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Good morning!

Q-Man (aka “Cumin”) turns 22 months old later this week, so I documented last Friday as a way to remember this time in our life. I’m actually heading to Los Angeles for part of this week, so I didn’t want to miss our usual Day In The Life post, so I decided to do it a little early. With that, here’s a glimpse into what life is like at almost 2 years old. (I’ve actually started to tell people that Quinn is “almost two” instead of 20-something months because it’s kind of awkward, right?) FYI: A few people asked me how I’m able to remember what time everything happens in these Day In The Life posts. My iPhone automatically time stamps the pictures that I take, so I use them as reference points to recap my day.

4:58 AM: I hear Quinn on the baby monitor. He’s tossing and turning and crying a little bit. I really hope he goes back to sleep.

5:01 AM: Quinn is full on crying now, so I reach over Mal to grab the baby monitor to see what’s happening in his room. He’s still laying down (so there’s a chance), so I go in and try to help him back to sleep.

5:05 AM: Success! I climb back into bed, but the second I lay down, Quinn starts crying again. Crap. This time, Mal goes in and attempts to work his magic.

5:09 AM: Mal climbs into bed. Success!

5:45 AM: Quinn wakes up again. This time, he’s standing up and wailing in his crib. He’s definitely not going back to sleep. Mal offers to get up with him since I haven’t slept all week (i.e. terrible night sweats = multiple wake-ups + outfit changes). Mal takes Quinn downstairs. I fall back to sleep.

6:30 AM: Murphy decides it’s bath time and licks himself repeatedly until he annoys me so much, I get out of bed. Rise ‘n’ shine?

6:31 AM: I immediately open the refrigerator and realize I’m out of iced coffee. (I typically brew Marylou’s at home, but I recently finished off the bag. Whomp whomp.) I end up using two pods in my Keurig to make iced coffee.

IMG_5567 (1280x1280)

6:33 AM: Iced coffee hack: Use two pods, brew a small cup/put Keurig on strong setting, add milk, and then ice cubes = not watered-down iced coffee.

IMG_5575 (1280x1280)

6:34 AM: I hang out with Mal, Quinn, and Murphy in the living room. We play. We watch Paw Patrol. I drink my iced coffee and try to wake up.

7:20 AM: I deal with a blog issue while Mal makes breakfast for Quinn.

IMG_5573 (1280x1280)

7:27 AM: I take Murphy for a walk.

IMG_5576 (1280x1280)

7:49 AM: On the walk back to our front door, I make a joke about adding a donkey planter to our yard. He is not amused.

IMG_5579 (1280x1280)

7:58 AM: When we return, Mal is making us (the humans, not Murphy) breakfast.

8:01 AM: Quinn is done eating, so I snag a few bites of his yogurt.

IMG_5581 (640x640)

8:10 AM: Breakfast is served: Cheesy eggs + toasted Sourdough with ghee.

IMG_5584 (640x640)

8:24 AM: I start a grocery list since I know I’m going to be away most of the week and want to make sure mealtime is as stress-free as possible for my boys.

IMG_5585 (640x640)

8:27 AM: Mal gets dressed for CrossFit while I get Quinn ready for the day. I also pack Mal’s gym bag with diapers, wipes, and snacks (just in case – for Quinn, not him).

8:45 AM: I say goodbye to Mal and Quinn as they leave for CrossFit, and then I get ready for the day.

9:07 AM: Our coffeemaker recently started acting weird, so I try to clean it with vinegar + water. Sadly, it doesn’t work. Later, Mal also tries to take it apart to clean it with no luck. Boo. It’s actually our second Cuisinart coffeemaker. We loved our first one so much, we actually bought the exact same one, but it seems like they might have a 4-year-ish lifespan since this one died after about the same amount of time. Anyone have a coffeemaker that they especially love? I think it’s time for us to move on.

IMG_5586 (640x640)

9:09 AM: I clean up the house, fold and put away laundry.

9:30 AM: I have a call about a potential partnership opportunity.

9:47 AM: I drive to KFIT to pick up Kerrie.

9:55 AM: On the way, I swing by Whole Foods and buy a couple of Vietnamese cold brew coffees (one for Kerrie and one for me).

IMG_5588 (640x640)

10:15 AM: I arrive at KFIT. I check email/social media while I wait for Kerrie.

10:20 AM: We drive to Boston.

11:00 AM: We arrive at MGH. I have about 15 minutes to spare before my appointment, so Kerrie and I pop into Whole Foods to grab a snack. She hangs out there while I go to my appointment.

11:09 AM: I arrive at the Infusion Suite and eat my snack, a granola + coconut gomacro bar, which is quite tasty. I will definitely buy this bar again!

IMG_5593 (640x640)

11:21 AM: I get Entyvio infusion #3, which is an important one– meaning we’ll know for sure in the coming weeks if it will work for me or not. Fingers crossed.

IMG_5595 (640x640)

12:05 PM: I meet Kerrie outside Whole Foods and then we walk to Soulcycle Beacon Hill for a class.

12:16 PM: Soulcycle time!

IMG_5596 (640x640)

1:20 PM: It was a great class and we had a blast!

IMG_5599 (640x640)

1:25 PM: Kerrie and I drive back to the South Shore. I drop her off at KFIT.

2:17 PM: I stop to get gas on my way home. (I mostly just snapped this photo for the time stamp.)

IMG_5601 (640x640)

2:30 PM: I arrive home. I catch up with Mal and Quinn and then hop in the shower.

3:19 PM: I shove a handful of crackers in my mouth since I still haven’t eaten lunch, and I’m starving.

IMG_5604 (640x640)

3:26 PM: We take Murphy for a walk.

IMG_5607 (640x640)

4:00 PM: We swing by Hornstra Farm for milk and eggs. We, of course, stop to say ‘hello’ to the baby cows.

IMG_5610 (640x640)

4:36 PM: We arrive at Hingham Beer Works for a late lunch/early dinner.

IMG_5612 (640x640)

IMG_5621 (640x640)

5:09 PM: Time to eat. Pizza for Quinn.

IMG_5628 (640x640)

5:10 PM: Coconut Sea Scallops for Mama. Mmm! I absolutely loved this dish!

IMG_5625 (640x640)

5:34 PM: We play and run around outside.

IMG_5629 (640x640)

IMG_5632 (640x640)

IMG_5636 (640x640)

6:15 PM: We arrive home and get settled.

6:23 PM: I open a very special surprise from my friends at Brooks: Nantucket Adrenaline GTS 16! I am so pumped about them, I seriously consider going for a run right then just so I can test them out. How adorable are they!?! Hello, blue plaid? Plus, there’s a whale and a lobster on them. I’m totally obsessed.

brooks nantucket shoes

7:00 PM: I take Quinn upstairs and give him a bath.

7:15 PM: I change Quinn into his pajamas and then we read books.

7:30 PM: Night night for Quinn.

7:45 PM: I make myself a beverage made with orange juice, lemon seltzer, and collagen. I also eat a couple of Lindt chocolates.

7:50 PM: Mal and I spend about 20 minutes trying to pick a movie to watch. We eventually find one (The Martian), but it’s kind of long and we don’t want to stay up that late, so we catch up with House of Lies instead.

9:15 PM: We head upstairs.

9:30 PM: Lights out.

The end.

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  1. Busy, busy day! I never think to take photos for the time stamps for these kinds of posts, I always just keep a running note on my phone and write down what I was doing. Photos makes more sense…probably quicker and then you have more photos to choose from when you go to pull it all together. 😉

  2. My son who is a week younger than Quinn wakes up between 7 and 7:30 each day. If Q is waking up a bit too early for you, slowly push back hs bedtime. We did that and boy do we have no regrets!

  3. Does Quinn call himself Cumin? That’s too cute. I love when children start talking and all of the words that come out in one form or another. Haha!

  4. I can totally relate to doggies doing there baths in the early morning! My pup was giving himself a bath at 430am – I had to give him a shout to stop, lol. Such an annoying sound for some reason, especially when trying to sleep!

  5. I hope the Entyvio works!! Are your fevers at all related to your inflammation from the UC? When my Crohns would act up my body temperature would rise over 98.6 by the end of the day and then I would have night sweats, horrible ones. I woukd have to sleep on towels. To see if its inflammation you could take your temp in the evening and see if ijt is normal or elevated.

  6. We have the same coffee pot and LOVE IT! Like you, this is our second one because we loved the first so much. Hope you post what kind of coffee pot you get with reviews so I know what to purchase next 🙂

  7. The ninja bar coffee brewer is by far the best! You can make it by the cup or make an entire carafe. It makes hot and iced coffee. It works out perfectly for us because I will only drink my coffee iced, but my husband likes his hot. Well worth the money!

  8. Hey! I was the chica that commented on your Instagram about the coffee. 🙂 I’m going to try your hack soon because that will save me so much more time if I enjoy it as much as my cold brew. My keurig is older and doesn’t have a setting for brew strength so i’m going to do the smallest cup twice and see how that works. Thanks for sharing your hack!

  9. Tina – I have that same coffee maker – and have had the same one for over 10 years….I might have just gotten a good one (or this note will jinx things). Do you change the water filters regularly? I was having issues with mine and I didn’t realize that you’re supposed to swap them out – here is a link to the filters on Amazon. You’ve probably already tried – but I figured it was worth a shot!

  10. Love these posts. Can you share how you typically make your iced coffee? Like you I can drink it all year round.

  11. I strongly second the recommendation above for the Bonavita coffee maker! We love, love, love ours! So simple, too. Best coffee maker EVER. We have the one without the thermal carafe, but I wish we had gotten that one instead. The coffee really, seriously tastes better than with any other maker we’ve had.

  12. your last couple hours – just like mine! Once we finally get all 3 kids down and pick up the house a little bit, it’s at least 8:00 pm and we’re exhausted, and we can never find a short enough movie to watch. Whatever happened to 90 minute movies? We parents need more of those in our lives…

    1. I totally agree! I don’t think any movie should last longer than 90 minutes. I guess that’s why we watch series so often. They are short and you can always watch one!

  13. Hi Tina!

    I’ve actually had that same coffee maker for over 8 years now, daily use, and no problems. Have you checked with Cuisinart about any troubleshooting??

  14. i can’t everrrrr get william back to sleep unless i bring him in bed with me – which is a terrible habit, i know! we are RE visiting the sleep specialist at the end of may because these 4:30am wakeups just aren’t working for either of us! 🙂 (he’s super crabby and tired way too early in the morning!)

  15. Those shoes are SUPER cute. I absolutely love them!
    I hope this treatment works for you. 🙂 Best of luck!

  16. What a busy day! If you’re looking for a new coffeemaker, I highly recommend the BonaVita. It’s an auto pour over, which lends itself to less bitter (acidic) coffee. I also like that you can use healthier, organic coffee beans and skip the plastic K cups (I never felt totally comfortable putting scalding hot water through a small plastic cup and into my mug). We really love ours!

  17. For coffee maker recs-get a Mr. Coffee. Hands down the best $30 I spent at Target. I think we are going on five years now!
    The higher priced ones seem to have short life span.
    We went through three fancy coffee makers in two years. One of those time, the coffee maker died the night before Thanksgiving and we were hosting!
    They just do not make them like they used to!

  18. I loved this post. I have a son that is almost 11 months old and your morning was exactly like my morning. The part about your pup licking himself, my AM to the T! That sound drives me crazy, like nails on a chalkboard… and always when I get a few minutes to sleep… So nice to know I am not alone in that madness 🙂

  19. I’ve recently been learning in psychology about human development and Mason is in the pre-operational period. It’s the cutest period, in my opinion, because their reasoning is so funny 🙂

  20. Wow, I thought I had a busy day, but you’ve got me beat! It’s nice that you have your husband there to help out. It also sounds like you have a great friend to go places with. I hope you have a good trip.

  21. We have had the exact same problem with that cuisinart!!! We replaced our first one after about 4 years. Then, we started having the same cleaning issue about a year into our second one. I pulled out that plastic stick with the water filter at the end and it was covered in coffee grounds. Once I cleaned that out, it worked again!

  22. We have a Hamilton Beach coffee maker, on one side you can make a full pot, on the other you can do a single serve. It comes with a little basket and holder if you do the pods/k-Kups. It’s also programmable with a two hour automatic shut off. We’ve had it for a few years now with no problems! I love it. It’s a little expensive but it’s a great machine!

  23. Night sweats are SO ANNOYING. I have lupus and get them as well. It’s mostly just my head that sweats?? I wonder if it’s some kind of autoimmune reaction? I have talked about it with by dr but she doesn’t seem too concerned. I LOVE the Boston Brooks!!!!

    1. Omg, they are so annoying. I think mine might be hormone-related since they coincide with my period. I’m working with Nicole from Whole Health RD to regulate them.

  24. Funny that you point out your coffeemaker is on the outs. My husband and I have the same coffeemaker, which we got for our wedding in 2012, and it’s now not working properly. We have issues with the On/Off switch glitching. Since you’ve had two of them and both faded at year four, maybe it sounds like we should move on too. Breaking up is hard to do… 😛

  25. We’ve had a basic Bunn coffee maker for 13 years and still going strong. I LOVE it! It is pricey $100 I think? The water stays hot in a reservoir so it only takes 2 minutes to brew a whole pot. Good luck!

  26. First off, Tina you are awesome! Thank you for sharing. I love your blog and wanted you to know that!

    Secondly, we have a similar cusinart coffee machine and the same thing happened to us, exactly at 4 years. It makes such good strong coffee but I hate having to replace it every 4 years. I look forward to hearing your solution!

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