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Hi, friends! It’s time for another Day In The Life post!

So, I guess it looks like I’m bringing this blog feature back once a month now since I just wrote one last month when Quinn turned 17 months old. Although, today’s post is a day late. Everything you see is actually from Monday, not yesterday, but you’ll still get the idea! And… 18 months. How did my baby boy get so big?!

6:45 AM: I hear Quinn on the baby monitor. It’s time to wake up! I bring him downstairs. He sits on the couch and drinks some milk and eats part of a “nana.” I turn on Paw Patrol for him and then head into the kitchen to make myself an iced coffee. Two minutes later, I return to Quinn sitting on top of the coffee table. Whoa. It’s his first time doing it, so I am really surprised to see him there. People, we have a climber on our hands!

IMG_0877 (1024x1024)

7:00 AM: I remove Quinn from the coffee table and explain why, but he is not satisfied with what I say, so he begins to throw a tantrum because sitting on the coffee table is obviously the coolest. I diffuse the situation by offering him a smoothie. He does the “smoothie dance” in the kitchen, so I guess the coffee table is a thing of the past.

IMG_0885 (1024x1024)

7:15 AM: Quinn is happy with his smoothie, so I heat up my Pumpkin Crock-Pot Steel-Cut Oatmeal in the microwave (easiest breakfast ever) and add a scoop of Teddie peanut butter.

IMG_0880 (1024x1024)

7:30 AM: Quinn is still into his smoothie and looking at books, so I grab the laundry from the dryer and start folding it.

IMG_0893 (1024x768)IMG_0889 (1024x768)

7:45 AM: It’s time for “ramps and cars” (aka Quinn’s favorite toy ever).

IMG_0896 (1024x768)

He plays with them ALL THE TIME. We actually bought him another set for Christmas, so he’ll be able to make even bigger things! With bigger ramps!

IMG_0902 (1024x1024)

Quinn alternates between playing on my lap and playing on the floor.

IMG_0906 (1024x768)

IMG_0904 (1024x768)

8:15 AM: I get both of us dressed and ready to go to KFIT.

8:45 AM: We read books for a little while before we leave the house.

IMG_0916 (1024x768)

9:30 AM: I work out at KFIT. The workout is a tough one and my quads are shredded by the end, especially after Saturday’s workout and Sunday’s 5K. Ouch. Mandatory rest day on Tuesday.

IMG_0917 (1024x1024)

11:00 AM: We arrive home from KFIT. Quinn falls asleep in the car (he was so tired), so I carry him straight to his crib. I head downstairs to make a protein shake (SFH vanilla Recovery + soy milk + water + a splash of eggnog). I chug half of it and then jump in the shower.

IMG_0918 (1024x1024)

11:20 AM: I get dressed, put away my laundry, and make our bed.

11:30 AM: I have a training session over the phone to learn about the equipment/requirements needed for the clinical study that I am taking part in. It’s really cool. Everything is done via cell phone!

IMG_0920 (1024x768)

12:15 PM: I throw together lunch: Spaghetti squash topped with broccoli, spinach, edamame, and white beans with butter and grated Parmesan on top. Once I finish, I eat a couple of dark chocolate orange date rolls, which are my favorite new treat. Mmmmmmm!

IMG_0922 (1024x768)

12:30 PM: I clean up the kitchen and start the dishwasher. I take out the trash and sort the recycling. I order a new pair of scissors for the kitchen since I super-glued ours shut. (I know.)

1:00 PM: I make myself a mug of tea and sit down to do some work.

2:30 PM: I start to get a little hungry, so I have some yogurt with cinnamon Puffins.

IMG_0924 (1024x768)

3:00 PM: Quinn wakes up from his nap. We hang out for a little while on the couch and then he eats lunch (peanut butter and jelly sandwich + mandarin orange slices + milk).

3:45 PM: The weather is beautiful for December, so Quinn and I take Murphy for a long walk. By the time we’re on our way home, it’s starting to get dark, so we stop and check out the Christmas lights in our neighborhood.

IMG_0927 (1024x768) IMG_0929 (768x1024)

4:30 PM: It’s dinnertime for Murphy, so I let Quinn feed him. We always make Murphy sit before he eats and then Quinn pours (well, dumps) the food into his dish. I say “okay” to let Murphy know he can eat, and Quinn always points to Murphy’s dish. It’s quite adorable. While I put away the dog food scoop, Quinn decides to splash around in Murphy’s water bowl, so I wash his hands and change his shirt.

IMG_0931 (1024x768)

4:45 PM: Mal leaves me a WhatsApp message saying that he won’t be home for a little while, which means we need to reschedule our visit to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa. It was our pick for Day 14 of 24 Days of Togetherness, so Quinn selects another activity for the day: Drink eggnog!

IMG_0936 (1024x768)

5:00 PM: My stomach starts to growl, so I reheat a piece of leftover pizza to snack on while we wait for Mal to get home to eat dinner together. #pugcreep

IMG_0940 (1024x768)

6:00 PM: Mal arrives home and we all sit down for dinner. I eat more leftover pizza + salad.

IMG_0958 (1024x768)

Quinn is super into the salad tongs during dinner. Haha!

IMG_0962 (1024x768)

6:45 PM: We drink eggnog together on the couch while watching Toy Story. As you can see, Quinn is totally mesmerized by it!

IMG_0969 (960x960)

7:15 PM: Mal takes over Quinn’s bedtime routine (bath + books), so I can do a little work. I say goodnight before Mal puts him to bed.

8:30 PM: I make a mug of tea and wrap Christmas gifts while watching TV with Mal. I also eat two more date rolls.

IMG_0971 (1024x768)

9:30 PM: We head upstairs and get ready for bed. We chat a little and laugh at ridiculous videos on Instagram.

9:55 PM: Lights out.

The end.

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  1. My son just learned how to climb on the coffee table too so he can get to the remote controls, which we purposefully put in the middle so he couldn’t reach them! He does it every single time I let him loose in the family room so for now, we are only allowed in the bedroom and office!

  2. Quinn looks alarmingly at home on that coffee table. You could be in for trouble, there 😉 Your post about the eggnog had me at Publix last night searching for some non-dairy ‘nog. I’m going to put some in my next batch of overnight oats!

      1. @Tina: Ha my two year just stopped taking my naps! I’ve tried hard but I’ve realized that stage is over. But instead he is exhausted by the end of the day and is in bed around 7. So now more time at night to get things done.

        Can’t believe he is 18 months already!!

      2. @Tina: I was going to ask the same question, I kept thinking… wait, is Quinn awake yet? Haha, 4 hr nap, what a great bonus time for you to do stuff 🙂 I have discovered I can always determine a growth spurt in my littles by nap length and amount of food eaten at meals!

  3. Oh man this makes me want the be at stay at home mom!! I am reading while on my train ride to work after daycare drop off. Lucky you.

  4. My son turns 18 months tomorrow. He’s similar to Quinn but would never feed the dog without trying to eat the food himself.

  5. I am so envious of Quinn’s naps! My 13 month old won’t nap past an hour – I’m hoping that changes because he wakes up cranky!

    We went to Bass Pro Shop on Friday afternoon. What a great place to walk around with a toddler, so many animals to see. And the Santa was super nice, granted we weren’t able to sit with him because there was a two hour wait 🙁 but he waved at us from afar. If we lived close I’d try a week night. Maybe next year!

    1. Everything! I always do a yogurt and milk base, but the rest of the ingredients change. Some recent ones this week: white beans, avocado, sweet potatoes, frozen spinach, frozen peas, bok choy, edamame, eggnog, cinnamon Puffins, cottage cheese, rolled oats, ground flax, chia seeds, all kinds of frozen fruit.

  6. So this is going to be kind of a weird comment but… I love your day in the life posts! Many years ago I was obsessively calorie counting and not focused on fitness except for burning calories. Reading blogs, primarily yours, helped me to see that you didn’t have to live that way. Now, I’m on a mission to spread the idea of happy and healthy can go together. I work with so many moms who feel guilty for a piece of pizza even though they ate tons of veggies that day and overall did well. As always, you showing real life balance is possible is such a positive message! Oh and Quinn= adorable!

  7. I stopped mid-way through reading this to feed my dog, who I accidentally just called Murphy! Haha. Not his name. I think we love our pups the same though (aka A LOT), so it works!

  8. I am so jealous of the 4 hour nap! That is crazy!!! Although you are “stuck” at home during those times, it gives you free time!

    I only use snapchat when I text one of my good friend who lives abroad so it doesn’t cost me anything – but I definitely only text my close friends/relatives here. Can I ask why you use snapchat to communicate with Mal?

  9. My son was not very adventurous when it came to climbing except for once…he moved a small end table we had in his room for him to play on into the center of the room…piled his little rocking chair onto that and then climbed onto both pieces and I just happened to walk in to find him wobbling in the rocking chair trying to reach the chain for his ceiling fan and light. He wanted it on! Doing it himself. Yikes.

  10. Splash around in the dog’s water bowl is a classic here too! And mine also started to sit on the coffee table”¦ and that’s not the only thing he likes to climb on or from : one week ago we had to transitioned him from his crib to a toddler bed because he will jump out of his crib, so dangerous! :S He is still very confused about the toddler bed now, I often find him wondering around in his bedroom during the night. I guess it will take some time to adapt!

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