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Good morning, friends!

Holy moly, the past month flew by. I feel like I was just writing Quinn’s 22-month Day in the Life post. What a whirlwind month that was. Whoa. Anyway, our little dude turned 23-months (aka “almost two”) yesterday, so here’s a recap of last Friday as a way to remember this time in Q-Man’s life.

6:11 AM: I hear Quinn on the baby monitor. I’m barely awake, but I really need to pee, so I get out of bed, use the bathroom, and then lay down in bed again and wait (and hope) that he falls back to sleep. Thankfully, he does, but I’m wide awake, so I get out of bed. Murphy jumps out too and “tap dances” in the hallway, so I carry him downstairs along with the baby monitor. Of course, he’s starving for breakfast, so I feed him.

IMG_7054 (1280x1280)

6:15 AM: I walk into the kitchen as Mal is finishing his breakfast. We say “good morning” to each other and chat a little bit. He heads upstairs to take a shower. (He’s all business.) I pour myself a glass of iced coffee and then take a couple of supplements (liquid vitamin K2 and liquid vitamin A) that Nicole recommended.

IMG_7061 (1280x1280)

6:17 AM: I break out my laptop and start tackling my inbox. Oy.

6:40 AM: I hear Quinn on the baby monitor. He’s babbling quite a lot, so I turn it on and see him standing in his crib. Once he’s standing up, he’s definitely not going back to sleep, so I head upstairs to get him. I say “good morning” and then give him some “wake up snake” tickles. He cracks up like crazy. We head downstairs and say “goodbye” to Dada, who is just about ready to leave for school.

6:43 AM: Quinn asks for Medjool dates for breakfast, so I chop up a few and put them in a snack cup for him. He plays with his tool kit while eating his dates, so I cook breakfast for the two of us.

6:49 AM: I whisk together a couple of eggs along with some cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese in a small mixing bowl and then pour the batter into my microwave omelet maker that I randomly bought from Williams-Sonoma just the other day while shopping for a wedding gift. It’s the bomb and makes perfect omelets in just 2 minutes and you can add any sort of ingredients you want. How awesome is that?!

IMG_7065 (1280x1280)

6:57 AM: Breakfast is served! For Quinn: Half of an English muffin with raspberry jam, fresh mango, milk (not pictured), and part of my omelet. For me: Tomato and cheese omelette with half of an English muffin with butter and iced coffee with cream and collagen. Quinn eats two pieces of mango, drinks most of his milk and then signs “all done.” Well… ok then. He wants to play in the living room, so I bring my breakfast along and eat it while hanging out with him.

IMG_7068 (1280x1280)

7:11 AM: I finish my breakfast while Quinn gives Murphy hugs next to me. (They’re so darn cute together.)

IMG_7072 (1280x1280)

7:24 AM: I clean up after breakfast and then head upstairs with Quinn to get us both ready for the day. I get him dressed first and then take him into the bathroom with me. He keeps himself entertained while I wash my face, brush my teeth, etc.

IMG_7081 (1280x1280)

7:33 AM: Quinn loses interest in my toiletries and really wants to go back downstairs, so I grab my things and bring him down. As we walk into the living room, we discover that a furry little someone decided to help himself to the rest of Quinn’s breakfast. *sigh* We don’t normally eat breakfast in the living room, but I thought maybe Quinn would change his mind if he saw me eating, so I put his tray on the coffee table, only to forget about it when we went upstairs. I’m sure Murphy thoroughly enjoyed Quinn’s English muffin, mango, and omelet.

IMG_7084 (1280x1280)

7:38 AM: I finish getting ready while Quinn plays and cruises around the house.

IMG_7089 (1280x1280)

8:01 AM: Now Quinn is hungry and asks for some “crackers.” I debate re-making his breakfast, but I have a feeling he probably won’t eat it since he wasn’t interested in it before and now has his mind set on crackers, so I give him some Cheddar Bunnies. #breakfastofchampions

IMG_7098 (1280x1280)

8:19 AM: Quinn points up at the kitchen counter and says “bubbles,” so I set him up to play with his “indoor bubbles.”

IMG_7104 (1280x1280)

IMG_7107 (1280x1280)

8:21 AM: Quinn is happy as can be playing with bubbles, so I use the opportunity to fill up my water bottle and shaker with protein powder.

IMG_7109 (1280x1280)

8:25 AM: I also fill a reusable pouch with yogurt to pack in my gym bag just in case Quinn gets hungry (because he didn’t eat much of a breakfast).

IMG_7095 (1280x1280)

8:30 AM: Before I even get the pouch into my gym bag, Quinn grabs it out of my hand. (Well, I guess someone is hungry!) He eats it while I fill up another one to take to the gym… just in case.

IMG_7088 (1280x1280)

8:40 AM: We get ready to leave for CrossFit. Quinn is pumped!

IMG_7111 (1280x1280)

8:41 AM: On the way out of the house, I grab my CVS/pharmacy ExtraBucks since I plan to swing by on the way home from CrossFit. I also have a 25% off coupon that I sent to my ExtraCare card the day before for even more savings. There was no need to print out the coupon and it took just seconds to send the coupon to my card with just one click of my mouse. Easy-peasy!

IMG_7093 (1280x1280)

9:00 AM: We arrive at CrossFit. Quinn plays with the kids, and I work out.

IMG_7118 (1280x1280)

I loved this workout. It definitely got challenging on the final couple of rounds! Yowsahs.

IMG_7117 (1280x1280)

10:05 AM: I drink my protein shake while Quinn plays at the gym.

IMG_7121 (1280x1280)

IMG_7128 (1280x1280)


IMG_7133 (1280x1280)

10:25 AM: Quinn and I leave CrossFit and swing by Coffee Shack. I order a Pecan Sticky Bun iced coffee.

IMG_7144 (1280x1280)

Quinn drinks some milk from home and samples a piece of coconut donut. Mmm!

IMG_7142 (1280x1280)

10:45 AM: We swing by CVS/pharmacy to buy a few things– some necessities, some not. Necessities: Kid’s toothpaste, tampons, Cupholder Wipes, and snacks, including Gold Emblem Dark Chocolate Cashews (because I’m obsessed) and CVS Gold Emblem Abound Greek Yogurt Covered Raisins (because Quinn and Mal really love them).

IMG_7024 (1280x960)

Non-necessities: Mr. Potato Head (because Quinn is really digging Toy Story lately).

IMG_7012 (1280x1280)

And a new key fob (because I am sick of my old one and it’s only $1.99).

IMG_7228 (1280x1280)[5]

11:05 AM: We leave CVS and drive home. (I immediately put the cupholder wipes in their place!)

IMG_7145 (1280x960)

11:20 AM: Quinn falls asleep on the drive home, so I bring him up to his crib and then unpack the car. As I walk back into the house, the FedEx man delivers a box of smoothies from Bolthouse Farms for a project that I am working on with the brand.

IMG_7150 (1280x1280)

11:30 AM: The project also requires some cooking, so I take a super fast shower and then get right to work before Q-Man wakes up from his nap.

IMG_7153 (1280x1280)

12:15 PM: I finish cooking and styling the food/smoothies. I am about to take some photos, but my camera battery dies. Whomp whomp.

IMG_7156 (1280x1280)

12:17 PM: While the battery charges, I eat a No-Bake Lemon Coconut Protein Ball and then start to clean up the kitchen.

IMG_7158 (1280x1280)

12:36 PM: I snap a bunch of photos and then edit them on my laptop before sending them over to Bolthouse for review. I also eat some leftovers (chicken, sweet potato, cauliflower rice mixed with white rice) from the fridge for lunch.


2:00 PM: Quinn wakes up from his nap. We snuggle on the couch as long as possible/until he’s ready to continue his day.

2:15 PM: I make lunch for Quinn (a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with grapes on the side) and then sit him at the kitchen counter to eat, but he isn’t interested at all. Instead, he grabs the Mr. Potato Head that we bought earlier and enthusiastically requests that I open the package. (He says “scissors, scissors, scissors” over and over again.) I attempt to bargain with him (i.e. if you eat your lunch, you can play with Mr. Potato Head), but he ends up getting his way since I’m a huge pushover and wanted to avoid a meltdown.

IMG_7164 (1280x1280)

2:20 PM: Quinn is having a grand old time with Mr. Potato Head, so I do a few quick chores around the house (i.e. empty dishwasher, take recycling down to garage).

IMG_7170 (1280x1280)

2:40 PM: Quinn loses interest in Mr. Potato Head, so I offer him his lunch once again. It’s a no-go, so we get ready for an afternoon adventure to Hornstra Farms.

IMG_7181 (1280x1280)

3:00 PM: We visit the cows and then head inside to buy milk and Coffee Oreo ice cream.

IMG_7177 (1280x1280)

4:00 PM: We arrive home and see Dada about to take Murphy for a walk. It’s a beautiful afternoon, so we grab the stroller and join them.

4:55 PM: We return home and everyone is hungry, so we sit down for an early dinner. Of course, Mr. Potato Head joins us.

IMG_7191 (1280x1280)

5:35 PM: Mal and I roughhouse with Quinn on the couch for awhile.

IMG_7207 (1280x1280)

Side note: Quinn recently started working with a speech-language pathologist (through Early Intervention in Massachusetts) and she encourages “rough and tumble play” to help stimulate language.

IMG_7211 (1280x1280)

Quinn absolutely loves being silly with us and cracks up the entire time, so Mal and I “wrestle” with him at least a few times per day. We only recently increased the frequency of our roughhousing, but Quinn is talking more and more each day, so maybe it’s working already?! Just the other day, he said: “No, no, Murph” (instead of screaming) when he saw the pug (illegally) on the couch, so that’s definitely progress! Haha!

IMG_7221 (1280x1280)

6:00 PM: The three of us relax on the couch and watch Toy Story together. I pour myself a glass of wine.

7:00 PM: Quinn yawns, lays on the couch, and says “night night,” so Mal takes him upstairs to brush his teeth, read books, and go to bed. While they’re doing the bedtime routine, I pour myself another glass of wine and eat a KIND Bar.

IMG_7223 (1280x1280)

7:15 PM: Quinn is asleep, so Mal comes back downstairs. We watch a few episodes of Bloodline (<— wicked good) together.

IMG_7225 (1280x1280)

9:15 PM: We head upstairs and get ready for bed.

9:30 PM: Lights out.

The end.



  1. The picture of Murphy with the empty plate is hilarious! I never knew that rough housing can stimulate speech- so interesting. Way to go, Q!

  2. My son is about 5 months older than Quinn and he’d live on those cheddar bunnies if I let him.

    We also do EI and were encouraged to roughhouse with him.

  3. Love these posts so much. My twins are 18 months and just starting to ask for things – they are constantly at the pantry door asking for “nacks” literally every hour LOL. It’s starting to become a really fun (but tiring!) age. It’s really great that you are finding the speech therapy to help your little guy. He’s adorable!!

  4. Can I say how totally jealous I am of how long Q naps? OMG! When I saw that he fell asleep at 11:20 and you put him down when you got home I was thinking to myself “that’s going to make for a LONG afternoon” (b/c my child naps for an hour and would be up at 12:20) Q needs to teach Emma Kate his ways!

  5. I knew roughhousing was supposed to be good for development of spatial awareness and orientation, but I had no idea it was tied to speech! I’m going to grill my SIL (she’s a speech pathologist also) about this next time I see her — I’m so curious about the mechanism here. Brains are crazy!

  6. what do you mean he’s ‘all business?’ that’s kind of a weird thing to say. going upstairs to take a shower in the morning sounds like pretty normal behavior for someone who has a full-time job!

    1. Lol ^ what? really? You get a lot of these meaningless attacks and I laugh at every single one of them.

  7. I might try that roughhousing thing. Ellie isn’t talking a ton at almost 19 months, but she does understand EVERYTHING and has her own ways of telling us what she wants. I was a late talker so I’m not super concerned, but that’s an easy thing to try at home so why not?

  8. My niece would always drink her milk and then refuse to eat her food. Kiddos can often fill up on milk and sometimes it can even lead to vitamin deficiencies. Try offering the food first and when he is done then giving him the milk, he may eat more. This is not meant to be rude…just a suggestion!

    1. We’ve actually tried that a bunch, but it typically leads to him not eating or drinking and ending up in a terrible mood because he’s so hungry. #toddlerlife

        1. Her recommendations are similar… a lot of roughhousing/playing before mealtime to stimulate that part of his brain, so he can focus on eating afterward. She also recommended working on start and end times for activities, so we start mealtimes with washing Quinn’s hands and then taking his plate to the sink when he’s done. It works sometimes! 🙂

  9. I can totally relate to Quinn’s eating habits!! My little girl just turned one, and her appetite is so different day to day. Some days she eats a ton at mealtime and lots of snacks, other days she’s not so interested. It’s so hard not to to push them to eat (because as mom’s we just want them happy and healthy – and the idea of her getting hungry makes me crazy)… but I think that in the long run it helps them to be more in-tune with their personal hunger cues… I like that you carry snacks with you – good tactic! Any suggestions for kid snacks that travel well? We travel to Cape Cod a fair amount during the summer and its a long drive, so things that keep or can be kept in a small cooler and eaten in a car seat…?

    1. Quinn is the same way with his appetite. We just roll with it from day-to-day. As for snacks, we FAIL with the car seat ones. Haha! My backseat is such a mess. Anyway… our favorites are reuseable pouches (filled with yogurt and/or applesauce), grapes (or other sliced fruit) in a snack cup (not messy!), rice crackers (also not too messy), chewy banana bites (from CVS), Horizon Cheddar Shapes (from Target), and Puffins cereal.

  10. EI is the way to go. My son worked with a PT for gross motor for 6 months. Learning through play was key she said, too. Now (almost 3) you’d never know he didn’t walk until he was 18 months old. He RUNS everywhere. God Bless EI!

  11. I just recently started watching Bloodline too. It’s been on my list for awhile (I’m a fan of Kyle Chandler, thanks to Friday Night Lights) and I’m LOVING it!

  12. Murphy and the empty plate ~ ha!!

    I ordered 2 (one for my Mom) of those omlet makers…. I’ve been very lazy in the morning…. not wanting to make breakfast.

  13. OMG Bloodline!! I finished it months ago and am still thinking about it. I don’t think I’ve ever been more conflicted about a TV character (Danny). I can’t wait to hear what you think when you all finish it. Season 2 comes out this month!

  14. My 18 month and I LOVE those yogurt covered raisins! They are the best ones I’ve ever had, I always pick out the big ones covered in alot of yogurt, hahaha. My toddler also has a weird appetite – some days he will eat everything other days he will just eat milk and yogurt! But I just roll with it, I figure he’ll let me know when he wants to eat. (and I also like to avoid melt downs!) I think with his teeth coming in (molars!) he just loses his appetite 🙁

  15. both my kids just qualified for EI so I would love to hear more about how things are going with Quinn (but also totally understand that it might not be something you want to discuss here)

  16. I’m SO glad to hear you guys are working with EI and are acknowledging it! It is such an amazing program, and sadly a lot of people don’t know about it or are resistant when they find their kids qualify! So, as someone who works a lot with EI through my research, THANK YOU for mentioning the services! Can’t wait to see how Quinn thrives; he is obviously very very loved!

  17. Hi Tina,
    I’m not sure why Quinn is working with a speech-pathologist, but I’m assuming it’s because he doesn’t talk much. I just though I’d share about my son who’s now two and a half. At Quinns age he only had a handful of words, while other kids were talking up a storm. I was worried and got him on a wait list for speech-pathology(I’m in Canada, so while it’s covered, there is a long wait)… forward 6 months and he’s now stringing 4-5 words together and having little conversations. Just wanted to re-assure you that they all develop at their own speed – though some help from a professional never hurts! You’re a great mom – happy Tuesday 🙂

  18. Thank you so much for linking that omelet maker! I have type 1 diabetes and am currently pregnant and need to come up with some easy low carb meals but am the worst omelet maker so I never make them. Maybe this will help!

  19. Quinn reminds me so much of my little boy! My babe is a few months younger than Quinn and I can count all the words he can say on one hand. I was concerned about it for a while because all of my friend’s babies are talking like crazy… but then my mom told me my brother didn’t start talking until he was almost 3! And now he’s anesthesiologist… so I’m not so worried about it anymore. Haha. I think they just all take their own individual sweet time. And on the bright side, I kind of secretly love that it makes he seem like a baby longer. 🙂

  20. Of course I know nothing about Quinn’s personal situation, but as a school psychologist in training, I can’t overstate the benefits of early intervention! I hope all goes well!

  21. Do you mix the Vega One with just water? I’m always afraid that I’ll hate so I haven’t tried it plain! I always do banana, ice, whole milk and spinach

  22. Just wanted to share a little more EI love with you! My little guy did 8 months of physical therapy and has now started walking. It’s so fun watching their progress.

  23. I follow you on snapchat and I am amazed at how verbal Quinn is…his vocabulary has really expanded in my opinion. I love hearing your voices!! Your voice is NOTHING like I thought it would be….guess I was expecting the Boston accent that is typical in a show or movie…lol. Quinn’s chuckle…heart melting.

  24. Love this! So glad my little one isn’t the only one who signs “all done” fiercely after eating only a few bites of her meals! We are also in a not eating much phase and it is killing me, but I guess if they’re hungry, they’ll it. Quinn is adorable!

  25. He is adorable. I’m an SLP. Check out Wonderful resources for anyone!

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