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Hi, I'm Tina!

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.

Fit + Fueled

An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.
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I think I am getting the hang of the stovetop thing! I made my morning oats using the stovetop method, and they came out so incredibly delicious! :mrgreen:

In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup dry oats
  • 1/3 cup canned pumpkin
  • 1/2 cup vanilla hemp milk
  • 1 tsp hemp protein
  • Raisins, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds
  • 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter

The stovetop method (and lots of stirring) made my oats soooo creamy! The canned pumpkin and hemp milk helped, too!

Boy, I took a lot of photos of my breakfast today! 😳 My oats were really delicious!

Basic Training

So, last night’s Basic Training class wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I was actually rather disappointed in it, especially since Mal and I paid an extra fee to join the 12-week class. When I think “Basic Training,” I think non-stop movement and military-style drills. This class was slow-paced and not that difficult at all– I never even broke a sweat! There was, however, a small glimmer of hope that this class might be worth the money after all. Towards the end of class, we did a ton of tough core exercises and ab work. I was dying trying to keep up with the instructor! Mal and I are going to attend next week’s Basic Training class and hope for the best.

Yoga Challenge: Day 10

Luna Flow was excellent last night! I can actually notice my flexibility improving– I got my nose to my knee in a hamstring pose last night! It felt great!

This morning I did 20 minutes of Gentle Hatha Flow #2, which was the perfect audio class to awaken by body from sleep. To start my day off on the right foot, the class had a little bit of everything– stretching, strengthening, and balance. If you’re thinking about joining the 31 Day Yoga Challenge as a yoga newbie, I would highly recommend this session as a starting point.

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Zesty’s E-Cookbook

Zesty’s E-book is finally here! I checked it out yesterday, and it is awesome– very professional-looking and packed full of delicious recipes, including my Oatmeal Raisin Bars! 😉 A number of other food bloggers contributed their recipes, too. Be sure to check it out: Simply Zesty Recipe E-Book!

Question of the Day

What is your ultimate slice of pizza? (Feel free to discuss toppings, mom and pop recipes, restaurant specials, etc.)

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