Digital Detox {Weekend Recap}

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! Happy Monday! Did you have a nice weekend?

I (mostly) unplugged from social media and the Internet this weekend, and it was quite wonderful. I really need to do it more often. Mal finally talked some sense into me (aka took away my phone and forbid me to do any work), so I enjoyed a nearly two-day digital detox, and, man, it was needed. AND I got 8 hours of sleep on Saturday night. People, EIGHT hours!! I woke up on Sunday morning feeling like a new woman!

Weekend in photos:

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SAM_1905 (800x533)


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SAM_1912 (800x533)

SAM_1918 (800x533)

SAM_1919 (800x533)

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We watched an insane amount of CrossFit this weekend!


Question of the Day

When was the last time you totally unplugged from social media and the Internet?

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend! I seriously need to take some time away from electronic devices and unplug. Even though I was out of town over the weekend, I was still glued to my phone and iPad- I’m horrible and need to stop it!

  2. LOVE the shot of Murphy and the watermelon! He’s such a happy pug 🙂 I aim to do an electronics detox every weekend for the most part – made much easier by the fact that I am an avid reader and use weekends to fit in as much reading as I can!

  3. Three things:

    1) You look AMAZING. Wow! You don’t even look like you just had a baby!
    2) LOVE Murphy’s watermelon smile. 😀
    3) I’m not a cross-fitter, but I did watch a little bit of CrossFit this weekend too. It made me tired just watching it though, heh.

    Glad you got caught up on some sleep. Sleep is a miracle drug!

  4. I thought I was the only one that stepped away from the blogging world this weekend! You’re the fourth bloggers I’ve read today that mentioned taking a little social media break this weekend 🙂 Great minds think alike! MUCH needed, no doubt!!

  5. Unplugging is so important. I unplugged when I went on vacation to Cabo with my hubby the first week of June. It was so good not to have our phones with us. Love that freedom and ability to focus on the here-and-now with no technology. We all need it!

  6. That picture of your pup eating watermelon is one of the best things I’ve seen all year!

    I pretty much unplug when forced to, which usually happens at outdoor activities. I have been very guilty of sneaking over to the phone to check on things, though. Definitely a habit I am working on!

  7. Oh that Murphy and his watermelon! Precious! I can’t remember the last time I TOTALLY unplugged, which might be a sign I need to do that soon…

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