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A certain little someone turns 2 years old today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, QUINN!!!), so I thought it was the perfect time to write another Day in the Life post. Although, the day that I picked to blog about (Monday) actually ended up being kind of downer. Quinn and I are feeling better today, and I figured you guys would want to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of our day, so I decided to blog about it anyway. Hey, just keeping it real for you guys!

6:38 AM: After a rough night of sleep (Q-man woke up a few times + multiple UC flare bathroom trips), Mal wakes me up to say that he needs to leave for school. Quinn is already awake and hanging out downstairs, which means my wonderful and amazing husband let me sleep in. <3

6:40 AM: I (literally) stumble downstairs (6+ weeks of flare symptoms = super lightheaded when I stand up) and head into the living room to hang out with Quinn. During this time, I take approximately 5 million trips to the bathroom. Clearly, things are going well on the UC front.

7:19 AM: I make Quinn some breakfast. He eats one bite of cereal and signs “all done.” Ok then.

IMG_7889 (1280x1280)

7:23 AM: I make myself breakfast: Two eggs on gluten-free toast.

IMG_7890 (1280x1280)

7:25 AM: I take a few bites of breakfast and then help Quinn build a blanket fort. He plays while I eat.

IMG_7913 (1280x1280)

7:31 AM: Quinn and I play and play and play some more.

IMG_7897 (1280x1280)

7:51 AM: At one point, Quinn decides that Murphy is not allowed on the pug couch and a mini meltdown ensues. I try to explain that Murphy is allowed to be on this particular couch, but Quinn doesn’t agree. Despite my best efforts to distract him, his mini meltdown turns into a full-blown tantrum. I realize Quinn is probably hungry, so I pick him up and bring him over to the blender in the kitchen. I ask him if he wants a smoothie and he immediately starts to calm down.

IMG_7914 (1280x1280)

8:09 AM: Smoothie success!

IMG_7915 (960x1280)

8:11 AM: Quinn is content with his smoothie, so I get myself ready for CrossFit. I get dressed and make a protein shake to bring with me (collagen + OJ – I add water post-workout).

IMG_7909 (1280x1280)

8:30 AM (on the dot): I call my GI doctor’s office to see if I can get an appointment because I’m really not doing well. Thankfully, his NP has a cancellation for later that afternoon, so I take the appointment and then pray that Mal can leave work early to watch Quinn.

8:40 AM: Quinn and I leave for CrossFit.

8:55 AM: We arrive at CrossFit. Quinn plays while I work out.

IMG_7916 (1280x1280)

10:00 AM: Class is over, which means it’s playtime for the kiddos!

IMG_7922 (1280x1280)

10:30 AM: Quinn and I stop by the pet store next door to say “hi” to the puppies and birds (obviously) and then we drove home. On the ride, Quinn falls asleep. He was so tired.

IMG_7926 (1280x1280)

10:55 AM: I put Quinn down for a nap, take a shower, and get dressed for the day. I’m suddenly starving, so I house a Chocolate Hazelnut Butter-Filled Clif Bar (that was waiting for me on my doorstep when I arrived home) and it tastes pretty darn delicious!

IMG_7927 (1280x1280)

11:15 AM: It’s lunch and food prep time! I wasn’t able to do my usual Sunday prep the day before, so I whip up all sorts of tasty recipes for the week, including a number of veggie dishes from Mollie Katzen’s The Vegetable Dishes I Can’t Live Without, which is an old favorite. Remember when I met her back in 2009? She was so cool.

IMG_7930 (1280x1280)

I make Spinach-Artichoke Gratin, Arugula Pesto, Brussels Sprouts Braised in Maple Mustard Sauce, Coconut Ginger Carrots (I fed the ends to Murphy), and a Hash Brown Breakfast Bake.

IMG_7929 (1280x1280)

12:11 PM: I finish prepping and clean up the kitchen.

IMG_7932 (1280x1280)

12:39 PM: Lunchtime! On the menu: Spinach-Artichoke Gratin (2 servings) + a hash brown patty that was leftover after making the Breakfast Bake.

IMG_7934 (1280x1280)

12:49 PM: I break out my laptop and answer some emails.

1:11 PM: Quinn wakes up from his nap. We cuddle on the couch and watch TV while he wakes up.

1:31 PM: I make Quinn some lunch, but he’s not interested.

IMG_7939 (1280x1280)

1:45 PM: Mal is able to leave work early (hooray!!), so I drive into Boston for my appointment.

2:46 PM: I arrive a little early, so I swing by Whole Foods and grab a smoothie.

IMG_7942 (1280x1280)

3:00 PM: I meet with the NP. We chat. I ask her a million questions. We come up with a plan (more drugs). Miraculously, I don’t cry while I’m in her office, but I am extremely frustrated (with my body) when I leave.

4:00 PM: I drive home and battle rush hour traffic.

5:31 PM: I arrive home and immediately hear crying when I open the front door. Mal hands me a puke-covered Quinn and then asks: “Do you want to give him a bath or clean the couch?” Well, hello. Haha! I opt for bath duties and head up stairs to clean off poor Quinn. (He ends up coming home from daycare the next day with Hand, Mouth, and Foot Disease. We actually thought he had poison ivy on his feet when we sent him that morning. Oops!)

IMG_7956 (1280x1280)

5:45 PM: I give Quinn a quick bath (he’s crying the whole time, so I hurry through it), get him dressed in clean clothes, and take his temp. I grab the Motrin and then we head downstairs together. I give him some, put Finding Nemo on TV, and then we cuddle on the couch.

IMG_7950 (960x960)

5:58 PM: I’m hungry, so I reheat some of the food that I made earlier in the day. I ask Quinn if he’s hungry, but he shakes his head no.

IMG_7958 (1280x1280)

6:05 PM: Even though Quinn says he’s not hungry, I bring him a sippy cup of water and some crackers, which he grabs out of my hand, but doesn’t eat any of them.

IMG_7963 (1280x1280)

6:53 PM: Quinn and I continue to watch Finding Nemo. I’m feeling snacky, so I bring a box of Peanut Butter Puffins into the living room. Quinn wants some too, so I give him a snack cup full of them. He’s finally eating! Hooray!

IMG_7969 (1280x1280)

7:25 PM: Quinn finishes his Puffins, so I take him upstairs to brush his teeth. We read books and then I put him to bed.

9:15 PM: I’m hungry again (my appetite is always so weird when I’m in a flare), so I make a piece of toast with PB2 + liquid coconut oil and a glass of OJ mixed with collagen while Mal and I watch Friday Night Lights. We actually started the series awhile ago, but didn’t stick with it. We recently started watching it again and now we’re hooked!

IMG_7970 (1280x1280)

9:30 PM: Mal and I head upstairs to bed.

9:45 PM: Lights out.

The end.



  1. Hi Tina!

    Do your UC symptoms affect working out, or do you have certain medicine you take that helps stop the flare for workout time? I find that is the most frustrating part – I can’t seem to workout without having to run to the bathroom a million times 🙁

    1. I don’t, but workouts involve a lot of planning. I usually wake up really early to eat breakfast and deal with bathroom stuff. By the time I get to CF or go for a run, things have usually worked themselves out.

  2. Why go to Crossfit and put your body through a strenuous workout if you are already feeling worn down and terrible? That makes zero sense. What does your doctor say about that?

    1. My doctor is really supportive about exercise and says it doesn’t affect the disease. If anything, high-intensity exercise actually temporarily lowers the immune system. I really enjoy exercise and it makes me feel like a normal (healthy) person at least for a little while, so I try to stay active. Workouts just take a bit of planning! And, of course, everyone is different. I’ve learned how to deal with life living with a flare. I’m also not as sick as a lot of people with IBD, and I appreciate that and make the most of my health.

      1. @Tina: My autoimmune doctor told me that if I’m basically ****ing blood, not to work out, especially not do something like CF. I know all AI diseases and people are different, but I cannot imagine doing crossfit with a flare.

        1. This is probably TMI, but the last 5 years of my life has been basically that. It’s either live my life the best I can or miss out on it.

          1. Or you could give your body the chance it needs to actually heal, and then pick up the strenuous workouts again. The symptoms are a sign that your body is not healthy or happy.

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet boy. The pictures and stories you share a out him crack me up. I’m so sorry that your flare has been so hard to get under control. My bestie has Chron’s Disease and over the last 15+ years I’ve watched as she has gone through the period of adjusting after her initial diagnosis, flares, medications, diet changes, alternative interventions, you name it. It all feel pretty unfair at times. I hope you latest plan does the trick to get you back to a better place. You do such a great job of staying positive but I’m sure it is so hard. I admire your strength through it all!

  4. My son also had hand, foot, and mouth disease but in March. Warning, it’s very contagious to adults. I had hardly any reaction but my poor husband really got it badly. Google and read forums of adults complaining about getting the disease. Its highly contagious through vomit and poop so with your story, I hope you and Mal don’t get it!

    1. @Nikki: My husband got HF&M when my daughter had it (when she was about 2). It is really contagious. Q will probably enjoy smoothies above anything else for a few days. Hope he has a nice birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Quinn! I’m glad to hear that he is feeling better. I actually received a note from my son’s daycare about Hand, Mouth and Foot Disease the other day… anyways thanks for the great post. I hope you feel better too.

  6. So you took a child who wasn’t feeling well to a daycare and you worked out before you went to the doctor because you felt so awful? These things do not compute.

      1. “We actually thought he had poison ivy on his feet when we sent him that morning” .
        You still should have kept him home if you didnt have a diagnosis for this and you just assumed thats what he had. It’s irresponsible to send your child to daycare with any kind of illness.

      2. Yes im aware of that, but you didnt KNOW what he had…you assumed…and it ended up being wrong.

      3. @Tina: Tina – I appreciate your honesty in this post (and all of them). It is hard to read such vile comments towards this post since I usually enjoy reading the comments. I have no idea what someone with UC goes through and find your insight very interesting. High five to you that you are still able to work out! I had hands, foot, and mouth disease a few years back (I don’t have children and wasn’t even around any and didn’t even know the disease existed) and initially went to work – I survived, my co-workers didn’t contract it, and now it’s just a funny story. Thanks for sharing the great and not so great days of life 🙂

    1. @Brandi:
      As a fellow Mother I think we need to support each other, not bring each other down with rude comments regarding ones parenting. Lets all try and write things that have a positive purpose – you’ll be amazed at how good it will make you and others feel.

    2. @Brandi:


      She is human! I’m sorry, but that’s not fair to judge her at all. I recently had my 4 year old tell me his ear wouldn’t listen in the morning but then he would be fine after breakfast. He would be so tired at night, I chalked it up to ohhhhh he’s just burning energy, we’ve been playing lots and it’s summer warm days! His ears and sneezing was probably because we’ve been out in the yard a lot…he would act fine in the morning. One day I saw that his eyes looked different and I immediately took him. He had strep throat! I felt terrible! I had been sending him to school and play dates and he had strep! Highly contagious! Mom-FAIL! But, great thing is my friends that I hung out with didn’t judge me! Maybe you shouldn’t either.

  7. Natalie and Brandi –
    You two are the worst. So rude. I hope you both feel terrible for being so inconsiderate and choose to think before you post something behind your computer screen again.

    1. While being rude is not the answer, I thought some of the same things reading this. As a parent who HAS to work outside of the home and take my child to daycare, I find it very rude to take a child that had a fever less than 24 hours ago to daycare. I end up taking lots of sick days due to this type of behavior. I am more concerned with the fever…. most daycare require that you are 24 hours fever free and to ignore that is rude. @Jen:

      1. @sb: She said she took his temp, not whether or not he had a fever. What if it was only 99?? You’re telling me you’d keep your apparently perfectly healthy kid home because he had a temp of 99 the afternoon before?? I certainly wouldn’t, but regardless, not your kid, not your place to judge.

      1. @Erin B: You can only say that when it’s something not affecting others. But, HFM is highly contagious and painful. By taking her child to daycare so soon after a high fever she affected the kids, the teachers, the parents, etc. Not everyone has the luxury of working from home and she most likely made many lives more difficult with her selfishness.

  8. So sorry you aren’t feeling well! Hope you can find a good solution soon! Any thoughts on fully embracing a plant based diet to see if it helps? I’ve read lots of nutrition books about plant based diets improving overall health. Check out T. Colin Campbell! And the book The China Study Just suggestions 🙂

    It’s great exercise helps you feel better!

    Hand foot and mouth is the worst! My son has had it twice which means I’ve had it twice! Usually I have fever with a sore in my mouth. My son had it all over his butt! Just awful. Hope he feels better quickly!

  9. Happy Birthday to Quinn ; hope you both start feeling better soon!
    I LOVE Friday Night Lights!!! Season 2 kind of goes off the rails (hello writer’s strike) but the rest of the series is amazing!

  10. You break my heart!!! I hate reading when you have flares…you’re also so inspirational that you feel like crud but you get up and still go to the gym.

    FYI: hand foot mouth is the worst!!! So sorry Quinn. Supposedly it’s one of those diseases if you get once he won’t get again! Hopefully that’s the case for Q-man!!!

  11. It’s the worst when our kids are sick! I hope you guys are doing better today! And, Happy Birthday Quinn!!!
    Girl, you are awesome! I can’t even workout when my stomach is on the fritz! IBD is difficult!

  12. Hand, Foot and Mouth is so not fun! My son had it at 6 months and again (but super mild) a year later! The pits!

    And that’s amazing you have a daycare you can drop off so soon after a fever and pukes…we have to keep him for at least 24 hours with just one.

    1. We have the same policy at our daycare (including diarrhea). Hopefully Q is on the mend and stays home the rest of the week since HFM is extremely contagious!

    2. @Jessica: Same policy at our daycare. It is 100% necessary to keep kids from spreading stuff around and keep parents from constantly missing work.

  13. Happy birthday Quinn!!! Sorry you both had a rough day, sick babies are heartbreaking (but also very snuggly!). Also sorry you have to deal with such rude posters, good grief….

  14. I admire you and am inspired by the fact that you continue to push yourself with workouts even though you battle UC issues!
    My kids used to get hand, foot, mouth at the beginning of every summer. They’d get it from the town pool but symptoms were always limited to the mouth and fever. Never saw rash.
    Lastly, I commend you for never lashing out at people’s judgmental comments on your posts. I crack up how people feel they know everything about your situation(s) because they read your blog and feel the need to be nasty about stuff. You’re a better person than me!

  15. Happy Birthday to Quinn!!
    Sorry you had such a tough time, but glad Quinn is feeling better. Hope you are too! Hopefully, the new meds will do the trick!
    On a side note, I really like the new look of your blog, but the banner with drop downs is so large it is hard to see all a picture as I scroll through. It really takes up a large portion of the screen, and it makes you see much less of the post. Not sure if it’s just my computer view or an issue for others, but I figured I would let you know just in case.

    1. @Nancy: I second this! I absolutely love the new aesthetic, but since you can’t scroll down from the header, it’s hard to view very much of the post at once. Keep up the great work, Tina, and I hope you and Quinn feel better soon!

  16. It never ceases to amaze me the nasty things people can write to bloggers when they’re hiding behind their keyboard. Thanks for being so open and honest on your blog…it’s one of my favorites. You know your body, you know your baby, you are a grown, smart woman who, shockingly can make it through life without the nasty comments from strangers. 🙂

    I was diagnosed years (probably 16 years?) ago with IBD – I’ve learned over the years that I believe it was a misdiagnosis because I actually, rarely, have any symptoms anymore and if I do, they are very, very short lived and I don’t need to see a doctor or do any intervening. I’m so grateful for that and knowing how my short lived bouts with whatever it is I experience affect me, I can’t imagine what you go through. I hope you get some relief and some answers soon.

    My oldest son had hand, foot, and mouth when he was about 3. I also thought he had some weird rash too. I gave him some Benadryl, rubbed some calamine on it, and sent him to school also. He wasn’t even complaining about it and had/has always had pretty sensitive skin so I didn’t think anything of it. Turned out, HFM had been going around and the school never sent anything home to any other parents. It’s a very common thing apparently, but it was scary since I’d never heard of it!!

  17. Tina, I pray that you find some relieve soon. How you deal with UC flares and a toddler, I don’t know but you are one tough Mama.

    I went to pick up my 19-month old at daycare and they have posted that a child has Hand, Mouth, and Foot Disease – I pray Bryce doesn’t get it. Poor Quinn!

    I have found that when my little guy has a tantrum, more times than not he’s actually hungry! I’m so happy I’ve realized this because now its the first thing I think of! Because boy, his “hangry” mood is not fun! He also get’s really upset with our dog too sometimes, lol.

  18. His poor face! I remember when Ellie was sick with an ear infection AND strep throat a couple months ago. Before we realized that’s what it was it was awful because she looked like that pretty much all the time. But on a happier note, happy birthday Quinn!

  19. Hope you feel better soon, Tina! As a fellow mom with a chronic illness, you’re such an inspiration to me. I’m so sorry things are rough for you right now.

  20. Well my goodness. How dare you try to retain a sense of happiness and normalcy in your life by working out during a flare. It might not work for everyone but we each have to get through the day the best we can.

    Also, how dare you be human and not know IMMEDIATELY with 100% accuracy what is wrong with your child. How dare you make a mistake. I never realized how many perfect mothers there were in the world until I became one myself. I am honestly terrified to make mom freidns with all the judgments that circle around.

    I get the snark about exercise, fine. But it makes me so upset and uncomfortable when we judge mothering. ESPECIALLY when it is beyond obvious that Quinn is very loved and very blessed to have the parents and life he has. There are so many truly abused and neglected children in the world and I wish some of these commentors would take their soap box over to them and make a real difference.

  21. I’m so sorry about the nasty comments above. I got through reading this blog and just said, “whew”. With your UC symptoms, taking care of a sick child, and maintaining a sense of normalcy, the struggle is real. Also, these readers need to remember you’re a first time mom and you don’t know all the symptoms of HFM disease or anything like that – you wouldn’t intentionally take Quinn to a daycare if he’s sick!

    You’re doing a great job!!

  22. Happy Birthday Quinn!!! That picture of him watching Nemo is HEARTBREAKING! 🙁 I hate when they’re sick! I hope he’s feeling better and enjoys his birthday!

  23. Happy Birthday Quinn!

    Tina you are doing an amazing job! I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to deal with the flare. I think all of us parents who are being honest with ourselves have sent a child to daycare and later ended up finding out a symptom was not what we thought. You make the best decision you can with what you know and that’s all any of us can expect. Seriously mad respect for you managing it all! Take care and I hope you feel better soon!

  24. Happy Birthday Quinn!! He’s absolutely precious 🙂

    I hope you both feel better soon! I think my favorite part of the post was you coming home to Mal saying “do you want to clean the kid or couch?” LOL! #marriage

  25. It’s been a couple of days since I’ve been to your site and I hate to leave yet another negative comment on this post, but the new layout makes it very hard to read a post. The heading is large and now that it stays in place it’s really hard to read the actual post.

  26. Happy Birthday Quinn! hope you are both feeling better!

    I’m sorry that you have to defend yourself for doing healthy things that make you feel physically/mentally better and other people clearly know nothing about- and I’m even more sorry that you feel you have to do the same for your parenting with a healthy, happy kid! I hope that the support and positivity from everyone else far outweighs that negativity!

  27. Happy birthday Quinn! That pic of him with the sad face and red eyes is so adorable. I’m sorry to hear how rough things are on the UC front right now. Sending positive thoughts your way that things pick up for you.

  28. Happy birthday to Quinn–and so sorry you had such a rough Monday! I complain a lot about working out even when I feel GREAT. The fact that you can do such high intensity workouts when you’re feeling so terrible is definitely inspiring me to whine less and work harder! I so hope things get easier soon.

    PS Any chance you’re running the BAA 10k this year or have done it before?? It’s my first 10k! I still haven’t run more than 4.5 miles, so I’m getting a little nervous, but gorgeous days like today make it seem doable! 🙂

  29. Happy birthday to Quinn!!

    Im sorry you guys are under the weather, get well soon! We have had HFM many times (seems to be a summer thing) and you can get it from anywhere. Our littles wouldn’t eat either (sore throat, mouth sores) so we tried cold blended smoothies, popsicles, and smooth stuff (yogurt, pudding) that would feel good on the way down. This too will pass, you are doing a great job momma!!

    Thanks for sharing .

  30. I am brand new to your blog (discovered via Pinterest). I wanted to say that I appreciate your honest disclosure of the difficulties of feeding a 2 year old! My son just turned 2 in April, and we are having an extremely difficult time with mealtimes right now. He hardly ever eats anything, and I feel that he still doesn’t understand me enough to be very strict about it. I don’t want to spoil him by giving in to his every wish, but I also need to avoid the meltdowns at every meal! Also, preparing 3 meals a day that he completely ignores is exhausting. I just wanted to say that it is refreshing to know that there are others out there struggling with the same things. I’m excited to keep following your blog. Hope your day is better today!

  31. You are such a trooper! Flares are the WORST. Through the rose colored glasses of the internet it’s so refreshing to see someone being so honest. No clue if this is helpful for you, but has your doctor tested you for SIBO (lactulose breath test)? If you’re curious, check out Dr. Allison Siebecker. She has some great info on how it’s a common cause of IBD flares. I’m sure you get SO sick of everyone giving you unsolicited advice, but I just had to say something in case it’s a missing piece for you.

  32. My kids went through hfm last winter. It took my toddler about a week to want to eat normally because their throats hurt with it. Smoothies and liquid things can be good options. I contracted it too, and it was the worst sore throat of my life. I hope you avoid! Good luck, hfm was not fun.

  33. HFM sucks when they are that age. Does he have the sores in his mouth? Maybe that is why he won’t eat. That was the case when my 2 year old got it. It was a rough few days.
    Hope he’s well enough to enjoy his birthday!

  34. Man people can be so judgy. Hope you both feel better.
    My husband got HF&M when my daughter had it (when she was about 2). It is really contagious. Q will probably enjoy smoothies above anything else for a few days. Hope he has a nice birthday!

  35. Happy birthday to Quinn! I hope that he (and you) feel better soon! HFM is such a sneaky disease. My son (almost 21 months now) has had it twice. The first time he had it, we barely noticed the sores as he only had a few and they were in spots we didn’t notice like between his toes and fingers. The second time he had sores in his throat so the poor thing was having troubles eating (maybe Q has the same?) so we gave him a lot of yogurt, smoothies, hummus, and soft scrambled eggs as per our pediatrician’s suggestion. Hope you both are feeling better to celebrate his birthday this weekend 🙂

  36. Happy, Happy Birthday to Quinn!

    I am so sorry that people feel the need to be so rude and judgmental toward another mother! My children are a little older now and I can remember going through so many of the things that you talk about on your blog. I think your honesty is refreshing and I hope you are feeling better quickly.

  37. Happy birthday, Quinn! Tina, I’ve been following your blog since 2010 and it’s a favorite part of my morning routine to read your posts. Thank you for sharing your life so honestly and openly with us. I think you’re awesome for trying your very best to do the things that make you happy as you simultaneously are dealing with a very difficult condition. You rock!

  38. Yikes are people quick to judge here! Just wanted to say you’re doing a remarkable job as a mommy and dealing with an extremely frustrating illness! As a mom of two myself, I’ve come to despise the mom shaming that occurs. I totally get what you’re saying when it comes to exercise….you can either live your life as it makes you happy or let UC control every aspect even more than it already does. I really hope you don’t let these negative comments diminish how open and honest you are on your blog. It’s my daily go-to! 🙂

  39. SO sorry you had a rough day! Thankfully we get to wake up and start over again the next day. Hope you get your meds figured out to feel better. We had HFM last fall but luckily it was mild.

  40. Sorry people are all up in your grill on such a celebratory day for your family… Happy birthday Quinn!
    My daughter is 19 mos and she doesn’t eat well at all. Just a few bites here and there. She is off the charts in the wrong direction. 🙁 Would love a post on tips/techniques you have learned over the past year!

  41. Oh, man. I don’t have kids or an autoimmune disease, and I can’t imagine how tough it must be to deal with your own illness AND a sick kid simultaneously! That you can even laugh about it in this post shows great perspective. Happy birthday to Quinn, and may you both feel better in the near future!

  42. So sorry to hear about Quinn and HFM. I’m a long time reader but never commented 🙂

    I have a 17 month old and she got HFM a few months ago. It was horrible. My older daughter miraculously didn’t get it which was encouraging at least.

    Just wanted to give you a high five for being a great mom and sending you patience and good health to Quinn. My daughter seemed to be ‘sick’ for only 2 day sand then she was covered in sores, but acted fine and normal. I hope the same goes for you guys.

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