Dessert for Breakfast & Burn Baby WOD

Good morning and happy Tuesday!


I totally ate apple crisp for breakfast yesterday morning. I actually ate two bowls because I can never eat just one when it comes to my Mom’s Apple Crisp recipe. It is so addictive.

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Dessert for breakfast? Totally okay every once in awhile, right?

My favorite dessert-for-breakfast is leftover cake (or a cupcake) with a cup of coffee. The flavor combination is amazing and the caffeine and sugar really get ya going!

eat cake for breakfast


After breakfast, I headed to CrossFit for a workout. After a dynamic warm-up, we worked on heavy Back Squats and then finished the class with a quickie workout.


I did the workout as prescribed (#65 Front Squats, #35 KB Swings) and finished in 4:37. Even though this workout was short and sweet, it was definitely a quad-smoker!

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After CrossFit, I stopped by Whole Foods for a few groceries to get us through the next couple of days. While there, I bought some Cream of Mushroom soup for lunch, which I paired with a salad that I made at home.

My salad was actually inspired by one that I enjoyed at Elizabeth‘s baby shower on Sunday afternoon. It was soooo delicious, I went to buy the ingredients on my way home! In the mix: romaine lettuce, roasted sweet potato, celery, walnuts, crumbled goat cheese, and creamy balsamic drizzled on top.

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After lunch, I ate a few handfuls of Moose Munch, which was a total impulse buy at Marshalls the other day. It’s one of my favorite holiday treats, and it always reminds me of Mal’s grandma. She lived in Medford, Oregon, where Harry & David is located, so we always received goodies from there for Christmas.

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Question of the Day

Dessert for breakfast? Yay or nay?

What’s your favorite dessert-for-breakfast meal?

P.S. Just wanted to share this awesome discount page that I found on ShopStyle. It has discounts for so many great retailers!



  1. I just started blogging, and I love your blog-I have been reading for about a year now! Someday once I get the hang of it I want to get mine as energized and fun as yours! Thanks for pushing me to finally start mine, because it is a fun hobby!
    –>Love this post of apple crisp for breakfast because it is totally something that I would do as well! Is there anyway your mom could send the recipe to us readers!

  2. I knew I had become an adult when I came home from college on break and asked my mom if I could have cake for breakfast. Her reply, “Have whatever you want!” I love having a leftover cake, cookie or sweet dessert for breakfast, I just make sure I don’t do it too often!

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