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Good morning!

It’s time for another Day in the Life post! Qman turns 2 years and 4 months later this week, so I thought it was the perfect time to share a look into life at this age, which, I have to admit, is a very fun age. I love that he’s finally talking. He already says the funniest things! Ok, here we go!

6:03 AM: I wake up and immediately look at the time on my phone. I went to bed at 7:00 PM the night before (life finally caught up with me), so I know I can’t sleep away the morning. Carpe diem!

6:05 PM: Qman is still sleeping, so I head downstairs, pour myself an iced coffee with collagen and coconut milk, and immediately start to answer emails on my laptop. Mal is already awake and just finishing up breakfast, so we chat for a couple of minutes and then he heads upstairs to get ready for school.

IMG_2117 (1280x960)

6:40 AM: Mal leaves for school.

6:42 AM: I hear Quinn on the baby monitor, so I pack up my laptop and head upstairs to get him. He immediately asks me about “Murpee,” who is still snoozing away in our bed. Lazy dog.

6:44 AM: Quinn and I go into our bedroom and wake up Murphy. (They’re the cutest, right?) FYI: Qman is “fake sleeping” in the photo below. He even fake snores. Ha! Fake sleeping runs in the family.

IMG_2123 (1280x960)

6:53 AM: While playing on our bed, Quinn discovers my earplugs on the bedside table. He’s totally enthralled by them and loves feeling how “squishy” they are, so I tell him he can play with them downstairs. I take him downstairs into the living room and then head back upstairs to help Murphy down.

IMG_2127 (1280x960)

7:00 AM: I feed Murphy and then let him outside to go the bathroom. I throw in a load of laundry.

7:09 AM: I grab my iced coffee and then join Quinn in the living room. He’s moved on from earplug to pliers.

IMG_2130 (960x1280)

7:20 AM: I change Quinn’s diaper and then get him dressed for the day. I get myself dressed, which is workout clothes with tinted moisturizer and mascara, so I can go out in public later on.

7:35 AM: I pack up the “no’s” from my most recent Stitch Fix. I did, though, keep the black boots pictured below! 🙂

IMG_2142 (1280x960)

7:39 AM: I make breakfast for Quinn and me. (Murphy is obviously hungry again.)

IMG_2145 (960x1280)

7:47 AM: Time to eat! Qman has pancakes, yogurt, and milk (no grapes).

IMG_2149 (1280x960)

I eat a piece of egg bake and breakfast potatoes with ketchup.

IMG_2150 (1280x960)

8:19 AM: Quinn grabs his painting smock from the cabinet in his playroom, which means it’s time to get crafty! He paints while I clean up from breakfast.

IMG_2161 (960x1280)

8:31 AM: Painting doesn’t last all that long and, before I know it, we’re chasing each other around the house with trucks and trains!

IMG_2167 (1280x1280)

8:37 AM: While running around the house, Quinn discovers a piece of (dog) “food” and stops to give it to Murphy. Haha!

IMG_2171 (1280x1280)

8:41 AM: I notice that Quinn’s fingernails are getting long, so I bribe him with an episode of Dinotrux. I cut his nails and let him finish the episode while I reply to a few time-sensitive emails.

IMG_2178 (1280x960)

9:15 AM: It’s time for Quinn’s weekly Early Intervention session at our house. He plays. We practice new words (i.e. colors, animals, numbers). His EI specialist recommends a new puzzle because Qman has outgrown/mastered all of his old ones. (I purchase it as soon as she leaves. We do puzzles every single day in our house, so I’m sure he’d love a new one!)

IMG_2180 (960x1280)

10:35 AM: Qman starts to get a little cranky, so it’s snacktime as soon as his EI session ends. He has a banana, cinnamon alphabet cookies (from Trader Joe’s), and water. FYI: The alphabet cookies are really great for practicing!

IMG_2182 (1280x960)

I also eat a snack, which includes Quinn’s leftover grapes from breakfast.

IMG_2183 (1280x960)

10:49 AM: We head out for a late-morning adventure to Hornstra Farms.

11:05 AM: When we arrive, Qman immediately starts saying “out, out, OUT” and then literally runs to see the cows!

IMG_2189 (960x1280)

IMG_2206 (1280x960)

11:15 AM: We go inside to make a few purchases.

IMG_2215 (1280x960)

11:19 AM: We head outside again to run around and play some more.

IMG_2217 (1280x960)

11:21 AM: Quinn makes a cat friend.

IMG_2229 (1280x960)

IMG_2237 (1280x1280)

IMG_2242 (1280x1280)

11:51 AM: We leave Hornstra and drive home. We arrive home, and I make lunch.

12:29 AM: Time for lunch! Pizza, cucumber slices, and apple cider mixed with water for Quinn.

IMG_2249 (1280x960)

Leftover chicken fajitas over cauliflower rice for me.

IMG_2247 (1280x960)

12:50 PM: I put Quinn down for a nap.

12:55 PM: I go back downstairs and immediately start making a new recipe for CNC.


CNC’s #1 employee “helps” me in the kitchen.


1:55 PM: I finish the recipe, photos, and clean up the kitchen.

2:11 PM: I snack on a couple of Peanut Butter Protein Balls. I also eat some chocolate Cheerios (stress-eating at its best!). Then, I sit down at my laptop and get to work.

IMG_2251 (1280x960)

3:45 PM: Qman is still napping, which means we probably won’t make it to KFIT by 4:30 pm, so I cancel my booking just in case the class has a waitlist.

4:00 PM: I hear Qman over the baby monitor. Someone is awake! I take Quinn downstairs.

4:03 PM: We cuddle on the couch while he wakes up.

4:19 PM: We take Murphy for a walk!


4:40 PM: We swing by the house to drop off Murphy and then Quinn and I do a running workout together. It ends up being about 2 miles + 200 walking lunges. My legs feel like Jello by the end.


5:10 PM: We explore the shed and backyard.



5:37 PM: We blow bubbles on the back deck.


5:49 PM: We finally go inside (thank goodness because I’m wearing a sweaty tank top and cold). Waiting on our front steps is a package from my friends at CVS/pharmacy with all sorts of healthier snacks for Halloween. I love snacks, so I’m pumped to try some new ones!


5:55 PM: Dada comes home! We chat for a little while and then he heads upstairs to shower while I throw together dinner.

6:20 PM: Dinner is served! Mal and I eat the recipe that I created during nap time, and it’s a hit! 🙂 Qman eats Annie’s Mac & Cheese, orange slices, and milk.

6:40 PM: Dinner is over, so I clean up the kitchen. Dada and Quinn play.

6:50 PM: I sit down at my laptop and start working on this post.

7:10 PM: Quinn starts yelling “Mama, mama!” from the living room. He’s watching Finding Nemo with Dada and he wants me to watch the whale scene with him (his favorite part), so I happily oblige.

7:11 PM: We cuddle on the couch and speak “whale” together.

7:25 PM: Mal offers to do bedtime, so I can finish this blog post, and I take him up on his offer. (Best husband ever.) He takes Qman upstairs to brush his teeth and get ready for bed. I start working on this post again.

7:39 PM: Qman goes to bed. Mal comes back downstairs, and it’s football time for him.

8:00 PM: Mal breaks out the ice cream sandwiches from Hornstra. I’m not all that hungry, but I ask him for a bite of his and OMGGGGG!!!! It’s the GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER TASTED, so I immediately decide that I want one, too. OMG. SO FRICKIN’ GOOD. Local peeps: Go buy the ice cream sandwiches from Hornstra. They are truly life-changing!

9:15 PM: I finish this blog post and shut down my laptop.

9:16 PM: I join Mal in the living room and fold a load of laundry while watching an episode of Big Bang Theory with him.

9:35 PM: I head upstairs with the laundry basket, but don’t put any of it away. For some reason, putting laundry away for me is the worst chore ever. Haha! I get ready for bed.

9:42 PM: Lights out.

The end.

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  1. Tina – Please make sure you’re cutting Q’s grapes LENGTH-wise if you only cut them once. Looks like they are cut the wrong way in the pics.
    -Sorry – overly paranoid mama here!

      1. Oh my goodness, between this comment and the one correcting 2.4 to 2.33 I just have to quit looking at comments.

  2. As a fellow mama with little ones (and cats!) fascinated by our ear plugs (and someone who had a scary experience) … just be aware that earplugs are a big choking hazard! Just something to consider since it sounds like he was left alone with them.

  3. I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you for telling me about the Hornstra farms ice cream sandwiches.

  4. Fun updates! My twins are just a month older than Quinn. You didn’t mention bath, but I wanted to suggest these bath letters and numbers that stick to the wall of the tub. My son loves playing letters and they both ask me what they are. They get some of them, but others they confuse, which is fine (and absolutely adorable)!

    PS – I KNEW you would get a grapes comment. It sounds like you are eating meals together, which is really awesome, and are not leaving him alone for long stretches, or giving him grapes in the stroller while you run or something, so if he did choke on it you would be right there to handle it. You’re doing an awesome job, Mama!!

  5. Don’t hate me but in your title it says Quinn is 2.4 – actually he’s 2.33, if we’re gonna be technical! 4 months is one third of a year. It’s like when people say their baby is 8.5 pounds when they mean 8 lbs 5 oz. But 8.5 implies your baby is 8 1/2 pounds! (8 lbs 8 oz). OMG I can’t believe I’m that person replying about this, heheh

    1. A lot of toddler parents write their ages like this (i.e. 2.4 = 2 years, 4 months) to make life easier for everyone. I realize 2 years and 4 months is 2 years + 1/3! 🙂

  6. I know they do! I’m just a crazy person haha. I have 3 kids under 4 so I see it all the time. Guess I will just have to accept it 🙂

  7. Hey! I’m a avid Carrots N Cake reader! I’ve noticed you mention a bit about Quinn and his slight language/speech delay. (He seems to be doing great!) I’m curious..have you had success with him working with the Speech Pathologist? My two year old is being evaluated next week for his potential Expressive Speech Delay and I’m looking for all the advice I can get to help and encourage my little Henry.

    1. @Cait: I feel compelled by this topic as well, my son is also 2 years old (2.4 in fact)… I guess you can say that he is a little behind if I compare his speech to my nephew’s (who is also the same age and is capable of having a conversation)… But you know, every child is different and at the end once they start talking, they won’t stop. It’s the same as walking, some takes more time but they all walk sooner or later (my son also started walking a little while after his cousin). I think we shouldn’t compare to much, each child has his own rhythm. 🙂 Hoping the best for your Henry!

  8. 2.4 year old, I should start saying that, it’s so much easier to say it that way! I’m still laughing at your comment on putting laundry away since I also hate it! I don’t mind doing the laundry, folding and all but putting it away is so annoying. The last time I went to Ikea I considered buying 2 more clean-laundry baskets (one for husband, son and myself) and finally decided against it : this would allow so much more procrastination. lol

  9. Oh man. I’d love to full on Day in the Life photo session with your family. I’ve been (quietly) following your blog for years now and it’s awesome to see your family grow. You sure do have a cutie pie!! <3

  10. Hi Tina!
    My little guy turns two next month and I love that you share your day in the life posts with Quinn. It sounds so similar to alot of our days. And I also can’t believe that people are critiquing you on the way you posted his age and how you cut the grapes that as we read on in the post Quinn didn’t even eat. Why are people so judgey?
    I loved reading, made me feel like maybe I’m doing some things right if other Mom’s days look like ours. Take care!

  11. My daughter is now 2 yr and almost 2 months. I really appreciate these posts and your honestly about Q’s development. It sounds like he’s doing awesome! My daughter is an avid babbler and talking in her own language. Very communicative but not much is understandable. She eats much fewer foods than your Q too (sensory). Anyways, I really appreciate your honestly as it helps me appreciate that all kids develop at different rates.

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