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I went back to CrossFit today, and IT WAS AWESOME! I am so happy to be back!! 

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Q and I were awake bright and early this morning, so I snacked on a Crunchy Granola & Seed Chocolate Chip Chia Bar from my friends at Kashi. These bars are really tasty and even more delicious with a little smear of peanut butter on them. I probably should have gone back to bed after Q started snoozing again, but I was TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP. It was CrossFit Day after all!

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I spent the next couple of hours working and then made breakfast, which was a piece of toast with almond butter and banana and an iced coffee with chocolate almond milk.


And then it was time for CrossFit! Hooray!


The strength part of today’s workout was 3 x 10 for max weight back squats. I worked with my friend Maryann (just like old times!) and kept my weight light. Ever since I gave birth, my lower body just hasn’t felt the same. My legs don’t feel as stable, and I definitely have lost some strength. I joked with Maryann that it felt like I had “Bambi legs.” Haha! I know it’ll take some time to build up my strength again, so I’m being patient and not pushing myself too hard. Just to give you an idea, I used 55 pounds for the back squats while Maryann used 125 and Kerrie used 180! #beastmode

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Other things that are different at CrossFit:

  • My upper body also feels weaker, but not nearly as bad as my lower.
  • I didn’t pee once during class today! When I was pregnant, I’d seriously use the bathroom 2-3 times every class! Haha!

Things that are the same at CrossFit:

  • The people! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people at class this morning. So many of my favorites!
  • I can still do kipping pull-ups! Yay!
  • I still sweat like a beast.
  • I still can’t do math when it comes to adding up plates. (Sorry, Maryann!)

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The WOD was short and sweet today, which I was thankful for, especially since it was my first day back. I did the workout L1 (65 pounds for the cleans + push-ups on my knees as a modification for ring dips) and finished in 3:31.

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I had SO MUCH FUN today! I can’t wait to go again tomorrow! 

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We had Chicken Ole for dinner last night, so I added some leftover chicken to a big salad for lunch today. In the mix: arugula, roasted summer squash, roasted jewel yams (like sweet potatoes), cucumbers, and carrots. Delicious!



A couple of hours later, I was hungry again, so I whipped up one of my favorite healthy treats, which tastes like blueberry pie filling. To make it, I combine 1/2 cup of fresh blueberries with 1 heaping tablespoon of almond butter, nuke it in the microwave for 45 seconds, and mix it together. Simple as that and so delicious and satisfying! Mmm!

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Question of the Day

What special day are you really looking forward to?



  1. I’m sure it was great to be back! I’m super impressed that you’ve already gone back to Crossfit! I’m really looking forward to a trip I have planned in August because it’s a beach vacation 2 days after I take the GRE 🙂 It’ll be a great treat

  2. While you are nursing (or pumping), your body is still producing relaxin. So it’s not surprise that your lower body doesn’t feel as strong or you feel like you have Bambi legs – you do. Take it easy so you don’t hurt yourself and hyperextend something.

  3. yay for crossfit!! so happy you are able to get back into them! looking good sweetie, you’re such an inspiration for me and for so many other women!! xo

  4. Ahh! I CAN’T WAIT TO DO CROSSFIT! I finally convinced my husband we should join a box, so after I have my baby and am all “cleared for takeoff” the Crossfit adventures begin! So excited!

  5. That’s so awesome that you are back at cross-fit. I am jealous. We haven’t been able to make it work with my husbands schedule since our little guy was born in December:-( I occasionally make it to a Saturday class but that is it. How are you going to work things once Mal goes back to school?

  6. You can tell how long I’ve been reading your blog by the fact that I literally just said yay and clapped in public at reading about your return to crossfit lol. Happy for you!

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