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I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hi, friends!

It’s my last day in Yuma (heading home soon), so I wanted to share a fun survey with you guys. Feel free to play along in the comment section and share what is currently on your mind!

Current Celebration: My college roommate’s wedding this week. I can’t wait to celebrate the big day with her! Yes! YESSS!!

Current Confession: I ate approximately 5,000 date calories yesterday and still want to eat more today!

SAM_4139 (1024x683)

Current Product Find: Natural Delights Pumpkin Spice Rolls. They are heavenly!

IMG_7692 (1024x1024)

Current Plan: KFIT Fall Fit Challenge and, boy, do I need it!

Current Book: I’m working through about a dozen issues of US Weekly. I used to read an issue every Friday night before bed, but now I just pass out. Haha!

Current Purchase: TOMS from Zulily. I bought two pairs during the sale last week.

Current Drink: Hotel room iced coffee with vanilla creamer. (I made hot coffee last night and chilled it in the fridge overnight.)


Current Holy Moly: Natural Delights makes their date rolls by hand. I watched workers roll the date paste in shredded coconut and then cut the rolls with a pizza cutter. I was so surprised the process wasn’t done by a machine. It was honestly incredible.

IMG_7701 (1024x768)

Current Show: Big Brotherrrrrrrrr! We’re getting down to the end! If you watch, who do you think should win? Even though I think Vanessa is a nut, I think she deserves to win. She’s quite a puppet master!

Current Want: This dining room set from Pottery Barn. Mal and I are in love with it; we just need to pull the trigger. Related: Did you know PB offers free design services? Brittany told me all about her experience with one of their interior designers and now I really want to do a consultation too!

Current Obsession: Booties! Especially gray suede booties. I really like this pair. Yay? I might just have to buy them!

Question of the Day

Your turn! Pick 3 “currents” and answer them below.



  1. Current Drink: Cherry Greek Yogurt Smoothie because it’s still so darn hot in AZ!

    Current Show: Housewives of Orange County. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to get enough of those crazy ladies.

    Current Book: Leap! It’s about a woman who had her dream job & suddenly just could not take it anymore and left without a next job or thing. I feel a lot like her in so many ways. The stress of corporate america is incredible & my health is taking a major hit for it.

  2. Current celebration: Today is my big 3-0 birthday!!!!
    Current confession: I had a regular pumpkin spice latte from DD (free birthday coupon) with a cinnamon donut and it was delicious!
    Current want: A pair of Saucony pro-ride 8s that I cannot afford!

  3. I love that you watch Big Brother too! I definitely think Vanessa has played a really good game, but holy moly the water works are getting to me! And she’s already a millionaire…I’m rooting for Johnny Mac!! He’s definitely a little bit crazy but in such a hilarious and entertaining way!

  4. Current plan: stay healthy for princess half marathon (have plantar fasciitis in BOTH feet so had to scrap training for a bit)

    Current TV: Gilmore girl marathon – never watched this ever before

    Current obsession: planning my daughter’s rainbow themed bday party by buying useful goody bag items including etsy made rainbow paper seed bombs

  5. FYI that I bought those Sam Edelman Petty booties from Amazon last fall/winter because I thought they were super cute and I hated them. Tried two sizes. I have slim ankles and they made my ankles look fat, were uncomfortable and the heel is super low (like only an inch?). I think the short heel is what gives you cankles. Good luck in the suede bootie search! I ended up buying a pair with clog heels from coclico. Great company, expensive but good quality and ethical.

  6. Definitely agree about BB. I actually got so annoyed with this season so I stopped watching a while ago, but I still follow along with evictions. She’s definitely run the game from the beginning!

  7. Current Drink: Chocolate avocado no fruit protein smoothie…because I just didn’t feel like dinner!

    Current Snack: Coyo coconut yogurt (3 ingredients!) with homemade matcha nutola!

    Current Want: Wellies! I’m working at the Irish Ploughing Championship all next week!!! It will be MUDDY!

  8. HAHA. YUMA. Oh geez. I lived there for two years while my husband was stationed at the Marine Air Station and I worked at the Yuma Proving Ground. Once, when I was flying home for Christmas, the same person that checked me in at the airport loaded my bags onto the plane.

  9. I have those Petty boots in the dark grey suede and love them! I got mine at TJ Maxx end of season for a steal, but I think they’re worth the money. They go with everything and I personally find them really comfortable.

    Love the dining room table! Anything Pottery Barn is just my style.

    And pumpkin spice date rolls?! Must find.

  10. Current book ~ The Beauty Detox Power
    Current want ~ a new computer!!
    Current purchase ~ I just got a ner Under Armour jacket because I lost my other one.
    This was really fun

  11. Currently missing: Disneyland, we were there on Monday and I want to go back!
    Current want: A dining room set as well, though I’ve been obsessed with cost plus world market, do they have that on the east coast?

  12. My husband and I LOVE big brother!! I was so sad to see Johnny Mac go home! I’m hoping he gets Americas favorite! I definetly think Vanessa deserves to win but I’m not sure she’d win if it were her and Liz in the final 2. Either way it’d be a close one!

  13. Current celebration: We’re getting ready to move the first year students into the dorm at my school! Decorating and planning is fun 🙂

    Current confession: I housed 3.5 of the donuts that my friend brought back late last night to share with about 7 people. Ooooops. 😉

    Current want: A nap and some baking time… but we’re kinda busy right now. Maybe later this week!

  14. I highly recommend PB’s interior designer services! A year ago hubby and I bought extra large couch from C&B but for 6 months couldn’t agreed on rug, pillows and accessories. When I stopped by my local PB (Northlake Mall CLT) to exchange yet another set of pillow covers, Beth L., one of the design studio specialists mentioned it’s free consultation services. I emailed her pictures of our bare living room furniture and wall color. A few days later she and another designer showed up with about 18 bags of merchandise (3 different looks) … and within 2 hours I had my living room completely accessorized! I only wish I had done this sooner! Good luck!

  15. Current location: Maui, HI on our honeymoon!

    Current book: House of Stone by Anthony Shadid (awesome, btw)

    Current Netflix obsession: Secretary of State (Tea Leoni rocks this role!)

    Btw… I respect your privacy but wonder if you will share which town you all moved to in the South Shore. We live in Arlington and rent but are starting house-hunting and didn’t love the Wollaston area today… Neighborhood seemed iffy. I know you guys love where you live! Any pointers would be amazing! We know Hingham and Duxbury have great schools but we really love being closer to Boston… 🙂

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