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I never blogged about dinner last night because I was waiting (im)patiently for it to finish cooking!

Crockpots are amazing, but if you wait until the afternoon to start your dinner, you’re not going to eat it until nearly 9:00 PM. Oh, well. I’m still a Crockpot Rookie. Live and learn, right?

_MG_7688 (640x426)

So, what was I waiting for all night?

_MG_7694 (640x426)

Coffee-Braised Brisket with Potatoes and Carrots!!! Coffee-braised meat?!? Sign me up! Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds! 😀  

_MG_7724 (640x426)

I’m actually sort of obsessed with this meal. Here’s why:

  • It was so easy to make! Just throw everything in a crock pot, stir a few times, and wait 7 hours.
  • It was budget-friendly! Brisket is a very affordable cut of meat””even at Whole Foods! I was pleasantly surprised.
  • There weren’t too many dishes to clean. Crockpots rule.
  • It tasted amazing! I still can’t get over the flavors and texture of the brisket. Holy yum!

_MG_7727 (640x426)

I loved this meal, but there’s always room for improvement. Here’s what I would change:

  • Stronger coffee flavor. Next time, I’ll use a coffee with a more bold flavor. I used Eight O’clock Coffee, which was good, but I think a brand like Starbucks or Peet’s would give the meat more coffee flavor.
  • Crusty bread. I wish I had some bread to sop up the delicious sauce! I totally dropped that ball on that. Clearly, I’m a Crockpot Rookie.


The photos above are from last night’s dinner. I ate the leftovers for lunch today.

_MG_7809 (640x426)

I had a bowl of Coffee-Braised Brisket with Potatoes and Carrots and a Carrot Cake Muffin on the side.

_MG_7816 (640x426)

Murphy, of course, kept a close watch on my food.

_MG_7801 (640x426)

_MG_7804 (640x426)

Off to work on my taxes. Boo.



  1. i am falling more in love with my crock pot every time i use it. they’re really amazing! this recipe is definitely next up on my slow cooker menu though…i’m drooling just thinking about it with a slice of crusty bread!

  2. Yum, I’m adding that recipe to my crock pot arsenal! I use mine all the time, so easy. I have vegetarian chili (made from dried beans) bubbling away now as we speak. Just turn it on in the morning, then come back at dinner time. I could totally be on an infomercial…


  3. I love cooking in the crockpot! I made dinner in it last night. I love this recipe! I am putting this on my list to make for this weekend! It looks like the perfect Sunday dinner. Yum! 🙂

  4. Crockpots rule for all the reasons you mentioned other than the time. Sometimes I have like 3-4 hrs in advance, but not 8. So in those cases I use the stovetop or oven but when it works out, the crock rocks.

    And I love your bit about using stronger coffee. Strong coffee makes the world go round, doesnt it 🙂

  5. I love my crockpot.

    It apparently makes a mean pulled pork – my brother in law swears by crock pot pulled pork. I’m not a pulled pork fan myself…

  6. You should be able to crank the crock pot up to high and it should cook in about half the time. Sometimes if I dont have the full low cooking time available I will cook it on high part of the time and low the other part. For example, I was making chili this weekend that required 5-6 hours on low. I cooked on high for 2 hours and on low for 1 hour. My theory is that equaled 5 hours on low.

  7. I know you said you’re a rookie, but have you ever tried those crock pot liners? I hate scrubbing out the crockpot, but I don’t know anyone who has ever tried the ziplock disposable liners. Just wondering!

    1. I have been using them for a couple of years – LOVE THEM. I was worried they wouldn’t take the heat and melt or make the food taste funny. But they are incredible. It’s also easier to store leftovers in the bag, put it in the fridge (I never seem to have enough room for the entire crock), then put back in the crock to warm back up 🙂

  8. Using my crockpot today on this cold snowy day (in Alabama!) waiting for the big football game to come on, go Ducks! Making crockpot bbq chicken for some sandwiches tonight.

  9. That sounds amazing. And yes, sopping bread is practically a requirement with crockpot recipes. Next time you’re in the mood for a meaty coffee fix try rubbing a pork loin with coffee. I don’t remember what other spices there were, but last time i had that it was amazing!

  10. I love crock pot dinners. I actually have a pork tenderloin going right now. I can’t wait. I love how Murphy was checking out your lunch. I will also be stopping by the store for some crusty bread. I may not be a rookie, but I am forgetful.

  11. The crock pot is a wonderful thing. I’m always on the lookout for new things to make in it, since I don’t use it nearly as often as I’d like! I’ve made a brisket braised in V8 (amazing) and a corned beef braised in beer (the only way to do corned beef in my opinion).

  12. i love new crock pot recipes! plus, i really hate cooking meat most of the time, so i appreciate that the crock pot does it for me! thanks for posting.

  13. It looks like you’ve got the crock pot on low. If a recipe calls for 7 hours on low, you can usually get away with half the time on high. Maybe next time!

    I’m doing tax stuff today too. Boo.

  14. I love using the crock pot too, but yes, you definitely have to start it early. It’s called a slow cooker for a reason! 😉 I make a dish very similar to this in my crock pot, except it’s with roast and not coffee-braised. I usually start it at about 6am and let it cook all day while I’m at work, then when I get home, it’s perfectly ready to go! 🙂

  15. I am absolutely obsessed with my crock pot. I got a new one for christmas and literally was as happy as only a small child should be on XMas day…. my cousins thought I was nuts to be so excited over an appliance. Oh the simple joys in life that we learn to appreciate as we get older… hahaha!

  16. I’m so glad you posted this! I bought a crock pot a month or two ago because I thought it’d be easier to have dinner made when I get home from work/the gym. So far I’ve only attempted at making beef stew (which was good), but this recipe looks awesome.

  17. I recently made a yummy “mexican chicken” in the crockpot… just throw in all the ingredients in this order: several raw chicken breasts, jar of salsa, can of black beans (rinsed and drained), small can of corn (rinsed and drained). Cook it on low for 6 hours then shred the chicken with two forks in the crock pot and stir it all together. We eat it rolled up in tortillas or as nachos adding regular taco-type toppings (cheese, lettuce, etc). Delish!

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