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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I really enjoyed last week’s workouts. Most of them were CrossFit, which is great and all, but they kept getting in the way of my half marathon training. Out of my three scheduled runs, I only did one. Whomp whomp. Jeez, CrossFit, stop being so fun.

And what I actually mean:

crossfit is fun.

I’ve actually slacked big time on my half marathon training, so I am recommitting this week and for the next four (!!!) weeks, so I can rock the Hat Trick at the Runner’s World Half. I’ll need to cut back on CrossFit for the next few weeks, but that’s okay. I want to do well at my upcoming races, so I need to buckle down and prioritize my workouts. I don’t want another ZOOMA to happen. That was an awful race for me, and I learned my lesson.

Anyway, here are last week’s workouts:

Sunday: Off

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 10 miles


Wednesday: Off

Thursday: CrossFit – Partner WOD

photo (2)

Friday: CrossFit – Hero WOD (“Hansen”)

Our box did “Hansen” on Wednesday, but Mal and I both missed it. Everyone said it was brutal and complained about DOMS for days, but we just really wanted to do it. It sounded awesome.

And, sometimes, I think Mal and I are kind of messed up when it comes to CrossFit workouts. Maybe all CrossFitters are?


Hansen” is a CrossFit hero WOD in honor of Marine Staff Sgt Daniel Hansen, who died on February 14, 2009 in Farah Providence, Afghanistan when an IED he was working on detonated. Like all hero WODs, “Hansen” was incredibly challenging.


The Rx weight for the kettlebell swings was 53 pounds for women (70 pounds for guys), which was heavy for me, especially at 150 reps. I started with a 53-pound kettlebell, got through 10 reps, and then immediately switched to a 45-pound kettlebell. It just wasn’t going to happen.

Honestly, I think a lot of my decision to drop weight was mental. Before Friday, I hadn’t even swung a 53-pound kettlebell over my head, so think I was just kind of scared. (Me + heavy things over my head = no bueno.) When I told Kerrie that I used 45 pounds for the kettlebell swings, she said if she was in class with me, she would have made me use 53 pounds, which makes me think I was probably physically capable. Plus, Coach Goats knows what she’s talking about! I guess I was just being a wuss. “Hansen” was still brutal with a 45-pound kettlebell though!

It’s funny because I was so worried about the kettlebell swings, I didn’t even think about the Burpees, which ended up being the hardest part of this workout for me. They took FOREVER! For the glute-ham sit-ups, I subbed abmat sit-ups, which were the only “break” in the workout. (We only have two GHDs at our box, so almost everyone did sit-ups for “Hansen.”) I finished “Hansen” in 30:12.

Saturday: CrossFit

Saturday’s class was another tough one, especially since I was competing against some super fast lady beasts. I ended up getting smoked by a lot of them, but they constantly push me and make me a better athlete, so I love the motivation I get from them.

photo (14) (600x600)

Question of the Day

Fitness-wise, who motivates you?

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  1. I am inspired by the people in my running group. Many of them are way older than me and they can still kill it out there :). I’m also inspired by other bloggers…inspired to run faster and try new workouts!

  2. A lot of people motivate me — my friend Kevin is an incredible athlete and I love competing against guys! And I can even say some of those people are online… hoping I’m not a total weirdo. Monica marathon-beasting is totally motivated for my newfound love of running and YOU have motivated me to become a crossfitter. Goal: post-half marathon next month –> take up crossfit!

  3. That hero wod does look crazy tough. Way to finish it strong!

    Fitness-wise my motivators are a few people–me (yes!), some trainers I know, and a few ladies who come to my classes! Gotta have a lot of motivation 🙂

  4. You are going to do great on the races!! Don’t worry about that- didn’t you run 12 miles a few weeks ago? You’ll be rocking it 🙂 I would die with that WOD! Oh gosh 30 burpees?! 5 times! Ahh kill me. However, I do know what you mean about enjoying hard workouts 🙂 I feel ya on that!

  5. There’s definitely a few ladies at my box whose times I always look at for motivation! I agree Crossfit is so much fun I have trouble taking days off!

  6. You are seriously making me want to try Crossfit!

    Ultimately, results motivate me the most in fitness, whether it’s crossing the finish line or seeing muscle definition. However, I also love the way working out makes me feel before, after and during. I always leave the gym in a better mood than I came in, and that’s motivation enough to get me there.

  7. OMG I have the same problem!!! I am training for the Philly Half and can’t tear myself away from Crossfit often enough to get my runs in. I did the same thing for the Nike Women’s Half and the Brooklyn Half in the spring and due to my severe FOMO of Crossfit wods, I didn’t train properly and my body was destroyed after those two races. I’m trying to be better about it this time but I end up doing 2 a days more often than I should…HELP!

  8. Knowing what I’m working toward is great motivation. Hey, I remember you were doing crossfit coach stuff. Still working on that? Would love to hear more!

  9. Ahhhh I’m in the same boat! I finished my beginner courses over the weekend and have been going to the regular WODs this week. I have put off my running because I just want to go to Crossfit.. it’s soooo addicting!

  10. My kickboxing instructor motivates me. She’s a beast! We do turbo jams in the class and it’s so, so hard but it’s such a great class and she’s an awesome instructor.

    30 burpees 5 times???!!!! Yikes!!! I would definitely have a heart attack, lol!

  11. Being in a group for exercise definitely motivates me. I used to always do P90X at home and I got great results but I think I push so much harder when I’m in a class. I have never done CrossFit but I know so many people who absolutely love it. A few years ago there was a Hero WOD for my dear friend Cpl Ryan Casey McGhee who was KIA in Afghanistan May 13, 2009. I love to know people all over are sweating in his honor, and in honor of so many other American heroes.

  12. My wonderful bf motivates me and my fitness goals every day. I’m really lucky to have him inspiring me to keep going because he’s so inspired himself. Last summer he ran his first half marathon and has been doing a great job keeping up with his running since then. He’s training for another half this fall so we’ll see how that goes! Love reading about your crossfit workouts. Keep up the hard work!

  13. I ALWAYS schedule road races and then never get around to training for them because of Crossfit. I, too, LOVE crossfit and can not get enough of it. This past Sunday I ran the Philly Half without training (not a good idea!), but I finished injury free (thank goodness!). Next up, Disney World Marathon in January <—this time, I need to get out for some training runs. But crossfit is awesome! Keep it up!

  14. My fitness inspirations are all the people that cant be active due to health reasons. So many people would love to spend an hour running so I try to keep that in perspective when whining about an upcoming workout.

  15. I have a two month old and yesterday was my 28th birthday, so my new motivation is being a fit and healthy mom to be a good influence on my son.

  16. You are my fitness motivation Tina!
    You inspired David and I to try crossfit and now we love it! I also know that even though I am not massively strong now, I will get there one day, even you were a beginner once and look at your strength now!

  17. Glute ham sit-ups are wicked hard! I am motivated by my friends. We are all at different fitness levels. We push eachother always. When we are working out or running and someone is losing steam we say “You’ve got this”. always helps

  18. i know this sounds cheesy and corny — but honestly i use bloggers, like yourself of course :), as my motivation many mornings, especially before my long runs. being on the mountain time zone, many of my east coast bloggers have already completed and posted about their workouts for the day (or WOD, as is often the case for you 😉 — and it really helps put a pep in my step. i know so many of my virtual friends have already kicked butt, so i can too!

  19. I know exactly what you mean about fun vs. run. I love my boxing workout (Peter Welch’s in Southie) so much that I become a total slacker when it comes to running. They are just so FUN (and, of course, a killer workout).

  20. Oh goodness…all those burpees just makes me cringe! That workout looks KILLER, but would never expect anything less. Have fun with your running and hope the temperatures are more fun to run in, then down her in Houston. It was hot as heck today. 🙂

  21. I am really thinking about trying CrossFit but it literally scares the you know what out of me…i have not worked out in years but need to lose 30 pounds and i dont want to do some fad diet this time….any advice??

  22. I started Cross Fit about a month and a half ago. I have been reading your blog for a long time now and I just didn’t understand how Cross Fit could be so addicting. Now I do. I love it so much!

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