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Good morning!

Our sweet boy turns 21 months old today! I documented one of our days last week as a way to remember this stage in Q-Man’s life and help us remember the tiny details that we might otherwise forget. That said, here’s a glimpse into life at 21 months!

5:39 AM: I hear Quinn on the baby monitor. Oy. It’s early. I stumble into his room, softly rub his back, and tell him it’s too early to get up. For a second, I think he’s going to go back to sleep, but then he pops his head up, says “mama,” and points to the door. Well, ok, then. We’re up and at ’em!

5:41 AM: We head downstairs. I change Quinn’s diaper and then set him up with Paw Patrol, a sippy cup of milk and some Peanut Butter Puffins while I pour myself an iced coffee and try to wake up. I’m usually such a morning person and rarely ever have trouble getting going, but I’m dragging.

5:45 AM: I hear Murphy “tap dancing” upstairs, so I bring him downstairs and then feed him breakfast. I also give him a “freshy” (aka a clean bowl of water).

5:55 AM: TV time is over, and Quinn is literally off and running! We play in the living room for a bit and then hang out in his playroom. We play basketball for awhile. Mal recently moved the hoop higher and Quinn is doing really well with it. Oh, our little basketball star.


6:20 AM: We visit Dada upstairs while he gets ready for school. Quinn hangs out with Mal while I brush my teeth and grab clothes for the two of us.

6:40 AM: Mal leaves for school, so we say goodbye. Quinn asks for a pouch, so I give him one and then put together breakfast for him. On the menu: Mini pancakes, pears, and milk.


6:50 AM: I lock Murphy out of the living room, so he doesn’t eat Quinn’s food. #patheticpugface


6:55 AM: Quinn eats none of his breakfast, but discovers this cool trick!


7:00 AM: Quinn is happily playing with his food, so I head into the kitchen and whip up some eggs with arugula and ketchup.


7:15 AM: Quinn lays down on the rug and says “night night.” Apparently, he’s tired already? He only lays there for a minute and then pops up to play with his Mega Bloks. Ok, then.


7:20 AM: I reheat part two of breakfast which is Crockpot Oatmeal with chia seeds and a scoop of Teddie Peanut Butter. I eat it while catching up with my sister, Monica, Marisa, and Kerrie on WhatsApp.


7:35 AM: Quinn lays down on the floor again. It’s way too early for him to take his nap, so I get us dressed and ready for the day.


7:50 AM: In the process, Quinn finds a bunch of red paper cups, so we play with them for awhile. I put a little water in each one and then he pours it back and forth. Our kitchen floor is drenched by the end. Ha!


8:00 AM: We finish getting ready and say goodbye to Murphy before we take a trip to Target.


8:15 AM: We arrive at Target. We swing by the Dollar Spot, and Quinn immediately recognizes the Silly Putty eggs. We actually threw out his first one because it got all gross and dirty with dog hair and whatnot stuck in it, so I get him another one. He’s pumped.


8:30 AM: Midway through shopping, Quinn asks for a pouch. He sucks it down, so he’s definitely hungry now.


8:45 AM: We finish up shopping and stop by Starbucks on the way out. We’re not going to KFIT/CrossFit this morning, so we sit down and enjoy a blueberry muffin and an iced Americano with one pump of smoked butterscotch syrup, which is quite delicious. I’ll definitely get it again in the future!


9:00 AM: We leave Target and drive home. Quinn falls asleep in the car. He usually starts his nap between 11:00 AM -12:00 PM, but he is tirrrreeedd today.

9:15 AM: I carry Quinn from the car to his crib. I take a quick shower and then unpack the car and put away what we bought. I place an order on Boxed (diaper, wipes, pouches). I chat with our financial adviser and deal with some tax stuff (yikes). I order a new pair of sunglasses, which were on sale + 5% back from Ebates + $5 off coupon. I make iced coffee. I reply to a few emails and messages on WhatsApp. I start this blog post.

11:15 AM: Quinn wakes up from his nap. We cuddle on the couch for awhile and then we play and draw a picture for Dada using some new Paw Patrol stamps that some friends gave him.

IMG_4429 (1280x960)

11:45 AM: Lunchtime! Quinn eats the rest of his blueberry muffin from breakfast as well as some milk, fruit salad, and cheddar cheese. I also give him a few pieces of chicken, but he doesn’t touch them at all.


I eat a salad made with Arugula, Chicken, Pears, and Manchego in Cider Vinaigrette. It’s so good!


12:15 PM: We’re both finished eating, so Quinn plays while I clean up. I hear “uh oh” coming from his playroom and, once again, he’s tattling on Murphy. But, this time, Murphy is actually sitting on “his” couch, so it’s totally legal. It was the pug couch back in our old house and Murph likes looking out the window (and crushing its pillows), so we allow him on it now.


I try to explain this to Quinn, but he doesn’t fully understand, so he’s quite persistent with his efforts. Poor Murphy. He’s such a good pug brother and just rolls with it.


12:45 PM: I’m craving something sweet, so I break out a bag of Vanilla Chex and eat a few handfuls. I offer Quinn some cheese crackers and we snack while watching TV.


1:00 PM: We take a trip to Birds Unlimited to buy some birding supplies.


Quinn is a total maniac in the store, so shopping is quite comical. Thankfully, the sales women are really sweet and do their best to entertain him while simultaneously explaining products and helping me make decisions. Oooh, shopping with a toddler is always an adventure!


2:00 PM: We arrive home and set up our new bird feeder. Caw-caw!



2:30 PM: We take Murphy for a walk.


3:15 PM: We return home and Quinn checks the bird feeder. No birds yet. Haha!


3:20 PM: Snack time! Quinn wants a pouch, and I reheat some roasted sweet potatoes. (Murphy is a creep.)


3:30 PM: I eat a few handfuls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but then decide to eat something more substantial since I’m actually kind of hungry.


3:35 PM: I reheat some rice (a blend from Trader Joe’s) and top it with some crumbled feta.


3:45 PM: Quinn plays solo while I do a few chores around the house.

4:00 PM: Quinn grabs his blanket and climbs onto the couch. He looks tried, so we snuggle while watching The Nut Job.


4:45 PM: It’s almost dinnertime, so Quinn and I make a pizza for dinner. He likes “drawing” in the sauce and eats a bunch of the shredded cheese.


5:00 PM: While we wait for the pizza to cook, Quinn plays with some glass bottles that my friends from General Mills sent us to help celebrate National Cereal Day. I fill them with a little bit of water and he has an absolute blast playing with them.

fun with milk bottles

5:30 PM: Dinnertime!


5:35 PM: We eat dinner in the living room. We typically eat at the kitchen table together as a family, but Mal’s not home from CrossFit yet. Plus, lunch was relatively unsuccessful since Quinn left the table probably a half dozen times to play. He didn’t eat all that much, so I’m hoping he’ll eat more at dinner. And he does! He eats two small pieces of pizza, minus the broccoli, which he decides to throw. It’s really cute and makes me smile, but we have a little talk and he doesn’t do it again.

broccoli thrower

6:15 PM: We finish up dinner just as Mal gets home. We catch up with Dada, give him our drawing, and play for awhile.

6:30 PM: I eat a few mini dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Justin’s makes the best ones!


7:00 PM: Mal takes Quinn upstairs for a bath, books, and bed. Meanwhile, I clean up the house.

7:25 PM: I head upstairs and say goodnight to Quinn. He goes to bed.

7:30 PM: Mal and I watch Love, a new series that we’re into lately.

8:45 PM: My stomach starts to grumble, so I reheat some oatmeal with chia seeds and peanut butter to snack on.


8:50 PM: I give Murphy the empty peanut butter jar to lick.


9:15 PM: Mal and I head upstairs to bed.

9:30 PM: Lights out.

The end.



  1. Smoked butterscotch is so good. I added one pump to an iced coffee and loved it- just enough sweetness. Shopping with a toddler definitely takes a few tricks, the dollar bin being one of them!

  2. I love the day in the life posts!! I have a 2 year old and love seeing what other moms are typically doing during the day! What type of straw cup does Quinn use???

      1. Does it leak? We have some weighted straw cups and the milk creeps up the straw and leaks out the top no matter what, even when it’s just sitting there. Such a pain!!

  3. Your family is really adorable! I love how you balance things and Mal seems to really be such a great partner. No relationship is perfect, but your teamwork is inspiring.

  4. Oh Quinn seems to get more adorable daily! You are so lucky to be able to work and be with your babe all day. It’s amazing how good Murphy is with him!

  5. Quinn seems to really like pouches! Have you thought of buying empty pouches and making your own? I know it’s such a hassle, but you could mix it up so he gets more variety. Not a criticism at all! Also, I suggested going to see a speech language pathologist because you were concerned about his lack of speech, and SLPs also do feeding therapy with little ones who are super picky eaters!

    1. @Liza: I second the idea of looking into a SLP or occupational therapist if the challenges with eating and speech continue. I’m an occupational therapist myself and there are some amazing toddler feeding groups out there! Definitely don’t mean to be pushy but in case you aren’t aware of some of the groups and therapy strategies, it’s worth looking into.
      And I’m also a huge fan of a pump of smoked butterscotch, so good!

  6. I give my dog empty PB jars and my hubby gets so mad, he thinks she is going to choke on a piece pof plastic, but it makes her so happy! thank the lord I don’t have kids yet! So happy to see that Quinn is eating more, when I worked at WIC I had kids as patients that had similar issues with lack of appetite and being sick. I wish I would have had your posts to send them to to let them know it’s tough but it will be okay!

  7. Hi Tina! I love how much Quinn enjoys birds. My grandparents have a hummingbird feeder they put out in the summer. Instead of seeds it uses a sugar water mixture that you can buy or make. Once the season picks up it is really fun to watch the hummingbirds flutter to and from the feeder. They come around every 15 minutes or so and their little wings never stop moving.

  8. Love these day in the life posts! I just recently got a smoked butterscotch latte from Starbucks and OH MY WORD!!!! Absolute heaven!

  9. Sigh.. days when you look back on them and realize you didn’t take a shower. I feel that so hard now that my son is 9 months and mobile. I just tell myself “it’s better for my hair not to wash it”.

  10. Your son is at such a fun age now! Quick question, how much chia seeds do you put in your oatmeal? I always have a hard time figuring it out. Thanks!

  11. One of my favorite types of posts! Always get new ideas from you for my 16 month old! I added peanut butter puffins to my shopping list (we always just default to cheerios but those sound like a fun way to change things up!) And water in a few cups for my little guy to play with, smart and totally using that idea! What will you be doing for Quinn’s Easter basket? I’ve ordered a bunch of things but was curious what you had in mind!

  12. It has been really awesome watching Quinn evolve as I have been reading your blog for many many months. It also seems that he is eating more these days since of his surgery, which I know you had mentioned. That is awesome!

    I actually had an internship at a nature preserve in college and we would have birding events and I did a statistical analysis of over 60 years (we had a gentleman who had been birding the same area at the same rate for 60 years!) and it was awesome.

    My favorite birding event was actually owl banding – a particular owl would come to our area and we would use owl/bird nets (totally humane) and band them and release. Did this on an annual basis and prior to doing the study, it was not even known that Two Rivers, WI was a passover route for them on the way south! Birds are so cool – so I am right there with Quinn on the caw-caws!

  13. I love reading your posts. I wanted to mention that our school principal just sent an email out about recalls on some of the applesauce pouches. We don’t buy them, so I didn’t read much of it. Just wanted to mention it to you since it looks like Quinn loves them. They are the GoGo squeeze pouches. Just FYI. Enjoy your day. What will 16.3 bring???? HSPU? Pistols? Hmm….

  14. Just had to comment that you seem like such a great mom! Also, excited to try that smoked butterscotch syrup. 🙂

  15. As a “not yet but sometime in the next few years” potential mom, it’s really interesting to see how you guys spend your days (and what you’re both eating ha). Thanks for the detailed posts! Lots to look forward to!

  16. Wow, Quinn gets a whole muffin to himself??!?! Awesome!

    Looks like he has a strong sweet tooth! My guy is all about the salty snacks…salt and vinegar chips are considered a special treat at our house!

  17. Hey Tina! Love these posts…Q. and Murphy are so cute!

    Have you had the Trader Joe’s mini dark chocolate PB cups? I did a side-by-side taste test with Justin’s and found the TJ’s version are WAY yummier! I definitely recommend them!! (You can get a 99 cent bag near the register or one of those plastic tubs)

  18. Quinn is always super cute but he really cracked me up in this posts – especially when he’s playing with the General Mills bottles and then randomly drinks from one haha

    Also, are you guys enjoying Love? I saw it on Netflix last night and watched the trailer. I’m currently watching some iTunes Crossfit videos so I think I might try out Love next.

  19. Thank you Tina for putting a smile on my face, All 3 of my boys are young men now and I love, love reading today’s posting and remembering the “Good Ole’ Days” Quinn is absolutely adorable!

  20. I love Love! I just watched the whole season on Netflix. Made me laugh. Quinn and Murphy look like good brothers! So sweet!

  21. Coloring is my little girl’s favorite thing ever! She loves trying to figure out what color she is using. She doesn’t know them yet, but we are working on it. 🙂 I would love to know where you got that awesome little lunch tray for Quinn? I need one!

  22. These are my favorite posts! My daughter was born the day after Quinn so it’s been a treat to follow you through your pregnancy up until today. I also work from home so it’s great to be able to see another Mother’s Day in the life while raising a toddler. I started reading your blog seven years ago and look forward to reading about the journeys you and your family have gone through over the years. Thank you for sharing your life with us every day!

  23. Wow, Quinn eats just like my grandson David. They are about the same age and like they same things–NOTHING! Ha, well almost nothing. Your day looks awesome! I have to tell you–you are such a good mommy. Enjoy this age, it goes by really fast. 🙂

  24. My husband and I just finished the entire season of Love last weekend. We really liked it. Although, I didn’t care much for Mickey’s character. But, Gus is adorable!

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