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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hello, hello!

Yesterday was filled with a bunch of delicious eats. Oh, yes, it was. Don’t you love when that happens? It makes my stomach happy!


Over the weekend, I stumbled upon a recipe for Plantain Pancakes with Maple Coconut Cream and Toasted Walnuts (doesn’t that just sound delightful?!), and, of course, I needed to make them as soon as possible. And, holy goodness, they were amazing! I’ll definitely make them again in the near future!


After breakfast, I poured myself a glass of iced Dandy Blend with some canned coconut milk mixed in. My colon decided to start bleeding again last week, so I’m trying to take it down a notch with my eats (and activities). I’ve been having a little too much fun lately.


I spent the rest of the morning blogging and catching up with emails (my inbox exploded over the weekend).


Around noon, I took a break for lunch, which was shrimp cooked in butter and garlic on top of zucchini ribbons with truffle oil, salt, and pepper and some chunks of avocado. It was fabulously fresh, incredibly satisfying, and, oh, so delicious. Huge fan of this meal.



And dinner”¦ you already heard about my delicious dinner, right? My recipe for Garlic Mustard Drumsticks is definitely a keeper!


Look What I Found

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Health News & Views

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Question of the Day

What delicious thing did you eat today (or yesterday)?

P.S. Speaking of delicious eats, the 4th Annual Chili Cup in Boston is coming up on February 21””just wanted to share the details! http://bostonchilicup.eventbrite.com/#



  1. On Monday I went out to dinner with my mom and aunt who were in town and I had ravioli’s stuffed with chicken, roasted tomatoes, garlic and pesto- it was delicious. Those plantain pancakes look really good, its amazing how you can literally make pancakes out of almost anything you can think of, and toasted walnuts are amazing.

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