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Hi, friends!

Since I returned from vacation, I’ve received quite a few questions about our cruise, so I decided to answer them all in one post. So, here’s a little cruise Q & A for you! If you have any additional questions about cruising, please let me know. I’ll do my best to answer them!

If you missed my previous cruise posts, here they are:

IMG_3111 (750x563)

How much do you feel the boat move?

I definitely felt the ship move, but it wasn’t anything too crazy. At night, when the ship picked up speed, I often felt it sway from side-to-side, but not enough to make me feel sick. I actually get motion sickness pretty easily, so I took a Bonine every morning and it definitely helped. I didn’t have any sort of motion sickness on the ship at all”” the boat from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen was a different story, however!

Rogue waves sound terrible. Did you experience anything like this?

I actually had to Google “rogue waves” to answer this question, so, no, thankfully, we didn’t experience anything like that on our cruise. (I’m glad I didn’t know what they were until after our cruise! LOL!) Cruise hurricane season is typically from June through November, so definitely avoid booking one during those months!

Did you find it hard to find seats or do certain things because of the crowds or was the ship pretty spread out?

The ship is pretty spread out, so there was rarely ever a time that I felt like it was too crowded. On the first “Fun Day at Sea,” our group had a little trouble finding 8 chairs together on the deck, but we eventually made it happen. By the second “Fun Day at Sea,” we were experts and got out there early to find the best seats on the deck.

Regarding “boozing face,” were you shocked by your tab at the end of the cruise? This has me a bit concerned as my husband and I can throw them back!

Surprisingly, no. I thought we’d spend a crap-ton of money on booze, but our tab wasn’t all that bad. The alcohol prices were pretty comparable to what they are in Boston (maybe even a little cheaper), so we didn’t restrict ourselves, but we also didn’t get too carried away either. Mal and I also had a budget in mind for our spending on the ship, so we checked our tab (on the TV in our cabin) a couple of times during the week to make sure we weren’t going too crazy with the beers and iced lattes.

Did you book everything yourself or did you go through a travel agent? Excursions and what not?

We booked the cruise through Avoya Travel, but we booked our plane tickets (to and from Miami) online ourselves. Both of our excursions were booked through Carnival’s website, but you could also set them up on board the ship.


Like most mornings, I woke up craving peanut butter, so I toasted two waffles and added Teddie Peanut Butter and banana slices on top. I didn’t have my usual glass of iced coffee because Mal finished off our stash this morning. Bummer.

IMG_3826 (750x563)


Mid-morning, a serious craving for cookies helped me make this important decision about lunch:


Ok, I didn’t eat only cookies for lunch, but I ate quite a few. I whipped up a batch of Oatmeal Scotchies and packed some of them to take with me to NuVal. Also for lunch: leftover ground turkey, couscous, and chickpeas from the Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers and a container of plain Greek yogurt.

IMG_3830 (750x563)

I’m off to walk the pug and then I’m relaxing for the rest of the evening. No CrossFit tonight because it’s a REST day. I’m telling you this so I don’t go and do “Nancy-ish” tonight even though I really want to. It sounds so fun, but it’s a REST day. Rest. Day.

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  1. I recently went on a 9-Day Carnival cruise of the Mexican Riviera on the Spirit. I took Bonine every day as well and it cerrtainly helped me cope with the teensy bit of nausea I’d feel. I received many questions as well and did a big re-cap on my blog too!

  2. On my cruise in December, the rocking was fairly bad and we had to slow down to try and reduce it. Curtains were swaying and I had trouble walking straight (went from side to side in the halls). The chairs were lashed down on the deck and barf bags were out for people.

    I felt pretty crappy after running on the treadmill on rough seas, but other than that coped okay (I took a nightly bonine). Hubby felt pretty crummy though but it was okay to spend a majority of the day laying in the solarium and reading.

  3. my mom and I use this site and it is super helpful.
    You can even chat with other people going on your cruise, if you go to the roll call section. You can get tons of tips (best excursions per port, best things to do on the ships, etc). When my mom and I went on our Mediterranean cruise about a year ago, we linked up with people on Cruise Critic and planned all our excursions with them, it was much cheaper than going through royal Caribbean and so much more personalized!

    1. @Kaitlyn @Keeping up with Kaitlyn:
      Thanks for sharing that site! I’ve been looking for good cruise tips sites! Tina or anyone else, Do you know if it’s hard to get a taxi going back to the airport from the ship? I heard that getting a cab is cheaper then taking the transfers ($25 total for the cab compared to $32 per person for the transfer) but I’m worried we’ll miss our flight waiting on a cab.

  4. The Rogue Wave question cracks me up! I’m pretty sure most who “experience” a rogue wave do not live to tell the tale! Waves aside, you cruise looked like a blast and it has motivated me to take a look into a few for next year maybe! Thanks for answering those questions 🙂

  5. I stole two recipie ideas from you this week. Stuffed peppers and butterscotch scotchies. The ONLY bad thing about those cookies are that there are SOOOO many of them. I’m going to be eating cookies for a month. They are so delicious!

    1. Haha! Yes, the full recipe makes a lot of cookies! I usually half or quarter the recipe when I make them. Otherwise, Mal and I eat them all in a matter of days!

      1. @Tina: Yes I read somewhere that you were having work done and that you’d show us the end product. Did I miss that post? I love before/afters 🙂

  6. I went on a cruise about 5 years ago that experienced 40 ft waves one night! Even the crew was pretty shaken up the next morning. Thankfully, I don’t get motion sickness very easily at all, but it was still pretty scary!

  7. How important do you feel the rest day is? I’m having a problem with shin splints right now but have a race in 10 days and hate to cut down on my running.

  8. I have to remind myself of rest days too. But they are SO important! I had a professor once say “if you aren’t taking a rest day, that means you’re not working hard enough the other 6 days.” Wow. So true!! 🙂

    And those cookies sound amazing!

  9. I biffed it bad on some handstand pushups tuesday – a huge bruise on my leg and a small one of my face haha – my arms were not cooperating, but now I have my first real crossfit battle marks. haha!

  10. I’m looking forward to my next rest day, can’t come fast enough 🙂 i just discovered that wallaby greek yogurt and I LOVE it. It has a great texture!

  11. YAY rest day! How about I teach how to better rest, and you teach me to rest less often? 😉 Cruise Question: Did you upgrade your room? It seemed pretty big, and I’ve heard that some rooms are teeny tiny – also, are any rooms below the water level – I fear that would make me feel panicky… Enjoy your restful evening – you’ve earned it!!!

  12. I dont think i could ever do a cruise…something about being in the middle of no where, on deeeep waters…..

    PS thank you for your ‘what motivates you to get up in the morning’ post, & the all the great comments. It got me up early today even though it was cold, raw &the wet and got a run in!!

  13. I did the same cruise in October we all had a great time. I also did the ziplining and cave tubing.
    I am new to your website but I’m already a fan. I’ve really become interested in nutrition lately (I had back surgery 2 months ago so I had some free time to educate myself about stuff). I just started crossfit again and I love running so your site is perfect for me . Thanx for sharing

  14. Thanks so much for the very helpful post. It’s so nice to hear about your adventures. My partner Anthony and I have talked about going on a cruise, but we just moved to Australia, so have to conserve our budget a little bit. Your photos are just the scenery I need to get through the wait until we can afford it!

  15. Oh my gosh, Tina! I vacationed in Cozumel once and took that boat across the ocean to Playa del Carmen. It was aweful! They were handing out paper bags for everyone who (knew somehow) they were gonna get sick. Then there were others who just threw up all over themselves and the ground. It was so disgusting! I do not know how I managed to not throw up b/c I get motion sick very easily. Somehow I just held it in, but I was as miserably sick as those who did release their demons! On top of that the ocean was so choppy and ride so rough that we were all soaking wet on from the waves crashing up and over the boat….That was the worst part of my vacation for sure. I should have just stayed laying on the beach, reading a book instead of trying to go shopping anyway. 🙂

  16. I worked on CCL Fantasy for 9 months! And never felt a crazy wave…living below deck was strange, because we didn’t have windows. And whilst I was working the Swine Flu hit Mexico so we were re-directed for 4 months to the Bahamas~ I had the TIME OF MY LIFE. Loved it. Inspired my love of travel and now we keep at it, living in Korea and traveling to Cambodia in less than 20 days! Cheers to your next vacay, if you are ever interested in Asia, let me know. We love it over here:)

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  18. You should cruise with celebrity cruise line or holland america – I promise ..nothing can compare!

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