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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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It was so tough getting out of bed this morning. It’s a rainy, gray day, and my little cuddle pug made it even more difficult to get out of my comfy, warm bed.

It’s actually kind of funny that Murphy is even allowed to sleep in our bed. When we first got him, Mal and I were 100% against allowing him to sleep in our bed. To tell you the truth, it sort of grossed me out (i.e. fur, dirty feet, etc.). But, a few months later, Murphy was making himself comfortable at the bottom of our bed.


You see, when Murphy got neutered and wore a cone on his head, Mal and I felt terrible making him sleep in his crate. Murphy could barely fit inside the crate with it on his head, so there was no way he was comfortable trying to sleep.

So, one night, we let Murph sleep in our bed with the cone on his head. He laid right down and went to sleep; he was obviously much more comfortable. So, Murphy slept in our bed the next night and the next, and when the cone came off, we just couldn’t put him back in his crate to sleep overnight. Plus, Mal and I liked having our little dog to cuddle with in bed. Oh, dogs.

How could you ever say ‘no’ to that face?!?


Mal and I also didn’t want Murphy on the furniture, but that changed, too. He sits on the couch with us all of the time now. We’re such softies.


A+ breakfast this morning! :mrgreen:


Breakfast included so many delicious and nutritious foods: half of a kiwi, green grapes, Greek yogurt with cinnamon, and a Chocolate Blueberry Protein Muffin with homemade nut butter spread on top.



Mal thought it was pretty cool that I made my own nut butter yesterday, but he’s been calling it “hippy butter” now. 😆


I also enjoyed a Chocolate Cherry Cordial iced coffee with vanilla soy milk. Mmm!


Question of the Day

What do you think about allowing pets in your bed?



  1. oh yes, my husband and i totally allow our dog “sammy” in our bed. we too in the beginning tried to get him to sleep in a crate next to our bed, but the little bugger kept on crying (he was a 3 month year old pup), so needless to say ~ he’s in our bed every night and we wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

  2. My little dog sleeps under the covers stretched out longways next to me so that I can hold her like a teddy bear. I absolutely love it. Even in spite of the paw prints on my white duvet 🙂

  3. Your breakfast looks so delicious! I think dogs in the bed all depend on the dog. My boy (60 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback/German Shepherd mix) is very alpha so he has to be kept in line by sleeping on the floor. He would run all over me. For more submissive breeds I think it’s perfectly acceptable!

  4. He is soooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

    We don’t allow Lily in our bed…her snoring keeps us up through 2 walls and a door, I can’t imagine if she were in bed with us!! We’d never sleep!

  5. I know what you mean about being a softie! When we first got our lab, my husband and I agreed that she would never be allowed on the furniture. Now we have a second lab, and we sometimes feel that the humans do not have any space left for us on the couch. Of course, with two labs and only a queen-sized bed, we are holding firm on not allowing them to sleep with us at night. They cuddle together on their beds instead. I think everyone is happy. But with one smaller dog, I might have a different viewpoint.

  6. When I met my now husband he had 2 dogs mini dachshunds and I had 2 dogs chinese cresteds so needless to say we had to buy a cal. king size bed just to fit them all in the bed with us. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Dogs are priceless!

  7. I love cuddling in bed with my puggle! I originally planned to make her sleep in a crate, but she’s just too cute! Now she thinks it’s her bed – and that’s ok, too! She’s my baby :).

  8. I am all about sleeping with the dogs in bed and it has been a bone of contention between my husband and me, but I think he secretly likes it because I’ll catch him cuddling with our girl in the middle of the night. I do have to say that we just got a third dog, and I think two dogs in the bed are enough! Just hope I can stay strong against those puppy dog eyes when the little one is old enough to sleep out of his crate!! BTW, Tina, my oldest boy is named Muprhy – he is a cockapoo and just turned 6 this past Sunday 🙂

  9. I was the same way when we got our Frenchie–no sleeping in the bed or on the furniture…my how that’s changed. Then when we decided we would try having her sleep in our bed and she was not having it. Things changed once we went on vacation and boarded her at a doggie daycare facility. We brought her home and she was EXHAUSTED and would have slept anywhere. And she just so happened to wind up in our bed and has been there ever since. I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is our baby and we have limited time on this planet with her so spending that extra snuggly time with her is irreplaceable. I love her Frenchie snores sometimes I think I have a 200+lb person beside me–you would never guess these sounds were coming from a 20lb piglet/bunny dog.

  10. It’s so funny how owners change the rules for their pets! Our dog was originally meant to be an outdoor dog. That is definitely not the case! We didn’t even go through with putting in the underground fence at all! Lexi (our dog) is allowed on beds but not other furniture (our downstairs couch is leather so we didn’t want her getting on it). Unfortunately, she doesn’t go up the stairs anymore because she falls down the stairs too much so she doesn’t get to sleep with me anymore 🙁 I always feel so bad leaving her downstairs but there is no way I could carry her up the stairs!

  11. @Tiffany: I totally agree: I would rather spend a little more time cleaning,than not have a pet in my life.Right now,we have 3 cats.

    Also, I believe that raising kids in a ‘too clean’ environment isn’t all that good for them.I’ve read that having a pet in the house from when a child is a baby,can help prevent the child having animal allergies,which in my mind is a very good reason to have pets.

  12. When we first got our pup he was not allowed on the furniture or the bed at all. But then I asked my boyfriend what was the point of having a dog if you couldn’t cuddle on the couch with him! Now our dog has couch and bed privileges. He’s pretty big so usually he moves to his doggie bed in the middle of the night.

  13. Absolutely! We have had 2 female black labs and now care for our son’s aussie shepherd mix (he in currently working a vet internship in Emergency Medicine). Our dogs are family and raised with our kids. They sleep with us, but don’t get people food, other than vegetables.
    It was heartbreaking to lose our labs, at 17yr and 15yr respectively, but we relish the time they spect with us!

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