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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! Happy Monday! Did you have a nice weekend?

I (mostly) unplugged from social media and the Internet this weekend, and it was quite wonderful. I really need to do it more often. Mal finally talked some sense into me (aka took away my phone and forbid me to do any work), so I enjoyed a nearly two-day digital detox, and, man, it was needed. AND I got 8 hours of sleep on Saturday night. People, EIGHT hours!! I woke up on Sunday morning feeling like a new woman!

Weekend in photos:

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We watched an insane amount of CrossFit this weekend!


Question of the Day

When was the last time you totally unplugged from social media and the Internet?

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  1. Tina you look amazing! Seriously wow! One hot little momma:)
    And Q is just too cute! Love how he is already trying to watch tv w/ dad. Such a boy!
    Glad you got some time to unplug.

  2. You look so happy- maybe we all need a social detox! I try to disconnect for most of the weekend. I spend two hrs Saturday morning doing work and Sunday night durning my weekly planning. But for the most part the weekends are for me and family.

  3. Im currently on a facebook detox. I deactivated my personal page and just use my blank (no friends) fb page to manage my works facebook. It feels great to not know where everyone else is and what theyre doing all the time! I will probably log in here and there, but for now i have no desire to reactivate! Your weekend looks awesome!

  4. Good for you! I love the pics of Murphy. He is one of my favorite pugs.

    I don’t think I can remember the past time I totally unplugged. But during the school year I am on call as a supply teacher and need to have my phone with me at every moment. During the summer I really enjoy forgetting where it is and not holding it in my hand constantly 🙂

  5. I am really in need of doing an unplug from online/social media and just haven’t completely done it yet! I’m not on every social media site every day but it still feels like an almost constant thing. Even when I’m off it for an afternoon I feel refreshed so I know I need more like a full weekend.

  6. Umm, Murphy and watermelon pic is HILARIOUS!!!

    We went camping this weekend, there is ZERO cell phone service and only wifi is at the main lodge. I kept leaving my phone behind on our adventures because I didn’t want/need it. And then realizing that it was our only camera! But it was really nice to be pretty much unplugged for the weekend, and I didn’t miss anything important 😉

  7. That photo of Murphy eating watermelon is the best!! Does he eat all fruits/veggies? I can’t remember the last time I detoxed from social media, definitely need to do that soon!

  8. Vacations are 95% social media free. I might take pics for Instagram but that account is really for us when we don’t want to bring a P&S with us for the day. I don’t respond to anything during that time since vacations are to recharge, not work. 🙂

  9. I follow a few blogs religiously, yours being one of them, and you are seriously the only one who posts on a weekend! I say you follow suit…Family time is precious!
    No worries, we’ll still be here, we promise!

    We did a 7 day rafting trip down the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon, so zero cell phone reception and definitely no computers. It was unbelievable. We felt like new people at the end of the trip.

  10. Although I often feel like my phone is an appendage of my body, I actually love going places with no service where I can just put it away and know that no one expects to hear from me! It’s so nice to just live in the moment.

  11. I keep telling myself I need to have a completely unplugged weekend, but it hasn’t happened yet! I do try to plan ahead and get tons of work done during the week so that I can unplug a bit more. It doesn’t always happen the way I would like. Good for you for enjoying the weekend – and WOO HOO on the 8 hours of sleep!!!

  12. Honestly, I think I unplug from the internet any time I go on a cruise. You don’t get internet without paying high fees on a cruise ship (as I’m sure you know, having been on a few yourself. 🙂 ), so I usually opt to save my money and just live in the moment. It really is relaxing. And I really want to go on another cruise.

  13. Love the pictures, esp of Murphy eating watermelon! Cute!
    I watched Crossfit also for the first time. I was impressed!

  14. Getting a puppy has been great for getting me away from the computer””taking a walk with him is way better for me than scrolling through Facebook, feeling bad about myself for for whatever stupid things Facebook makes me feel bad about.

  15. I was away this weekend and unintentionally unplugged from social media. It was wonderful!! That picture of your pug eating watermelon is priceless

  16. Oh my gosh! I had a hard time pulling myself away from the Games this weekend! SO fun to watch! And those athletes are insanely inspiring! While I know the outcome I missed the last heat of the men’s & women’s final so I want to go back and watch that for myself as I’m sure it was INSANE! I also will probably go back and watch a few of the other workouts I missed throughout the weekend. Does that make me obsessed? 😉

  17. I think it is so awesome that you did the “digital detox”. I don’t remember the last time that I totally unplugged for an extended amount of time, and I really need to. I feel like I am so reliant on my devices (computer, phone, etc.) sometimes, and that is definitely not how it should be.

  18. Yay 8 hours! I’m so happy for you! That must be a really tough thing to do with a newborn! Hope you’re feeling refreshed and ready for a great week! I’m planning on digital detoxing when I go to Hawaii next week 🙂

  19. Sounds like a great weekend!! But I have to ask … how did you manage to get 8 hours of sleep with Q?! So exciting!

  20. The last time I did a digital detox was when I maxed out my data plan. I refused to pay the extra $15 per gb, so I turned off my phone for an entire week. It probably was a good idea to do so since it meant I was on my phone THAT much to max out my data plan.

    While it was painful to not be connected to the blogging world, it was absolutely refreshing to not be a slave to my phone. I read more and spent time TALKING to people. Need to figure out how to do it again.

  21. It’s so important to take a digital detox now and then! I will be doing the same when I head to Big Sur next weekend where there is literally NO cell phone service; much needed. Looks like you had a restful, perfectly Summer-ish weekend!

  22. Funny you mentioned posted this. This week, Monday through Friday, the Boy and I are not going on any social media! We can use our phones for basic needs, but no social media anything for five whole days!

  23. Love the pick of Murphy eating the watermelon!! And good for you for taking a technology vaca! I usually get one when we go to my boyfriend’s cabin. This is mostly because there is no phone/internet service there and you can enjoy the lake and the tranquility! I love it – I always come home refreshed!

  24. Good for you!! You sound refreshed and what a fun weekend!! I’ve actually been thinking about incorporating a digital “blackout” for like an hour a day or after a certain time – I tend to spend too much time neurotically checking email, phone, etc.
    Happy Monday to you!

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