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Hi, friends!

It’s my last day in Yuma (heading home soon), so I wanted to share a fun survey with you guys. Feel free to play along in the comment section and share what is currently on your mind!

Current Celebration: My college roommate’s wedding this week. I can’t wait to celebrate the big day with her! Yes! YESSS!!

Current Confession: I ate approximately 5,000 date calories yesterday and still want to eat more today!

SAM_4139 (1024x683)

Current Product Find: Natural Delights Pumpkin Spice Rolls. They are heavenly!

IMG_7692 (1024x1024)

Current Plan: KFIT Fall Fit Challenge and, boy, do I need it!

Current Book: I’m working through about a dozen issues of US Weekly. I used to read an issue every Friday night before bed, but now I just pass out. Haha!

Current Purchase: TOMS from Zulily. I bought two pairs during the sale last week.

Current Drink: Hotel room iced coffee with vanilla creamer. (I made hot coffee last night and chilled it in the fridge overnight.)


Current Holy Moly: Natural Delights makes their date rolls by hand. I watched workers roll the date paste in shredded coconut and then cut the rolls with a pizza cutter. I was so surprised the process wasn’t done by a machine. It was honestly incredible.

IMG_7701 (1024x768)

Current Show: Big Brotherrrrrrrrr! We’re getting down to the end! If you watch, who do you think should win? Even though I think Vanessa is a nut, I think she deserves to win. She’s quite a puppet master!

Current Want: This dining room set from Pottery Barn. Mal and I are in love with it; we just need to pull the trigger. Related: Did you know PB offers free design services? Brittany told me all about her experience with one of their interior designers and now I really want to do a consultation too!

Current Obsession: Booties! Especially gray suede booties. I really like this pair. Yay? I might just have to buy them!

Question of the Day

Your turn! Pick 3 “currents” and answer them below.


  1. Current Drink: Cherry Greek Yogurt Smoothie because it’s still so darn hot in AZ!

    Current Show: Housewives of Orange County. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to get enough of those crazy ladies.

    Current Book: Leap! It’s about a woman who had her dream job & suddenly just could not take it anymore and left without a next job or thing. I feel a lot like her in so many ways. The stress of corporate america is incredible & my health is taking a major hit for it.

  2. Current celebration: Today is my big 3-0 birthday!!!!
    Current confession: I had a regular pumpkin spice latte from DD (free birthday coupon) with a cinnamon donut and it was delicious!
    Current want: A pair of Saucony pro-ride 8s that I cannot afford!

  3. I love that you watch Big Brother too! I definitely think Vanessa has played a really good game, but holy moly the water works are getting to me! And she’s already a millionaire…I’m rooting for Johnny Mac!! He’s definitely a little bit crazy but in such a hilarious and entertaining way!

  4. Current plan: stay healthy for princess half marathon (have plantar fasciitis in BOTH feet so had to scrap training for a bit)

    Current TV: Gilmore girl marathon – never watched this ever before

    Current obsession: planning my daughter’s rainbow themed bday party by buying useful goody bag items including etsy made rainbow paper seed bombs

  5. FYI that I bought those Sam Edelman Petty booties from Amazon last fall/winter because I thought they were super cute and I hated them. Tried two sizes. I have slim ankles and they made my ankles look fat, were uncomfortable and the heel is super low (like only an inch?). I think the short heel is what gives you cankles. Good luck in the suede bootie search! I ended up buying a pair with clog heels from coclico. Great company, expensive but good quality and ethical.

  6. Definitely agree about BB. I actually got so annoyed with this season so I stopped watching a while ago, but I still follow along with evictions. She’s definitely run the game from the beginning!

  7. Current Drink: Chocolate avocado no fruit protein smoothie…because I just didn’t feel like dinner!

    Current Snack: Coyo coconut yogurt (3 ingredients!) with homemade matcha nutola!

    Current Want: Wellies! I’m working at the Irish Ploughing Championship all next week!!! It will be MUDDY!

  8. HAHA. YUMA. Oh geez. I lived there for two years while my husband was stationed at the Marine Air Station and I worked at the Yuma Proving Ground. Once, when I was flying home for Christmas, the same person that checked me in at the airport loaded my bags onto the plane.

  9. I have those Petty boots in the dark grey suede and love them! I got mine at TJ Maxx end of season for a steal, but I think they’re worth the money. They go with everything and I personally find them really comfortable.

    Love the dining room table! Anything Pottery Barn is just my style.

    And pumpkin spice date rolls?! Must find.

  10. Current book ~ The Beauty Detox Power
    Current want ~ a new computer!!
    Current purchase ~ I just got a ner Under Armour jacket because I lost my other one.
    This was really fun

  11. Currently missing: Disneyland, we were there on Monday and I want to go back!
    Current want: A dining room set as well, though I’ve been obsessed with cost plus world market, do they have that on the east coast?

  12. My husband and I LOVE big brother!! I was so sad to see Johnny Mac go home! I’m hoping he gets Americas favorite! I definetly think Vanessa deserves to win but I’m not sure she’d win if it were her and Liz in the final 2. Either way it’d be a close one!

  13. Current celebration: We’re getting ready to move the first year students into the dorm at my school! Decorating and planning is fun 🙂

    Current confession: I housed 3.5 of the donuts that my friend brought back late last night to share with about 7 people. Ooooops. 😉

    Current want: A nap and some baking time… but we’re kinda busy right now. Maybe later this week!

  14. I highly recommend PB’s interior designer services! A year ago hubby and I bought extra large couch from C&B but for 6 months couldn’t agreed on rug, pillows and accessories. When I stopped by my local PB (Northlake Mall CLT) to exchange yet another set of pillow covers, Beth L., one of the design studio specialists mentioned it’s free consultation services. I emailed her pictures of our bare living room furniture and wall color. A few days later she and another designer showed up with about 18 bags of merchandise (3 different looks) … and within 2 hours I had my living room completely accessorized! I only wish I had done this sooner! Good luck!

  15. Current location: Maui, HI on our honeymoon!

    Current book: House of Stone by Anthony Shadid (awesome, btw)

    Current Netflix obsession: Secretary of State (Tea Leoni rocks this role!)

    Btw… I respect your privacy but wonder if you will share which town you all moved to in the South Shore. We live in Arlington and rent but are starting house-hunting and didn’t love the Wollaston area today… Neighborhood seemed iffy. I know you guys love where you live! Any pointers would be amazing! We know Hingham and Duxbury have great schools but we really love being closer to Boston… 🙂

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