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I saved the best cruise recap for last: Grand Cayman! If you missed my previous posts, here they are:

On Friday of our cruise, we ported in Grand Cayman, which was easily my favorite place we visited. It was absolutely beautiful and there are THREE different CrossFit boxes on the tiny island! (It’s just 22 miles long with its widest point being 8 miles long.) Mal and I heard great things about CrossFit 7 Mile, so we visited for a class.

CrossFit 7 Mile was just a quick 5-10 minute drive from the port. Mal and I hopped on a public bus, which brought us right to the front door. (FYI: Grand Cayman has a great public bus/van system. It’s just $2.50 per person per ride and the bus/van comes every 5 minutes or so, and you just tell the driver where you want to get off.)

CrossFit 7 Mile reminded me a lot of our home box. Everyone was really friendly, laid-back, and there to work hard, but also have a good time. The coach made us feel welcomed by showing us around and helping us get set up for the WOD. She also made sure Mal and I knew everyone before she started the class, which I liked a lot.

Mal and I were seriously missing CrossFit on the cruise, so we were psyched to see a real, live WOD! This one was a lot of fun, and we left CrossFit 7 Mile totally drenched in sweat and with huge smiles on our faces.

After the WOD, Mal and I walked about 10 minutes down the road to 7 Mile Beach to cool off in the ocean and relax.

Eventually, we got hungry for lunch, so we grabbed food and a beer at a nearby restaurant.

Woohoo! CrossFit 7 Mile shirts! They were the only souvenir we bought on our vacation, so we were pretty psyched about them!

After our day in Grand Cayman, we returned to the ship, showered up, and prettied ourselves for the final Formal Night of the cruise.

What a great day!! It was an awesome way to end our cruise! I {heart} vacation.



  1. Oooo, a new brew – I haven’t heard of that one before. Love your swimsuit by the way. It fits well in all the right places. (I’ve been on the hunt for a new swimsuit lately – I’m a total freak about the perfect fit!)

    1. The WOD was great! Challenging, but fun! 🙂 There were actually a lot of tourists in the class. I think there were 12 people and only 3 or 4 of them were regular members. It was pretty cool!

  2. Dont you feel good coming from this vacation not “behind” on workouts!
    Many times I feel like I have to workout extra much when I get back, because I missed so much, but I’m just so tired that it’s hard to get back on track

  3. Do you remember your first thought when you walked into your very first crossfit gym? Their gyms always look so scary! lol Like Ohhhh this is going to hurt meee badddd!! lol

  4. I’m not trying to be all weird on you man, but good GOT-dayum you look awesome! Inspirational! Thanks for sharing all your adventures, seriously, it motivates me to live healthier and enjoy it!

  5. You guys are so awesome! I love how you visited a CF box while you were on vacation. You rock! 🙂 Also, the pictures of the ocean are great…looks like paradise.

  6. How neat that you got to go to CrossFit in Grand Cayman. That was my favorite stop too. My husband and I are trying to figure out how we can retire there when the time comes! 😉

    1. Thanks!! Check my Shop page. You can get them in my Spreadshirt shop. There’s actually free shipping starting tomorrow (on orders over $30) with the code MOTHERSDAY12! 🙂

  7. That is too cool to find a box. And 3 of them on the island. Sweet.
    Lately, I’ve been seeing them when I drive off the beaten path. Saw one near Disneyland and when I went to Newport beach (CA) this weekend. Cool sightings. Love the tshirts.

    And you two make a nice looking couple. 😉

  8. Wow! You guys look great on the beach. And the crossfit stuff…I’m starting to understand why they call it a cult! I don’t even think nun on a cruise would go looking for a church on a port stop. :-). Serious crossfit pilgrims.

  9. girl your abs are rocking!! I have been trying to work on my lower abs! any good general exercises you would suggest?

    1. Thanks! 🙂 For me, it’s really all about diet and trying not to eat too much junk (sugar, booze, etc.). I work my abs (sit-ups & Toes-to-Bar) once or twice a week at CrossFit during the WODs. We also sometimes do planks, but these exercises only work the muscles. You need to burn fat to get the definition. Hope this helps! 🙂

  10. How fun!
    You guys are incredible! You could model the abs for the cross fit recruitment poster : )

    I have been to Grand Caymen a few times and never visited 7 mile beach. I wil have to add it to my list of places to go!

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