Daytrip to Bellingham + $100 Giveaway

Hi, friends! We have lots of catching up to do””and I have a fun giveaway at the end of this post for you! OK, let’s get to it!

Yesterday morning, Mal, Sibylle (Mal’s sister), Coleman (Sibylle’s fiancé), and I started our drive to Mount Baker. Since it was about 3 hours from Seattle, we planned to spend the day exploring Bellingham and then stay overnight there (at a hotel), so we could hit the road bright and early to Mount Baker for a full day of skiing.

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Brody also accompanied us for the trip. He’s so cute!

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We arrived in Bellingham around lunchtime, so we popped into The Temple Bar for some food.

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The Temple Bar was an adorable little restaurant with a wonderful menu full of tasty-sounding options. 

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On the front page of the menu was a lunch prix fixe where you chose one item from each column to complete your meal. This sounded like a lot of fun to me, so I ordered it for lunch. I picked: A) Salty Apple sandwich, B) salad, C) pickles, and D) house wine.

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The Salty Apple sandwich was prosciutto, sliced apple, and blue cheese on thick, grilled bread. Apple + blue cheese is an amazing flavor combo. I need to remember it! Yum!

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After lunch, Sibylle and I spent a lovely afternoon at Zazen Salon Spa.

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Each of us enjoyed a 60-minute massage + 60-minute facial, and it was awesome. Both of us left feeling incredibly relaxed.

IMG_0014 (800x600)IMG_0023 (600x800)

After our spa treatments, we met up with the guys at a nearby Irish pub.

IMG_0029 (800x600)

There, I drank a couple of beers.

IMG_0033 (800x600)

Snacked on some pretzels with mustard and played Pitch.

IMG_0040 (800x600)IMG_0042 (600x800)

IMG_0045 (800x600)


A few hours later, the four of us worked up quite an appetite playing cards, so we headed to Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro for dinner.

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As soon as we arrived, I ordered a Cabin Fever Ale, which was dark and malty with a spicy hop finish. I liked it, but I only drank about half of my pint during dinner. I wasn’t really in the mood to drink anymore, and I wanted to make sure I felt 100% for skiing in the morning.

IMG_0049 (600x800)

For dinner, I ordered the Yam Alechiladas, which were a mixture of yams, cheddar and Jack cheese, caramelized onion, and toasted garlic, wrapped in tortillas, and served with rice and beans. It doesn’t look pretty, but it was quite tasty and very filling.

IMG_0060 (800x600)

Mal & Sibylle! Don’t they look like siblings?!

IMG_0059 (800x600)

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel and went right to bed. We planned to get up super early to drive to Mount Baker, so we all wanted a good night’s sleep. (Ski adventures to come next!)

$100 Serve Giveaway

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