything goes!

  20. I love the Kim Crawford wine that you chose – it’s so delicious. Apparently a lot of others like it, too!
    I haven’t been to many theme parties, actually, but we do host an ugly Christmas sweater party every year which is fun!

  21. Yum! I love Kim Crawford! It’s my favorite Sav Blanc! I have been to quite a few theme parties, they’re always fun. A friend of mine had an “Letter C Party” so everyone had to come dressed as something that started with the letter C. It was pretty funny!

  22. Two things: 1. I was going to say, that’s ambitious of you guys to try the Cask and Flagon for dinner (Thinking of Fenway!) awesome it has a new location. 2. Best theme party? I’m a sucker for anything related to sports/shows (Oscars, Downtown Abbey or the Superbowl!)

  23. I just went to an Oprah inspired ‘Favorite Things’ party with my girl friends just before Christmas. It was so fun to have everyone bring their ‘favorite things’ for each person. Granted it was a small group, but we set a $10 limit. So much fun!

    My work has a banquet every year that is themed. Some from the past have been Sports legends (we dressed up in umpire outfits as the committee members with whistles and all), the 1970’s was fun, Wild West (my group dressed up as Saloon girls!), and we had a 1920’s theme with swing dancing.

  24. Just last week my law school friends through a “Hawaiian Christmas” party. We all had to wear hawaiian shirts (I scored one at the Goodwill for less than $5) and Santa hats. They served spiked egg nog and mai tais which were fun, and I brought a “Pipeline Porter” and a Gingerbread Ale to keep the theme alive. So fun!

  25. I hosted a ‘backwoods hoedown’ several years ago where all my guests had to don their best ‘backwoods’ country gear. Flannel, daisy dukes, cowboy hats, nascar hats, mullet wigs, torn and dirty denim all made an apperance. We drank PBR and grilled. I even rented some old professional wrestling pay per views from the local movie store to keep on as background entertainment during the night. It was a blast 🙂

  26. Yay New Zealand wines represent!! Haha 🙂 theme parties wise, I went to a great western themed one when I was a teen, I dressed up as a saloon girl! Oh and I went to a zombie themed one last year and my ex who studied special effects makes did my make up with prosthetic stuff and took it to a whole other level!!

  27. I’m going to a party for new years and the theme is Bright and Tight so this should be fun. I need to go find some neon color clothes

  28. favorite themed parties:

    AMERICA PARTY – wear as much red white and blue as possible. this is best on 4th of july, but really good any time!

    Jorts Party – everyone has to wear jean shorts and are encouraged to wear denim on top too. It’s pretty funny to see guys in jean shorts.

    Jersey Shore Party – dress like a jersey shore character

  29. Love a good theme party, some that I have hosted are a “fancy dress party” (lots of really bad grad and bridesmaid dresses), “apres ski” party circa 1980 style which was so much fun (fondu, swedish meatballs, bread bowls), western themed (chili, beef jerky, beef stew, biscuits etc.), marie antionette party and I recently had a friend who attended a “Balls” party (all food had to be in the shape of a ball…) all were loads of fun with the all important good food ideas to accompany!

  30. Great time the other night! It was so fun hanging out with you guys. Loving all of the theme party ideas….can’t wait to find out which one you decide on!!
    Hope painting wasn’t too torturous for you guys haha 🙂

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