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Alternate title: The Time I Drank Three Iced Coffees Before 9 AM

A certain little someone turns 26 months 2 years and 2 months old today! I can’t believe how quickly the months are flying by now. In fact, they’re moving so fast, I missed last month’s Day in the Life post. Boo. Mom fail. And I almost missed this month’s post too, but I ended up documenting last Saturday morning, so it’s a little snippet into our life at this age.

5:57 AM: I hear Qman on the monitor. Seconds later, I feel Mal climb out of bed. He walks into Quinn’s room, tells him it’s too early to wake up, and then returns to bed. I fall back to sleep.

6:31 AM: I hear Quinn on the monitor again, but, this time, it doesn’t sound like he’s going back to bed. I look at the monitor and he’s standing up in his crib, which means it’s time to start the day. (There’s no way he’s going back to sleep!)

6:33 AM: I bring Qman downstairs. He puts his arms around me and his head on my shoulder. I assume he’s still tired and start rubbing his back, hoping maybe to sneak in some morning cuddles on the couch, but then he pops his head up and immediately asks for milk. Ok, then. I give him some milk in a sippy cup and then set him up on the couch with his recent stuffed animal posse. Quinn’s must-haves for bed: 3 blankets + Nemo, Dori, Pinchy, and Frog.

IMG_0016 (1280x960)

6:37 AM: I make myself an iced Americano using our Nespresso machine + cream + date ice cubes.

IMG_0017 (1280x960)

I soaked a bunch of Medjool dates overnight for a recipe, so I decided to turn the leftover date water into ice cubes. They turned out so well and added some natural sweetness to my Americano!

IMG_0018 (1280x960)

6:47 AM: Quinn and I play with his opposite cards. (FYI: They’re from the Dollar Spot at Target.)

IMG_0020 (1280x960)

7:00 AM: Dada wakes up and comes downstairs. He says he’s too sore for CrossFit and suggests going out for breakfast instead, which sounds like an awesome idea to me!

7:05 AM: I start to get Quinn dressed for the day, but he’s in maniac-mode, so I let him play and head upstairs to get myself ready.

7:08 AM: I change out of my pajamas and put on a little make-up (tinted moisturizer + mascara). Side story: Back in high school, I always thought it was weird when girls wore make-up to school everyday. Now, I get it and rarely ever leave the house without at least a little make-up (even to work out).

IMG_0029 (1280x960)

7:14 AM: Once I’m ready, I join Quinn downstairs. He’s using a magnifying glass to examine his opposite cards.

IMG_0039 (1280x960)

And possibly Murphy’s butt. I’m not quite sure what he’s looking at…

IMG_0041 (1280x1280)

7:19 AM: I take Murphy for a walk while Mal gets ready.

7:29 AM: Murphy and I return home. I finish getting Quinn ready.

7:31 AM: We’re off to breakfast!

IMG_0046 (1280x960)

7:42 AM: We arrive at the Omelet Factory.

IMG_0048 (1280x960)

7:47 AM: Mal and I order iced coffees.

IMG_0053 (1280x960)

Qman orders milk and uses his Slinky to hold it.

IMG_0051 (960x1280)

7:48 AM: Cheers!

IMG_0054 (1280x960)

7:49 AM: It’s our first time at the Omelet Factory, so we’re impressed with the menu. Some of the specialty omelets are really creative and sound so delicious. I order the Farmer’s omelet with Swiss cheese.

IMG_0055 (1280x960)

7:53 AM: While we wait for our food, we keep ourselves entertained with silly games, like blowing “snakes” made out of straw wrappers.

IMG_0059 (1280x960)

And building epic jelly towers.

IMG_0066 (1280x960)

Mal’s face… haha!

IMG_0069 (1280x960)

7:58 AM: Quinn’s fruit cup arrives and he digs right into the watermelon.

IMG_0073 (1280x960)

8:06 AM: Breakfast is served!

IMG_0074 (1280x960)

Holy cow, the portions are massive!

IMG_0076 (1280x960)

8:16 AM: We play more silly games.

IMG_0088 (1280x960)

And shake Splenda packets like maracas.

IMG_0089 (1280x960)

8:23 AM: Qman eats several bites of his pancake and then signs “all done.” He wants to leave the table and explore the restaurant, so we explain that breakfast isn’t over and he needs to sit in his chair. He looks at us, waves, and says “bye” before climbing down.

IMG_0079 (1280x960)

8:25 AM: Even though it’s really cute, we know from past experience that “bye” means: “I’m not going to listen to you and will throw a tantrum if you try to make me,” so we break out the iPad and let Qman play Endless Alphabet until we’re finished with breakfast. Technology to the rescue!

IMG_0096 (1280x960)

8:41 AM: We pay our bill and swing by Coffee Shack for a couple of iced coffees. (Hey, it was on the way home!)

IMG_0102 (1280x1280)

8:46 AM: Mal and I both order Pecan Sticky Bun with a splash of milk.

IMG_0103 (1280x1280)

8:51 AM: We drive home.

IMG_0107 (1280x1280)

The end.



  1. Quinn did great! Ha my son is almost 4 and I still have no idea how a meal out is going to go. Could be great or a disaster! Luckily my youngest is still in a high chair so he can’t escape! LOL

  2. So sweet. Your husband seems like such a fun dad. I can’t believe he is two either! Have I really been reading this blog that long?

  3. Seriously – that is life with a toddler. My daughter is totally out of the baby stage and now a toddler and it definitely shows when we go out to eat. She hates to sit still and always wants to be on the go and explore. I totally understand the 3 coffees before 9!

  4. “….. I always thought it was weird when girls wore make-up to school everyday. Now, I get it and rarely ever leave the house without at least a little make-up (even to work out)…..”

    I don’t/won’t/and can’t leave home without makeup on. It’s just a part of my daily routine, even when I am at home. I know I don’t look good without it and I sure the heck don’t want to scare anyone. HA!!

  5. Another great Day in the Life post. I love that it only takes you 6 minutes to get ready and you still look great.

  6. My husband and I quit trying to order our 2 years old food at the restaurant a while ago. I just share my portion with him and usually he only takes a couple of bites. Anyhow I find that going out to eat with him is such a challenge, it’s not fun at all, even if we try to keep him entertain he wouldn’t want to stay in his chair for more than 5 minutes! I guess that’s why you guys consume so much iced coffee haha!

  7. Omg, Quinn with his posse! I was the same way, I had SO many stuffed animals and I loved to sleep with ALL of them surrounding me. Perhaps it was to ward off the monsters under the bed and in my closet. I still keep an eye out for those…

  8. Hi Tina,
    I starated entyvio recently and my doctor said I wasn’t allowed alcohol. I know you still enjoy a glass of wine-do you find that it affects you negatively? Should I get a second opinion? The dr was pretty stern with me (and I only drink like 2 drinks a week!).

  9. We need an ipad! We’ve stopped going out for meals because we get too stressed trying to think of ways to entertain our toddler. We are eating out next weekend and I’m already stressed, lol

  10. No wonder Quinn wanted to get down, what 2 year old wants to sit at a table while his parents sip iced coffee? He is a child!! What about a walk at the park? Or maybe a day of play that doesn’t involve you taking 100 pictures of him and carting him to CrossFit? Poor little guy…

    1. @Lindsey Callahan: Why the hate and judgment? If you look at many of Tina’s posts you will find her constantly taking Quinn on outings and day trips that are geared towards entertaining him. Trips to the park and beach, walks in the stroller, museums, dairy farms, etc. Live and let live. Tina is a great mom doing the best she can. There is nothing wrong with her, Quinn and Mal enjoying a breakfast out and spending quality time together.

  11. I love reading these posts! My daughter is one day younger than Quinn and we are in the same boat! I loved reading your post about the Strong Willed Child, too. Thank you for sharing your life with us each day! 🙂

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