Dinner at Cask ‘n Flagon & Theme Party Ideas

Last night, Mal and I enjoyed dinner with our friends Chrissy and Matt at Cask ”˜n Flagon in Marshfield. The four of us actually planned to have dinner at Hola since Mal and I loved it so much the last time we went there, and Chrissy and Matt were the ones who originally recommended it to us, but, sadly, we discovered it was closed for the holiday when we pulled into the parking lot last night.


Cask ”˜n Flagon was a fabulous substitute though. The location in Marshfield is brand new (it just opened in August) with a huge wraparound bar, lots of space, high ceilings, and giant TVs all over the place. The food was really great too!



Mal and I ended up arriving a little early, so we grabbed a drink at the bar to wait for Chrissy and Matt.


I knew I wanted a glass of white wine, but I had trouble deciding between the two Sauvignon Blancs on the menu, so the bartender gave me a sample of each. How nice! I love when bartenders do that.


I actually liked both Sauvignon Blancs, but ended up going with the Kim Crawford because it tasted a little smoother. The Clifford Bay was actually really good too””I’d definitely order it if I saw it on a menu elsewhere.


Chrissy and Matt arrived a short while later and we were immediately seated at a table near the bar. We caught up for awhile and then ordered some Spinach & Artichoke Dip to share. The chips were a mix of pita and wonton-style and the dip was thick, cheesy, and wonderful. Mal and I pretty much dominated it. Ha!


For my entrée, I ordered the house-made Veggie Burger that Chrissy recommended. It was made with black beans, rice, onion, peppers, and mushrooms and topped with avocado and melted Swiss cheese. It was thick and “meaty” and really good. I ordered sweet potato fries on the side, which I ended up taking home for later because they were delicious, but I couldn’t eat them after filling up on Spinach & Artichoke Dip and Veggie Burger.


Fun times!


Question of the Day

During dinner, Mal and I talked to Chrissy and Matt about all sorts of fun stuff, but toward the end of the night, we got on the topic of theme party ideas. Mal and I told them all about our annual summer party (Pig Party ”˜11 and tiny HUGE ”˜12) and mentioned a couple of ideas we have for 2013, which brings me to today’s Question of the Day”¦

What’s the best theme party you’ve ever attended?


  1. For my 30th Bday last year I had an 80’s themed bday party. Everyone dressed in neon, crimped their hair and some friends came dressed like they stepped out of an 80’s hair band. This year for my parents wedding anniversary we did “An Evening in Paris” and encouraged our guests to dress “tres chic”. We had a photo booth to document it- both great parties!

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